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2018 Team Previews – Eastern York Golden Knights (3)

Written by: on Sunday, July 15th, 2018. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: Joshua Campbell

Assistant Coaches: Tommy Hinkle, Richard Brubaker, Gary Ishman, Levi Myers, Rick Ardary, Steve Wanger, Alex Cooley, Nick Lansberry, Scott Sullivan, Mitch Laratonda

Team Name: Eastern York Golden Knights

2017 Record: 2-8

2018 Schedules:

Key Starters Lost: Logan Kline, Carl Carbaugh, Jahshim Snyder  

Offensive Starters Returning: (7) SR. OL Drake Brown 6-0, 215; SR. OL Nick Hess 5-9, 245; SO. OL Austin Baker, 6-0, 200, JR. OL Zachary Doyle, 6-4, 250; SR. WR Demonte Martin, 6-5, 195; SR. WR/RB Dylan Zurin 5-10, 170; JR. WR/RB Kaleb Corwell 5-10, 180

Defensive Starters Returning: (7) SR. DL Drake Brown 6-0, 215; SO. DL Austin Baker, 6-0, 200, JR. DL Zachary Doyle, 6-4, 250; SR. CB Demonte Martin, 6-5, 195; JR. LB Kaleb Corwell 5-10, 180, SR. CB Emmit Silar, 5-10, 180; SR. S Dylan Zurin 5-10, 170

Special Team Starters Returning: (1) SR. KR Dylan Zurin 5-10, 170

Key Newcomers: (9)  SR. Jared Elamri, 6-0, 200; SR. Bryce Henise 6-2, 180; JR. Trevor Seitz, 6-0, 150; SO. Nathaniel Dandridge, 5-7, 210; SO. Landen Blymire, 5-7, 210; SO. Jerome LaFranier, 5-9, 160; SO. Zachary Dice, 5-7; 155; SO. Jacob Crumling, 5’6, 145; SO. Kaleb Crean, 5-8, 150

D1 (FBS & FCS) Prospects: Demonte Martin

2018 Outlook

Offense: Upon offense, we will be led by our offensive line and will look to sustain a balanced attack.  This will allow our playmakers the ability to showcase their talents.

Defense: Relentlessly pursuing the football, we will look to exude our TTIY mentality upon our opponents.  

Special Team: We will look to create splash plays, while limiting our opponents’ success and dictate field position.

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