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Stroudsburg takes on East Stroudsburg North

Written by: on Monday, October 9th, 2017. Follow Tanajah Rieara on Twitter.


By: Tanajah Rieara & Victoria Arce

Stroudsburg had an smoking blow out win against the East Stroudsburg North Timberwolves.
With an astonishing 54-7 win, the Mounties just would not stop.

Starting with back to back scores in the first quarter, the first one being an offensive touchdown
and the second with an interception by the defense, the Mounties just kept on rolling.

The Timberwolves kept the game Interesting at the start with an interception in the first quarter
at 6:16. But that didn’t stop the Mounties because soon after the Mounties had back to back
offensive scores AGAIN!

Finally scoring right before halftime the Timberwolves got on board with an score of Stroudsburg 35 and North 7. Then not getting off their high horse, Stroudsburg scored multiple times ending the game with a 54-7 win.


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