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2018 Football Forum

Written by: on Monday, January 1st, 2018

Are you ready for some football?

Welcome to the official forum on high school football for the 2018 season.

During the off-season let’s talk about players, recruiting news, teams and everything about high school football.

During the season each week let’s talk about match-ups and how teams did. Let us know what player(s) stood out each week.

2017 Football Forum

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121 Responses to “2018 Football Forum”

  1. David Mika says:

    We are moving the site to a new server. The forum will be shut down until we are done. I am going to shut it down at noon, Monday. Thank you!

  2. Mike Smoll says:

    @WPIAL Rules, yeah too bad they didn’t play last year, that QB might have been able to keep the game close, not sure I would want to be in that game, possibly on TV, not a good way for the kids to start a season.

  3. McD65 says:

    Coach Devlin leaving Wood for DC position at Ursinus. He did a great job with that program. Who takes over ?

  4. D12FAN says:


    So in case you don’t realize Wood competes against Prep and LaSalle and other open enrollment schools, plus a national schedule against other open enrollmnebt schools from other states including Oh, NJ, FL. NP welocmes many transfers and then competes other public schools in PA SOL…Just so you know….Nice try, DB

  5. WPIAL Rules says:

    @ Mike Smoll it is already set to happen week 0 at Pine Richland!

  6. Jack says:

    I’m so confused about what exactly these private schools are selling to kids? So say a kid from Lansdale goes to St. Joes Prep. He’s driving all the way downtown to go to school, to play for a football program that has to practice off campus, and play their games even further way. When he could stay home and play for North Penn a pretty respectable program. I’m just confused… Better example for Sausmann a kid from Parkland goes to play football at ACC, what in the world has ACC sold him that Parkland doesn’t have or do better. Sausmann I don’t disagree with your sentiment but your blatant ignorance and the way you conduct yourself is a mirror image of where our society is today. Run from competition, everyone gets a trophy, it’s the coaches fault etc. Nobody can possibly be ignorant to believe all of these are recruited, it is such a baseless argument. Other than Wood, does SJP and Lasalle take many transfers? Doesn’t sound like it to me. Do they get them in 8th grade and develop them yes. Why hasn’t North Penn invested in their program to make it more attractive? This is just so silly.

  7. McD65 says:

    Buddy, stop already.That PCL enrollment statement is pure BS. I get that several of the posters here do not like and even despise the PCL, but you don’t have to sling that exaggerated garbage .

  8. Mike Smoll says:

    @WPIAL Rules, you actually want to do that? IMG is a national Prep All-Star team, that runs their football program all year. The saving grace may be to play them in game 1, while they are still getting their feet wet, that way they only beat you by 30 instead of more.

  9. CYOBALL1 says:

    Sausman, you’re a clown and the epitome of the wussification of america in todays day and age.

  10. Buddy says:

    @ D12:

    So you’re comparing transfers at Pine-Richland and North Penn to the likes of Prep, LaSalle, Wood etc.?

    Those entire ( PCL) school enrollments is made up of “transfers” ( i.e. recruits)…….nice work, carry on………….

  11. D12FAN says:


    From what I hear Ohio public school transfers make the PCL, Pine-richland, and North penn transfers look like nothing. Basically open enrollment for public schools. So if the goal is to level the playing field, disrciminating against Catholic does nothing.

    In PA, you can implement, then go back to complaining about the public schools that take transfers and which public school is too big etc. Then in few years start spouting off how the public schools would beat the private schools if they met….Nice work, carry on….

  12. J Stephens says:

    Wait saussman 9 did you just recommend private and parochial teams to disband their football program? So Roman Catholic whose been playing football since 1893 and St Joe Prep since 1888 END their football history at the drop of a hat? HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  13. Buddy says:

    Not everyone know who “IMG” is.

  14. WPIAL Rules says:

    News breaking out to the western part of the state… Pine Richland to host IMG week 0.
    Sound off!

  15. steven michael oneil says:

    sausmann9 .

    i just looked at this description, and i completely agree. This is the format that the PIAA should look at, but we all know they won’t.


  16. Chris says:

    @Matt and Route 54
    District 11 predictions
    A Marian over WV both are weaker so its a close call.
    AA Haven over Palmerton
    AAA Palisades over Jim Thorpe Both return strong teams. Dont sleep on JT this year.
    AAAA Bechai
    5A No idea
    6AParkland again

  17. Chris says:

    JT in Dist 11 3A should challenge this year. They return 17 of 22 starters.

  18. ColonialFan says:

    @Matt-Yes, SL’s consistency over the last 10 years has been probably one of the more under-reported/under appreciated things in the Lehigh Valley and they’ve probably been one of the more underrated teams in the area. However, coming from the Colonial League that’s to be expected. The numbers discussion in an interesting one. Using East Stroudsburg South as an example from last year’s playoff, they had a roster of 62 with no freshmen. SL had 52 with 20 freshman on the roster. That’s a pretty significant difference and when it comes to playing a team as talented as Whitehall that usually ends up being the difference in the game as they don’t have near as many kids, especially linemen playing both ways.

    @sausmann9-agree with your Kyle Haas sentiments. I had my son at the Berwick QB Camp last year and Haas was in charge of his group. Very impressed by his way of inspiring and motivating kids in just that small window of time. He will have no issue getting kids to play for him.

  19. sausmann9 says:

    COMPETITIVE BALANCE – I love the idea!!!

    Its the next best thing to getting rid of parochial/private school sports teams and making those parochial/private school kids return to their district school after they get their religious education (you know, the real reason they went to those schools) to participate in football, wrestling, basketball, etc…


  20. Matt says:

    @colonial fan…. as a CL fan too, I also would like to see SL beat Whitehall for dist gold but Whitehall will be favorite again. SL has been CLs most consistent winner in league last 10 or so years….teams like PA, NL, Catty, NW etc have a couple really good years but with smaller numbers can’t compete year in and year out. SL has numbers so hopefully that can get Whitehall one of these years.

  21. Matt says:

    Route 54….agree but in AA Haven has to beat Southern Columbia to get further and we all know Southern will be state favorite in AA for next two years. In A Williams valley had very good teams last two years but couldn’t make it past state semis. In AAA dist 11 I think that’s the most wide open class. Notre Dame, Palisades and Lehighton all could win it.

  22. sausmann9 says:

    @ StackMonster – this is all Northampton needed; a qualified experienced motivator. Northampton has athletes; both size and speed walking those hallways and they used to have (and still could) excellent feeder programs.

    Wait til Haas gets his staff in place at the freshman level, middle school level, etc… give him three seasons or so and I’d bet he’s in the mix for an EPC title. Northampton area STILL GROWING on three of four sides and fast.

  23. Kevin X says:

    Thanks guys. Not a big all star game fan on any level of sports, but may be intrigued by a PA/NJ Big 33 showdown, in late April/early May (current game in mid June have beach and baseball on brain, not football), at Villanova stadium…………Yeah, that might work…..

  24. Route54 says:

    Matt,interesting picks. It would be nice to see a D11 team finish stronger in A,AA.

  25. ColonialFan says:

    Hearing some rumors of a sub-regional being proposed for District 11 and District 2 at the 5A level. Did some snooping on the PIAA website and they already have the proposed brackets posted for next season, showing those districts combined. Definitely make things more interesting as District 11 will jump from 4 teams the past two years, to what was 5 after the new relcassification and now 7 teams, with Wyoming Valley West and Wallenpaupack.

    @Matt…mostly agree with your District 11 picks. I think Palisades might still have the horses to give ND a run, although that may be wishful thinking on my part. Beca has young talent, but will have an uknown at QB to start the season, but probably a good pick there. 5A will definitely become more interesting with the possibility of added teams. Don’t forget WVW beat them last year and they were not near as talented as Whitehall and I think Whitehall will be a little down this year. I’m not saying bad, but they lost some good talent. One of these years Southern Lehigh will break through for a District gold. The last two championship games have been more competitive than the final score has indicated.

    Definitely looking forward to the start of spring practices, high school TEAM 7 on 7s, and start of a new season!

  26. 6-2 Stack Monster says:


    Agreed Parkland likely still the king at 6A for some time, but new coach Kyle Haas should breathe some life into struggling Northampton. I don’t know if they have the horses, but I think there is a young, athletic QB there that Haas could work with. Should be interesting to watch them over the next few years to see if they can build a contender.

  27. Matt says:

    Route 54…..

    Dist 11 I’ll go Marian in A, Haven in AA, Notre Dame in 3A (Palisades will contend but lose some seniors), Beca in 4A, Whitehall in 5A and Parkland in 6A….pretty clear except for maybe 3A and A in dist 11. I’d like to see a new winner in 6A but Parkland wins it every year.

  28. Route54 says:

    Way to early predictions. Anyone want to predict the District winners, east coast.

  29. sausmann9 says:

    @ KevX – no our Big 33 has only ever been against Texas (65 – 67), Maryland, and Ohio. In the late 80’s and early 90’s PA played Maryland and back to Ohio for many years. PA used to have an instate “Big33” back in the day as well called the Blue/Grey game I think. The only all-star games involving NJ are local ones (county level) b/n the states and that hasn’t happened in YEARS. Now PA brings in Pburg kids to play in our Lehigh Valley allstar game in June at Nazareth HS.

    @ Dave -I agree NJ would be a lot of fun to play in the Big 33 plus I think PA fans are more familiar w/ Jersey players and teams. JMO

    @ NO – that move was personally motivated. The Quips just lost the best thing that happened to them in 21 years.

  30. David Mika says:

    Kevin…I don’t think so…I rather see them play New Jersey than Maryland.

  31. Kevin X says:

    Has Pennsylvania every played NJ in the Big 33 game?? Wouldn’t mind seeing that match-up.

  32. Neutral Observer says:

    I’m happy to see the All-Academic teams. Amazing how the kids can play such a high level of football while keeping the grades up.

    How about Aliquippa firing head coach Mike Zmijanac? In 21 season, his record was 237-36.


  33. David Mika says:

    Starting in March we are going to enter them.

  34. Chris says:

    Any word on 2018 schedules?

  35. phillyboy says:

    @ sausmann9

    Ironically one of the Prep players, to the best of my knowledge, got into trouble with the law from the ’03 team. A few years back was surprised to see in the news that their dynamic starting tailback from NJ was mentioned in the story.

  36. sausmann9 says:

    @ Buddy – PA has not only played Ohio in the
    Big 33 but they also played TX in the past (way past). Ohio started selected their top studs for their own in-state all star game (North v South and its a great game) and then sent the remainder of the all stars to PA for our game. That started around 2005/2006 sometime.

    Maryland was another logical choice and shouldn’t really be underestimated. MD has some really nice talent for a small state as well as some very solid, nationally recognized football teams.

    @ anonymous – you called out an entire football team from 2003 as an embarassment and criminals that lost scholarships. I am pretty familiar with that team; seen them in person quite a few times in 02 and 03 and still watch four of their games from those seasons from time to time. Of the starters I remember, these are the ones that I think went on to play college football on scholarships;
    Kevin Akins
    Eric Halberstat
    George “Mauler” Farell
    Adam Hearns
    Jeff Ball
    Deanco Oliver
    Chris Finney
    Chris Tribiani
    can’t remember where Laky or Raffle went but those are the ones I do.

    can you tell me which players YOU were referring to???

  37. phillyboy says:

    Yo Buddy, I attended one Big 33 game in my life, back around 12 years ago for the experience of it. It was the year Ted Ginn Jr. played for Ohio (and had a nice TD catch). I tell you what, won’t do it again though. There was major gridlock in the roads around the stadium. Then they charged to park, I wasn’t feeling warm and fuzzy about that. I’ll give Hershey Park props for free parking at the PIAA state finals, but they don’t extend that same courtesy for the Big 33.

  38. JC says:

    To clarify Jimmy’s comment, I believe you are referring to John Smith of Pen Argyl?

  39. Buddy says:

    The Big 33. We used to play Ohio, now Maryland.

    Why the switch? Maryland is usually a mis-match.

    Is it because Ohio used to beat us most of the time, and Maryland is easier?

    If that’s the case, shame.

  40. phillyboy says:

    Yo Mike A., That ‘project a matchup’ feature at calpreps.com is super cool — good looking out.

  41. Kevin X says:

    I need a geography refresher, The Perk School (and Pennsburg) is in Upper Montgomery County.


  42. Jimmy Silver says:

    Pa football fan. Smith started his first meeting with players and parents with taking credit for pocono mountain east at diffrent times during this meeting. Rob Meloski must be so glad that he does not have to deal with that guy. Plan and simple, old school con man. Who ever voted for this man to be the next coach should be ashamed.

  43. Kevin X says:

    I saw an article that the Perkiomen School (independent private prep school in Upper Bucks County (Pennsburg)) is transitioning to 8 man football for this upcoming season. The first 8 man team in Pennsylvania. So how long before other schools follow suit??

  44. Mike A. says:

    Your source for high school football scores, standings & rankings


    neutral field
    [2003] North Penn (Lansdale, PA) 34, [2003] St. Joseph’s Prep (Philadelphia, PA) 22

  45. Anonymous says:

    The problem with the North Penn ’03 team was most of the star players wound up in jail at the end of the season. All lost scholarships.

    Great team, but a total embarrassment!

  46. phillyboy says:

    They got a carryout special going on at Dominos right now; large 2 topping for $5.99 a pop. Decided to break out the old North Penn – PCC DVD to enhance the experience. Man o man, are you KIDDING me?! It had been a while since I’ve seen that game. That ’03 North Penn team was a beast, the last hurrah of the late great Suburban One. I give a hearty honorable mention to the ’16, ’08, and ’10 teams but ’03 was on another level. It was a true power team with elite talent at several skill positions. Hearns was a great running QB who could heave the ball quite nicely as needed thank you very much. Then you had Kevin Akins and Casertano in the backfield, are you KIDDING me?! Got that Casertano screen pass play etched into my memory, dude was like Daryl Johnston. Then you had role players like Laky and Halberstadt who could take it to the house. Then you had the formidable defense with Carey at the helm.

    From time to time heads of state will extend a formal apology for past misdeeds and news anchors will sometimes apologize for a recent faux pas. Well I’m here to tell you that phillyboy needs to set something straight. A while back I opined that ‘the ’03 SJP team might have won if they had played NP that year.’ Even when I wrote that it didn’t feel right, have had some misgivings about it ever since. So I hereby retract that statement. Although that Prep team was very good, I say there’s a better chance than not that NP would have taken them.

  47. Jimmy Boy says:

    I think Phillyboy got it right.

  48. Toby Kimball says:

    Two LL League Alumni now NFL Head Coaches….. Congrats to Matt Nagy and Frank Reich!!!

  49. JC says:

    Honestly, the real issue to me is the number of teams that makes the playoffs. 4 classes, 6 classes, I’m kind of indifferent on that front. Just make the playoff format worthwhile and meaningful. If doing that requires contracting the number of classes, then do that.

  50. phillyboy says:

    In case anybody was wondering what phillyboy’s take is on PA expanding to 6 classes: I don’t like it, I’m not feeling it one iota. I was against it from the get-go and still am. Don’t fix it if it’s not broken. 4 classes was very fine. No way in the world it should be any more than that. Heck, if anything you could make a case for 3 classes; small, medium and large schools — but 4 was okay. Here’s the deal, in the east they can get away with the extra classes, albeit watered down, due to the sheer abundance of larger schools. But out west the weakness of it is really exposed. Come on man, let’s be real, the highest classification in the WPIAL is a shell of itself. Before, there was depth, a larger pool of quality programs. Now it’s basically PCC, NA and PR. McKeesport, Gateway, Upper Saint Clair etc. should still be in the same classification. They should go back to 4 classes. It’s okay, they experimented, made a mistake, humbly recognize it and duly make the correction, no harm no foul. And while I’m at it, 2 other things to undo: no way the first game of the season should be in August, and WAY too many teams qualify for the playoffs. Don’t get me wrong, I love the playoffs and all, don’t mean to be a party pooper, but the quality starts to plummet when it’s too much. Just look at the NBA or NHL playoffs, talk about overkill, yikes, that’s some boring stuff until maybe the final. They need to lessen the amount of playoff spots and if a team doesn’t qualify then so be it, win your games or beat it. Play your Thanksgiving game and see you next year.

  51. Toby Kimball says:

    There are approximately 95 schools in each football classification for an approximate total of 570 football schools in PA. Again this is football only. This comes directly from the PIAA classification website for the 2018 – 2019 seasons.

    FYI…. Wikipedia isn’t always correct 🙂

    Link below


  52. Buddy says:

    Buddy said:

    2000 high schools in Cali., 1800 in Tx.

    All other states under 1000.

    This was all in argument for 5 classes in Pa, instead of 6 ( like Cali & Tx).

    I still believe we have 1 class too many.

  53. sausmann9 says:

    @Billy – did you try reaching out to Eddie Walker or Bob the video guy at Berwick??? I got some games from both of them in the past and they were older Berwick games. Might be worth a try, both of really cool guys.

  54. jj D2 says:

    @ kevin X
    Here is what you are missing: Buddy said there were 1500 to 2000 HS in FL. and TX. and under 1000 in PA., Sooooo, I looked up how many HS in PA both public and private and the wiki page said there was about 1500 in PA. That’s were you came in.

  55. sausmann9 says:

    Sorry Billy I do not have that game and the only person I knew that might have an oldie like that said no as well. He had the same idea as I and that is sending a message out to someone like Bo Orlando. 07′ or 08′ was the last time I spoke w him but he’s still out at McDowell. Maybe somebody from the Coughlin side of the ball might be sitting on a vhs copy in their attic but I don’t know anyone from there, sorry again.

    I really didn’t start collecting any games until about 86′ or so but I did lose quite a few to water damage down in GA in 95′. shoot me an email and I’ll send you an updated copy of the games I still have if you want.

  56. Toby Kimball says:

    The long term quality of football has been diminishing for 20 years simply because top athletes are playing other sports and there are less athletes in the game.

    Just look at professional sports. Baseball and basketball have players from all over the world. Hockey has Europe and North America. These sports are getting the best out of several billion.

    The NFL is getting the best out of 150 million. 40% of NFL players come from three states: CA, FL & TX.

    High school football teams will continue to contract until only schools with 100 plus boys per class can survive. And the reality is 4A and below is a different game than 5A & 6A. Much smaller players.

  57. Kevin X says:

    @ jj D2 (and I suppose Buddy as well??)

    OK, so what are your guys respected points?? What am I missing??

  58. Buddy says:

    neither do all of them in Pa.

    That stat was from US news & world report of 10 years ago. NO state has over 1000 except Cali. ( 2000) & Texas ( 1800). Many are just under 1000, Pa., Ohio, Fl, IN. Ill, etc.

    This is all high schools ( Public, Catholic, private charter) Not all, but most, in Pa. belong to the PIAA.

  59. jj D2 says:

    @kevin X
    the original topic was the number of high schools in PA. I dont think all the high schools in the other states that were mentioned have football programs.

  60. Route54 says:

    @Kmac. All we can do is hope it gets better. The teams I was referring to are coal region teams. Not sure what’s going on. I think more families are moving towards the city for work. I also believe more and more parents are not letting their kids play football as someone mentioned below.

  61. D12FAN says:


    Ok I’ll deal with it thanks…Of course coaches and AD’s will be in favor it give more chances for trophies and more money. I’m sure it is here to stay and probably go to 8 some day for same reasons. Hershey used to be fun, now there are even fewer good games, 6 classifications certainly not the only reason, but doesn’t help. You can argue the degree to which it is watered down, but by definition going from 4 to 6 is less competition in each class, thus watered down. Look at WPIAL in 2018 vs 3 years ago. Carry on….

  62. Kevin X says:

    @ D12FAN

    Let me stand corrected. I re-read your post regarding your transfer suggestion, and mis read it originally, thinking you meant a transfer sitting out in August at the beginning of practice in early August, not the start of the season of regular season games later in August, at least that is what I am assuming now. My bad. I may be able to get on board with that idea of a transfer sitting out once the regular season officially kicks-offs for his respected team in late August. I still may find this tough to swallow if you’re a senior, and this is your last opportunity of playing in any kind of organized football.

  63. Kmac says:

    Route 54

    You are certainly correct. An example down here in the big schools in Bucks County When the Council Rock School District split in 2002 each of the two teams Rock North and Rock South were getting 70 to 80 players per squad. Last season it was about 45 – 50 players per squad. I witnessed a Pennsbury practice of 108 players about 7 or 8 years back. Squad looked to be about 70 last season. It’s worse with the smaller schools.

  64. Kevin X says:

    @ D12FAN

    Because life happens, people/families move. There is more to this transfer issue then that of timing. I feel your idea of sitting out the whole season once practice starts is a little draconian. Granted, its a no muss no fuss zero tolerance solution, and I’d sign up for that over what is taking place now. I was tossing out a middle of the road option when transferring early in the in season and/or after practice commences. Maybe move my date back from Sept. 30th to 15th, or after the third or fourth game, or sit out any post season games. Just tossing options out there. Really other than 2 or 3 recent high profile incidents, I don’t think this is huge issue. No one batted an eye when that kid from Norristown transferred to Methacton mid season.

    Also, how do you define or describe “watered down” as it pertains to 6 classes?? I’ll keep hammering the point that it is the playoffs, being a combined district and state drawn out concoction that is currently in place where we attempt to hand out trophies left and right (really, do we need a playoff for all 3 5A teams in D2 for example??). 1 state champion out of a give or take field of 96?? Hardly watered down.

    @ phil

    Thank you, agreed and well said……

  65. phil says:

    Going from 4 champs out of 570 teams (.007) to 6 champs (.0105) is hardly watering anything. You do know PA is still in the top 5 out of all 50 states with the most teams in a class vying for a championship, so 96 is more than plenty to be competing for a title. Besides 6 classes are here to stay. Deal with it! I travel around the state and from talking to ADs, players and coaches, they are overwhelmingly in favor of six classes.
    Probably the best thing to do when playoffs begin to get to the place where there are no byes is go to a 32 team field and have four regions OR as someone stated just rank them somehow and go with it. The district concept has always been a sticking point for the playoff picture going smoothly. How ’bout this – the team that gets the deepest into the playoffs is the district champ.

  66. Route54 says:

    @ Tom F. I’ve witnessed it myself. 3 teams I watched in 2016, 2017. You can see the numbers going down. When you see 11 on the field and 8 on the sideline, that’s bad.

  67. Buddy says:

    Way too early for any schedules right?

  68. PastorZack says:

    Looks like Coatesville and Harrisburg may have a two-year agreement to play each other starting in Harrisburg in 2018 and Coatesville in 2019.

  69. D12FAN says:


    Why would you be in favor of playing 4-5 games in AUG/SEPT then transfering sitting out a few weeks and playing a couple games and playoffs for another team?

    6 state champs with only 96 teams in each classification is watered down, no matter how you format the playoffs…

  70. Kevin X says:

    @ jj D2

    Per the PIAA website….there are 570 schools participating in football in PA within the PIAA. Add a handful of others playing at the independent level, you have aprx. 600 schools participating in HS football in PA.

    @ TomF

    Changing demographics, kids/parents not wanting to/or having their kids to play football, opting for soccer, basketball, and lacrosse, and in the expense of running a football program, yeah, the numbers and quality are going to go down.

    I’m assuming you were not at the 6A Eastern final between C’ville and SJP @ Downingtown?? Full house in a large stadium, raucous, energized crowd, fun crazy game, should of ended the season there on an up note, but no, we had blowouts and empty stadiums for 3 days the following weekend in Hershey.

    @ Buddy

    Still prefer the 6 classifications. Those who say its watered down, it is the playoffs system that makes it watered down. Like I posted previously, go with 32 teams (the best and most qualified teams at that as well) in each classification for the playoffs, that is about a third of all schools in each classification. Now its like 2/3rds of all schools that participate in the playoffs/post season.

    @ D12 FAN

    I wouldn’t. You misread my post or maybe I wasn’t clear. Any kid transferring from October 1st to the end of the current season would not be eligible to play that year, period. I’d institute 4 game sit out/wait period for any transfer transferring between game one and Sept. 30th.

  71. jj D2 says:


    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    This is a complete list of senior high schools in the state of Pennsylvania, United States.

    There are 952 public high schools and 549 private high schools.[1]

  72. Billy Splain says:

    hey Sausmann, wouldn’t happen to have the Berwick/Coughlin 1981 EC Title game would you?

  73. TomF says:

    Football and wrestling are taking a major hit in Pa. Teams struggling to field teams, the multi sport athlete Disappearing. Quality of football and wrestling athletes on the downtrend. Kids sick of losing and transferring to winners. I thought 5 classifications would have been fine. 6 is a watered down version with teams being in the playoffs that will get mercy ruled in the 1st or 2nd round. I long for the old days when BECA and CB West played in front of 20,000.00 fans, the titanic battles between Erie Cathedral Prep and CB West, Berwick taking on all comers. I don’t think we will ever see Pa football like that again.

  74. Buddy says:

    Has the PIAA committee even considered dropping down to 5 classes? I never understood the jump from 4 classes to 6. California & Texas has 6 classes, but they have 2000 & 1800 high schools respectively. Pa. has under 1000.

    Wouldn’t that solve this re-alignment fiasco? You gotta keep an East vs West team in the state final.

  75. steven michael oneil says:

    i agree you potentially have the best two teams meeting up in the semi-finals with the bracket change. But i actually like the idea of changing up the matchups every couple years. Get some different teams playing somebody else. District 3 never runs into District 1, so that will be a nice change up for two seasons. I think they should change up the smaller classes as well, give them so different matchups.

  76. D12FAN says:


    As much as I love PA football for a very long time the fact is, loss of population and player participation has diluted the level of play. Add (right or wrong)the private schools attracting more of the talent pool and drop to only 96 teams per classification and you have an even more watered down system. We don’t have to agree, 4 classification playoff system started in 1988, a heck of lot more kids playing HS football then and over the years, the only thing I can think of that drove the move to 6A was more balance between size of schools, so more trophies, and more chances for trophies. Now that there are 6 classifications several conferences are finding it hard to support the current system with the their number of teams. Nots sure what it accomplished? Still have a big disparity in several classes top to bottom, and ECP, PREP, BG, WOOD, SC, PARKLAND, and the D7 winners still rule…

    Why allow an October transfer to play for 2 teams same season….

  77. Kevin X says:

    @ D12FAN

    Maybe I’m not the common sense HS football fan that I may think that I am, as I actually like the move to 6 classifications. In fact I believe it was long over due IMO. People will always find something to complain about, especially when things don’t go their way.

    I do agree with you on the rest of your points………(except maybe wait until after October 1st for a transfer sit out the rest of the current season, and say 4 games from the start of practice to Oct. 1st??)

  78. Kevin X says:

    @ WPIAL Rules

    I agree, at least with the 32 team part. I’ve mentioned this some time ago, do away with the districts (really like trying to put a square peg in a round hole for football playoff purposes), and figure out the best 32 teams in each classification (I really don’t care how they do, it will still be better then letting every mediocre Tom Dick and Harry team into the post season), and get it done in 5 weeks. Seed each team 1 to 8 in a regional/geographical 4 bracket common sense manner, while attempting to avoid early round re-mateches (enough of SJP and LaSalle meeting ever round week 2 for example) and then you can either move the finals up to the first weekend of December, push the start of the season back to Labor Day weekend, have a mandatory bye week, or even an 11 game regular season schedule. I’m tired of all these mis-matches, routes, mercy rules games, and re-matches of the same teams every year. Mix things up for once guys!!!

  79. D12FAN says:

    I don’t think any common sense high school football fan agrees with any of the last 3 big decisions by PIAA.

    1. 4 classes to 6: PA football already watered down by demographics, going to 6 did nothing, people still complain about larger school enrollment in each class. This decision is part of the reason for the realingment decision this year, one bad move leads to another…

    2. Transfer rule: 21 day sit out period. Just simply say once season offically starts in August you can’t play for another team period.

    3. Realigment: Completely transparent move to give D1 and D3 teams a better chance of getting to Hershey. It totally disadvantages D11, having to get through D7 and D12. Also, creates a very likely scenario best 2 teams in state will meet in semi’s especially in 5A and 6A.

    Doens’t matter to Prep and Wood they will play anywhere, but these three decisions lack common sense for all schools and continue to make PIAA football less appealing for all.

  80. WPIAL Rules says:

    Sorry JC my bad!

  81. Buddy says:

    Go to 5 classes instead of 6.

    That should help the WPIAL problem and many others too.

  82. newman says:

    Of course they have the potential to be “epic”, but why should SJP or LaSalle have to play a neutral site game in front of 187 people against a team from Pittsburgh in a state semi-final to make that happen? Quite frankly, I would like to see more of these out of conference games but I suspect the opposite will happen. If Coatesville (or other D1 power) and CV (or other D3 power) have the potential to meet in the playoffs I suspect they may be less apt to want to play each other during the regular season.

  83. PastorZack says:

    The PIAA ruling directly helps teams in District 1. Not having to play the Non-boundary schools before the championship game is a comfort.

    D1 and D3 battles will be epic. Good showdown will be Coatesville and Cumberland Valley in week 3 again.

  84. JC says:

    @WPIAL RULES: You may have misunderstood me; I was agreeing with you.

  85. WPIAL RULES says:

    JC, but why have a team from the furthest east play a team from the furthest west? Pull a 6A from Central PA to fill the number of teams. Balance out the numbers that. PIAA is just pissed that most of the championship teams are from one of the 3 district. I’m spotting D11 from 2011.

  86. mark d says:

    @Dawg Pound good schedule but for a tough one check out Abington Heights

  87. NCFALCONS82 says:

    I think it’s time for the PCL and WPIAL to get out of PIAA. Have their own state title game. Best in the PCL Vs best in WPIAL. PIAA has become irrelevant.

  88. Dawg Pound says:

    Berwick football schedule 18-19:
    Abington Heights
    Valley View
    WB Coughlin
    Toughest schedule in District 2

  89. JC says:

    @WPIAL RULES: I’m inclined to agree, as this really screws D11, who now has to get through D12 and D7 just to make the final. 2011 was the last time a team outside of D7 or D12 won the title in the highest classification; common sense says keep them on opposite sides. If this is a response to the number of 6A WPIAL schools declining to 9, it feels reactionary.

  90. Neutral Observer says:

    I forgot LFC Division IV:


  91. Neutral Observer says:

    Lackawanna Football Conference (LFC) schedules have been released (sort of):




    I think the most interesting match up is Dunmore (2A) playing Scranton Prep (3A) to start the season.

  92. Jacob says:

    District 2/LFC approved new league alignment and schedules. Schedules for Lackawanna league were posted in today’s Scranton paper but are not in online article.

    That much wanted Prep Vs. Dunmore game will happen week 1.

    The article discusses the new make up but doesn’t have the schedules.


  93. WPIAL RULES says:


    What a joke. It’s time for the WPIAL to pull out of the PIAA. What is the purpose of having an eastern and western champion? Why not just rank the top 16 or 32 teams in the state in each conferance and go from there?

  94. Toby Kimball says:

    LL-Berks merger has little chance of happening.

    LL is unsure of Mifflin as they left once before when they struggled with a tough schedule and their roster numbers dropped due to lack of success. Same concerns are there for BC over the long haul. Their own AD admitted such and was hesitant to even move up to Berks section one.

    That league tries to mess with Wilson’s schedule and they will leave and go to the Mid-Penn. The presence of Wilson gives Township, Hempfield, Warwick, Penn Manor a bar to strive for. They don’t want that measuring stick to leave. Just ask Mark Evans what Wilson has done for their program.

  95. Mgguy says:

    Reading Eagle reported today LL and Berks League looking at football merger. Could be interesting if it happens.

  96. Tom F says:

    WOW! Berks County might merge with Lancaster Lebanon league-article below. Scheduling problems were the main reason’s cited. Berks Div 1 and 2 have only 7 teams each. Blue Mt and Pottsville exited Berks several years ago which hurt their scheduling. Some interesting matchups could occur with berks Catholic, Cocalico and Manheim Central in the same division. Wilson and Governor Mifflin already play each other annually.


  97. sausmann9 says:

    @ phillyboy – won’t be Bosco. They just got their guy in place ala Mike Teel. Infante’s ego will never let himself be an assistant at HS level, he’s got to be the head man in charge and its one of the reason’s he ended up where he did. Maybe another school in BNU but highly doubt DBP.

  98. Mike Coyne says:

    If anyone has 80 to 100 lb dumbbells in good shape they’re looking to get rid of, I’m your man! Please email me at mcoyne51@yahoo.com.

  99. TomF says:

    Dan Connor steps down at Carroll to be Widener’s defensive coordinator. He had a 4-18 record at Carroll.


  100. phillyboy says:

    Like the Whoopi Goldberg character in Star Trek The Next Generation, my intuition tells me something. I don’t know why, just have a hunch that Coach Infante is gonna bail from the Prep. Not necessarily this year but relatively soon. He’s already snagged 3 state titles, reaching a high point in 2016 with the #12 team in the nation in USA Today final rankings. With his resume and people skills I could see him getting offers to coach at a higher level. The most likely scenario though is that he returns to North Jersey to take over one of the big boys like Don Bosco. Plus it’s a natural desire to want to return to your roots later in life, so an overture by Bosco etc. could be what makes it happen.

  101. Jacob C says:

    District 2 released a unapproved schedule. I believe it gets voted on for approval this week.


  102. GeorgeP says:

    Any Truth to LaSalle’s Brett Gordon moving on to College? Possibly NFL?

  103. David Mika says:

    Next month I will start working on schedules.

  104. Matt says:

    When do 2018 schedules start coming out? I know some leagues post schedules in January.

  105. sausmann9 says:

    @Alex B – go back to 2017 season and look in month of March. around posts 2280’s. Billtown, Neutralobserv, etc.. had conversation about it. not sure if POC info included. good luck.

  106. Mike A. says:

    @David Mika
    “Its up top Mike A. Click on 2017 Football Forum.”

    OK..thanks. I was looking at the top of the page where the menu’s are.

  107. LM parent says:

    Tamaqua is on our schedule for 2018. I know they were pretty good in 2017 and have a good number of kids back. Can someone provide any further info on them and how they will be in 2018?

  108. David Mika says:


  109. sausmann9 says:

    @Alex B – if nobody replys, go back on the 2017 eastern forum and find a reply that had ALL the contact info for PIAA officiating. I don’t have the time to find it but somebody else might have it handy. hope that helps.

  110. Alex B says:

    Hey guys,

    I am interested in becoming an official this coming year. I am just doing some research and trying to find any information I can. I’m more so looking for dates or timelines of when I should start the process and when different referee clinics will start popping up. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  111. David Mika says:

    Its up top Mike A. Click on 2017 Football Forum.

  112. Mike A. says:

    Wonder if they could put up a link to last years comments for a while?

  113. Dawg Pound says:

    Congrats to Matt Nagy on being chosen new Chicago Bears head coach. Nagy played qb at Manheim Central in 94 and 95, losing in state playoffs to Berwick both years. Nagy then went on to be qb at Delaware where he was a very good qb. Nagy recently was OC for KC Chiefs before getting bears job. Good luck Matt, I’m sure you will do a good job in Chicago.

  114. TomF says:

    Justin, you would need to determine a number of things, What level – Physically/Academically is a fit for your son? I’m sure his coaches will give him an honest assessment. Revisit the schools that were initially interested in your son, contact them to see if they have any additional scholarships open.
    Contact recruiting sites like Go Big Recruiting and explain your son’s situation. There is still time to get your son in the mix for a scholarship somewhere.

  115. College Coach says:

    Jusin E
    It is very late for FBS/FCS schools. Without knowing anything about your son at all. I would say he would have known if FBS/FCS schools were heavily interested in him. We can be relentless in contacting prospective student athletes. So if any FBS/FCS schools contacted him I would start by contacting those schools. I would have him ask his HS coach what FBS/FCS schools came into school and asked about him. Regardless of how much his HS coach has or has not done for him, if schools at that level think a someone can play for them. At the very least they were asked about when the coach was in the school in January/May 2017. If no schools even asked about him, it is highly unlikely that no matter what the coach did, he was going to be recruited at that level. I would start contacting D2/3 schools. My personal opinion is that D3 football is much a much better route than D2 UNLESS the D2 school is bringing significant scholarship money to the table. It is not too late for D2 either. Hope this helps.

  116. Justin E says:

    My post right before the new year is gone with the updated forum so I will repost.

    My son just finished his senior year of football. He made all-state and 1st team Eastern PA football as a linebacker. He has been on varsity since 9th grade(class 5A school) and led his team in tackles since 10th grade. He was dead set on going to the military so we did nothing as far as recruiting goes. His coach did nothing for him since he was also under the impression my son was going to the military. Well now my son has chosen not to peruse a military career and its very late in the recruiting game I would guess. Im looking for suggestions from coaches or a parent that went through the recruiting process this late on where to start. My kid will be perfectly happy just going to community college but I figured if there was a school out there that would have interest in him he can continue playing football. I have not personally talked to any coaches about him and any that contacted his coach were basically brushed off. What do I do now?

  117. JC says:

    Predicted champions for this year:

    St Joe’s Prep
    Archbishop Wood
    Imhotep Charter
    Southern Columbia
    Bishop Guilfoyle

    Even with these off-the-cuff guesses that took me about 2 minutes to think about, I’d be surprised if I didn’t get at least 50%. That’s including Imhotep-Cathedral, where I’d be surprised if those aren’t the final two teams again. I’ll hold out hope for a more unpredictable year, though.

  118. D12FAN says:

    Some NJ and D12 games next year:


  119. phillyboy says:

    Yeah just noticed that Ohio’s Division I state champion this year is Pickerington Central, located just outside of Columbus. Wow, it’s been a minute since PA and Ohio both had public state champs in the highest classification in the same year — that’s what’s up. I think I’m gonna out and get me a Wendy’s chili as a nod to Columbus, baby!

  120. sausmann9 says:

    Happy New Year everyone!!! Hey all, remember Thursday is the Under Armour All Star game at 1pm and then on Saturday at 1pm is the US Army All Star game. Enjoy and good luck to our PA players!!!!

  121. David Mika says:

    Happy New Year!

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