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Colossal classic at Wilkes-Barre Memorial

Written by: on Sunday, September 28th, 2008. Follow Frank Kastreva on Twitter.

Pats down Coughlin 44-43 in six overtimes
By Frank Kastreva,
WILKES-BARRE- Its been around since the 1930’s it has housed high school football teams of the Wyoming Valley for nearly eighty years now and Saturday night it may of just seen its most classic football game of all time.

Wilkes-Barre Memorial Stadium, a place were some of our football gods call home stirred up the echoes this weekend to the tune of a six overtime slugfest as the Coughlin Crusaders played host to the Pittston Area Patriots.

The Pats held a 7-0 lead at halftime courtesy of RB Chris Price who ripped off a 60 yard run to paydirt at the 6:10 mark of the second quarter.

Coughlin tied things up on their opening series of the second half with RB Matt Shimshock scampering 29 yards to the goldzone to cap the scoring drive.

The Crusaders would take the lead later in the third quarter as QB Matt McClosky scored on a bootleg right rumbling 16 yards to paydirt.

The Patriots tied things up at 14 with only 47.6 left in the regular session. Tight end Sam Parente hauled in a pass in the flat and rumbled 11 yards for the score. The PAT was good with the score 14-14 and the classic was on!

Coughlin would score first in the first OT with RB Justin Koslosky rushing eight yards to the goldzone. Kicker Joe Rother nailed the PAT forcing the Pats to put up seven on their offensive series.

The Patriots would get a touchdown from WR Carmen Lopresto on a 14 yard fade pass in the far left corner of the goldzone. The PAT by Paul Gattuso was good as we headed to the second OT.

Price would rip off a 16 yard rush to find paydirt in the second OT. Gattuso, again nailed the PAT and now Coughlin was forced to get seven to send it to a third OT.

McClosky would score on a six yard dash, Rother nailed the point after and we headed to the third OT of the night.

Coughlin was forced to attempt a field goal in the third OT as Rother nailed it from 25 yards out. If PA could score a TD on their next series the game would end with a Pats win.

Instead, Coughlin’s defense rose to the occasion forcing Gattuso to nail a 26 yard FG to send it to yet a fourth OT. As history would have it Gattuso, the boy with the golden foot, split the uprights.

Ronal Grayson scored for the Patriots in the fourth OT, this time the PAT was missed and Coughlin could now put a lid on it with a score and the point after attempt.

Coughlin’s McClosky did find the goldzone on a four yard juant, but the football gods insisted on more action as the PAT was no good and we headed to a fifth OT with the score all knotted at 37.

Believe it or not, both quarterbacks were intercepted in the fifth OT. Grayson would get the pick for the Pats and inturn McClosky, who plays both ways for the Crusaders, recorded the pick for Coughlin. We now would move to the sixth OT.

Price would find the goldzone for the Patriots on a 12 yard scamper, Gattuso nailed the ever important point after and again Coughlin was forced to score and nail the PAT to force the game into what would of been the seventh OT of the night.

The Crusdaders did score, but the point after missed and the Patriots stormed the field. Actually, many players from both teams just fell to the gridiron and lay there after be completely exhausted.

I have watch football for thirty some years now and I can honestly say this was the best game I ever had a chance to see.

Kudos to the members of both these football programs, there was no quit in anybody tonight. Ya, I know its and old cliche, but it was a shame one team walked away with a loss in this one.

You can say what you want about W-B Memorial Stadium, some just don’t care for the place. After a game like this how could you say this stadium does not house some football gods. Hey everyone needs a place to sleep. Looks like PA and Coughlin woke a few up tonight.

As I said on our live audio going into the sixth OT, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Nelly, what a game!


Fans, please check out our game photos in our photo gallery!

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12 Responses to “Colossal classic at Wilkes-Barre Memorial”

  1. Johnny Gomes says:

    After what I seen last night PA is a good team, but not great. Hazleton is highly overrated. The game was closer than the score indicated. Also, “TOO SLOW” never coming back is that a little harsh. We just competed with Hazleton who basically would crush anyone in WVC. PA is the 3rd best team in the WVC behind Hazleton and Berwick and we still got something to prove against Berwick. So i would say we are back from a terrible 2-8 season we had last year.

  2. Joshua "too fast" Pollitt says:

    hahaha..PA IS never coming back, …that was coughlin my brotha..woah…COUGHLIN..OVERTME..ok..kid..yall a good team…

  3. Jeremy Varner says:

    try Thats who we use for streams besides stickam. I have it setup so you can listen with itunes, winamp, real player and win media player.

  4. frankiek says:

    I wouldn’t install windows either. We may be going with our own feed next season using som kindof audio streaming software. If that does happen Mac users will then be able to connect to us.

  5. Jeremy Varner says:

    Frank thanks for the directions. Those are the same I have been trying now for 2 years to get to work. Obviously they never tried the directions on a mac. They do not work. I am definetly not installing windows on my intel macs. If anyone can help me out and download the stream in mp3 format for me please let me know. thanks

  6. I played in the greatest game ever says:

    I played in the greatest highschool game ever played.It was the most exciting game i’ve ever participated in.We practiced hard all week and we knew we could win.We hate coughlin and coughlin hates us so we knew it would be a war.After chris gave us the lead in the 2nd and we were up at half we were so pumped.If anyone was in the locker room they would have no doubt who would come out on top.After sammy scored to tie it up we knew we would go overtime because we would not let them score.Before every offensive and defensive series I asked God to help us pull it out and he helped us in the form of a blocked pat.WE all rushed the field and got a speech from mr.patriot.Now we are preparing for hazelton and eventually the playoffs.GO PATRIOTS!!!!

  7. David Mika says:

    Hey Frank. Great job on your article and audio of the game.

  8. Johnny Gomes says:

    Greatest Game I’ve ever seen. PA is BACK!!!!!!

  9. Frank Kastreva says:

    Mac User Instructions:

    Can I access audio or video on a Macintosh?

    Most Mac users have no trouble connecting to our server. However, some ‘out of the box’ Mac systems can have trouble trying to connect to something other than Quicktime that comes with Mac.

    Though we understand that there are passionate sports fans within the Macintosh user community, some OS X users may have trouble accessing our streams.

    Though there are currently no solutions for viewing in OS X, Apple has released a public beta of “Boot Camp” which is built to more easily allow Mac users to install and run Windows XP on an Intel-based Apple computer. Apple will include this technology standard in their soon to be released OS X, Leopard. For right now, this software can be downloaded through the following link provided by Apple.

    Once you have installed Boot Camp and Windows XP, Service Pack 2 you will be able to view content on a Macintosh if you are booted up using the Windows XP platform.

    If the above information does not help, please contact the computer manufacturer or Macintosh. We do not trouble-shoot Mac user issues.

  10. Jeremy Varner says:

    would love to hear it but audiosportsonline does not support macs. They need to get an mp3 stream rather than windows media so everyone can enjoy these on that frankie..hehe

  11. Frank Kastreva says:

    Thanks for that correction.

    For those of you that would like to hear the call of the colossal classic at W-B Memorial last night, its ready for rebroadcast.

    Listen to Pittston Area @ Coughlin in a 6 OT slugfest as it happened LIVE on

  12. PA FAN says:

    Correction Carmen Lopresto scored the 14yd touch down, not Fabian Bryan. Thank You