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40 Teams in 40 Days – Day 14 – Lake-Lehman (2)

Written by: on Sunday, August 4th, 2013. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Lake-Lehman (2)lake_lehmen

Conference: Wyoming Valley Conference, Division 2

Class: AA

Nickname: Black Knights

Coach: Jerry Gilsky

2012 Record: 6-5

Returning Players – Offense: Sr. OT Pete Borum; Jr. OG Phil Hettes; So. C Conner McGovern; Jr. OT Mason Little; Jr. WR Jacob Yaple; Sr. FB Dustin Jones; Sr. RB Brady Butler; Sr. WB Bobby Wright; Sr. WR Josh Winters

Returning Players – Defense: Sr. DT Dustin Jones; Sr. DT Pete Borum; Jr. DE Alex Major; Sr. MLB Brady Butler; Jr. S Josh Sayre; Sr. LB Josh Winters; Jr. CB Antonio Ferrari; Jr. CB Jimmy Stuart

Special Teams: “One of my returners is Joey Vigil. He’s our fastest guy. Bobby Wright will be back this year. We lost our extra point guy and are still searching for a kicker and punter. I have three guys trying out for those positions.”

Top Newcomers: Jr. OG Kody Pachamovitch


Coaches comments:

How’s your offensive line?

“I have my right tackle returning. He is Pete Borum. He is 6-foot-6, 315-pounds. Phil Hettes is back and he will play either left or right guard. Our center is sophomore Conner McGovern. I am moving my tight end from last year to right guard. He is Kody Pachamovitch. My right tackle is Mason Little. Some other guys that I am looking at are Cory Hoyt and Alex Major at guard. We have a bunch of tight ends back. We are so big up front we are going to with a lot of tight end sets. They are Treveor Space and Zach Brucher. We have a lot of depth at line. I can go seven or eight players deep.”


Who’s your quarterback?

“I’m splitting the duties this summer between Junior Antonio Ferrari and Junior Josh Sayre. Team camp is a big week for us and we can take a look at both players. Sayre is more of a physical quarterback and Antonio is faster and has a good head on his shoulders. It’s a close competition so far this summer. Who ever is the better passer this summer will start. I have another kid in there. His name is Bobby Wright. He is a Senior.”


How’s your running game look?

“We have my fullback back. He is Dustin Jones. He was our leading rusher and rushed for over 1,000 yards and 18 touchdowns. He’s big, 6-foot-1, 245-pounds. His strength is his legs. He has worked on his agility over the summer. He has dedicated his body in the weight room and worked real hard on his conditioning. Brady Butler is my other wing back. Brady is probably the best blocking back in the league. Another back I am looking at is Joey Vigil and Bobby Wright. Both kids are really fast.”


How are your receivers?

“Jacob Yaple is a returning player at wide receiver along with Josh Winters. Our receivers all have good size, they go to the ball and can block. Winters is very athletic and he is lanky. Even in the double wing set we can still spread these guys out.”


How’s your defensive line?

“We have Dustin Jones returning. We are going to move him from end to tackle this year. He used to be a nose guard for us. Also returning on the line is Pete Borum. At the defensive end spot we are looking at Phil Hettes and Kody Pachamovitch. My returning starter at tackle last year, Alex Major is getting moved to  defensive end this year.”


How do your linebackers look?

“We have a three-year starter returning at middle linebacker. He is Brady Butler. He led the team in tackles last year. There is a competition between weak side linebacker. They are Treveor Space and Tyler Long. At outside linebacker I am looking at Josh Winters, Matt Mitchel and Bobby Wright. Those three guys will rotate at that spot.”


How’s your secondary look?

“I have a battle at corner and safety positions. It’s between four of five guys. Josh Sayre will start at free safety. Antonio Ferrari will be at corner. Joey Vigil will see action at the other corner spot and Jacob Yaple will be in the mix. I am looking at Jimmy Stuart to rotate in there.”


What kind of offense do you run? 

“I go to multiple sets. I really don’t have starters. I may start out big or I may start out spread. I have multiple packages. Our strength is our size. Last year we had a really young team and we were mostly  sophomores and juniors. But, we are still young. We have a lot of competition going on this summer.”


“Everyone knows we want to run the ball, but we need to throw the ball this year. I want to do both this year. We want to create as many mis-matches as we can this year and this summer we concentrated on team speed.”


“We had some injuries last year and it seemed when we won last year in the second half it was a struggle. Being healthy is important and we concentrated hard on depth this off-season. We are getting more kids involved. I have been here now four years and twice we made the playoffs. Our goal every year is to make the playoffs and make noise. This year every team we play, we are going to treat it like it’s a playoff game.”

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2 Responses to “40 Teams in 40 Days – Day 14 – Lake-Lehman (2)”

  1. rollie ciffo says:

    Agree with Rick D. It would be nice to see them beat Dallas once and a while. As always health is key.

  2. RickD says:

    Very nice preview writeup. I am really hoping LL can make some noise this year. Hopefully Coach Gilsky will have these guys focused and prepared.