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EasternPAFootball.com - Your source for High School Football in Eastern PA EasternPAFootball.com - Your source for High School Football in Eastern PA

2017 Football Forum

Written by: on Sunday, January 1st, 2017

Are you ready for some football?

Welcome to the official forum on high school football for the 2016 season.

During the off-season let’s talk about players, recruiting news, teams and everything about high school football.

During the season each week let’s talk about match-ups and how teams did. Let us know what player(s) stood out each week.

2016 Football Forum

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594 Responses to “2017 Football Forum”

  1. Kevin X says:


    LaSalle can go winless for the regular season and make the playoffs. Roman Catholic did it two years ago. If NP (and they won’t), do go 6-4 they will make the District 1 6A playoffs. You have a short memory, Haverford went 6-4 last year and proceeded to get their doors blown off by NP in the first round. Pennridge made it in as a 15 seed last year going 5-5. With NP’s potential SOS, they’d probably sneak in at 5-5 as well. Yes, NP is playing for seedings and home field. Biggest importance with this game is avoiding major injury to key players.

    With all that said, still a must see game to kick off the season.

  2. Buddy says:

    Kinda of agree with Kevin, kinda don’t:

    It’s not a ” glorified scrimmage”, it.s an actual game that counts in the standings.. Scrimmage is week ( this) before.

    LS can go 5 and 5 ( maybe 4 an 6) and still make playoffs. That’s the way PCL is set up. NP goes 6-4 will not make playoffs. Too many good teams in D1. Not sure if LS is, but NP playing for seedings. Rather play at home.

  3. Eric W says:


  4. Eric W says:

    Bored and can’t wait for week zero? In the West Lawn area? WWL/Parkland,10AM…pads should be popping!

  5. Kevin X says:

    phillyboy I suppose I am one of those guys. Game is a glorified scrimmage that fans have to pay for. Sure, both teams have been getting lots of hype with good reason, two heavyweights going at it week 1 (oops, my bad, week zero) and probably is the game of the week, but bottom line, it means little if anything in the grand scheme of things. LaSalle will be in the playoffs and in contention for the PCL title regardless, NP can go 6-4 (which they won’t) and still be in the playoffs. Game December 2nd will be the important one…..

  6. phillyboy says:

    A lot of you guys keep playing down the importance of this North Penn/LaSalle game. I’m of the opinion that it’s quite important. It sets the tone for the season. No excuses, no apologies — one team is going to make a statement right away and assert themselves as the big dog in 6A.

  7. Footballdad99 says:

    @paul that is hilarious! Blotty and sunburned is the term of the day. I am going to try to catch the game, and wish both teams well. I just know there will be a loser and it won’t amount to much for either team come Nov. But I will enjoy it and hope both teams are sharp.

  8. Come on man! says:

    @Mike A

    Wow. Great recruiting class. NG seriously going to play at Class 2A? After this mess., PIAA will be forced to institute new rules for private schools. I have never seen a team with so much talent at the 2A level. They will be like Steel Valley last season and mercy rule everyone. Not bad for a team that was 0-9 last season and could not field a team to end the season. Coach Albie is a good coach but how would he do at a public school where rules are enforced.

  9. Mike A. says:

    Six Neumann-Goretti football names to know this fall, including some under-the-radar prospects

  10. Mike A. says:

    West Virginia running back commit Leddie Brown practicing with Neumann-Goretti

  11. paul from philly says:


    Have to agree with Buddy. The game is always the first out of the shoot. And the game last year was not sloppy. Udinski got ’em good. La Salle was still hurt by their QB going down in camp. Sloppy is not a term I would use considering these players are together really the entire off season doing drills and practices. Not like the old days when you came back from the shore all blotted and sunburned.

  12. D12FAN says:

    Sounds like Lasalle will be more competitive this year, but I don’t think Beck, Infante, or Devlin are intimidated by their roster. Madden is a tough loss without a proven durable replacement. They return a lot to well below avg ls standards from last year. Looking forward to a good opener at NP. Always good to have some excitement opening weekend even if a non league game. I think NP will be ready to play and will see more ground game from Beck, pick’em. Prep and Wood will both be very strong again, Wood may return a little more to a very successful 2016 squad, but Prep still team to beat until someone beats them. Don’t forget they went 14-0….

  13. CYOBall1 says:

    @Run I do not feel bad for Wells, that was a joke.
    I don’t see anything fraudulent with using sarcasm. Perhaps you should gain a better understanding of it.

    I love the fact that you use the term “fraud”. Remind me, who is the coach that has his hands in every other programs pockets?

    You Albie apologist make me laugh. (sarcastically)

  14. Run4daylight says:

    @Cyoball1 you are a fraud, you feel bad for Chris Wells but you belittled his transfer a month ago. I’ve saw Brown and Wells at Nike regional opening and Rivals.Two completely different backs but their skill sets complements each other.Did Crosby do something to you in a past life?

  15. PastorZack says:

    Kevin, you’d be suprised that Texas uses the “Week 0” terminology too. The University Interscolastic League (UIL) has gone to that so schools could actually schedule an bye week. Moved the playoffs further into December though.

  16. Kevin X says:

    @ Buddy

    Actually it was a “Week 0” game, as dopey as that sounds. I just get a chuckle every time I hear week zero. Only the PIAA……..

  17. John Robert says:

    @mark D

    agreed size is good …but is that size in shape? quite honestly if they are as fast as people say they need to hold blocks 2-3 seconds and these guys will be thru the hole!

  18. UItra42 says:

    what up with the best District in the state D12? Who’s favorites? Any predictions

  19. WVWFAN says:

    @John Robert…i could be wrong but I think WVW was the smallest 4A team in the state before they redid the classes..

    as for WVW team I think they will be very good on defense. They return 8 starters. Their D line is big and have one of the better inside linebackers(Davies) in the area. Hes been in top 15 or so in the state in tackles since hes been a sophomore. He will now also get his chance on offense as a RB.

    They return 7 offensive starters. Their line overall should be much improved from last year. They had a few sophomores on their line last year that now have experience.

    They have a big athletic QB that can run the ball.

    It may be high hopes though as I am biased. I guess we will find out week 1 against Scranton. What is your prediction in that game? I dont know much about Scranton other than I read they have some good size.

  20. Buddy says:


    The game last year was week 1 of the regular season. Always is. There was one scrimmage the week before.
    I was at the game, I didn’t think it was that sloppy at all.

    This is ONE of the biggest games of the year, period. Nothing unhealthy about getting “heated” up over one of the pivotal games of the year.

    Of course someone has to lose. But it’s nowhere near the end of the season for the loser. These teams are far from “pretenders”.

  21. PastorZack says:

    Praying for all the parents and their boys today as 2 a days begin. As we all know as parents of players, it can be nerve-wrenching as we send them out this time of year. May God keep them safe and healthy! Enjoy your teams and encourage the coaches and staff that are putting in the extra time to mentor our boys!

    Go Red Raiders!

  22. Footballdad99 says:

    @Buddy not a fan of either team. Just a fan overall and am surprised at the amount of heat this game is generating from the faithful. Last year this game was week three and this year it is week 2. Essentially a traditional scrimmage week. Last year was sloppy, NP dropped how many passes that could have made it worse? LS was very sloppy till mid second half. My point is someone is going to lose this game, and you can’t be all up in the heat on a week 2 game. Not healthy for the long run. Pretenders get all heated up that early.

  23. CyoBall1 says:

    A very reliable source informed me of Leddie Brown.
    It’s really a shame for a kid like Chris Wells, who thought he was being loyal to Albie when he transferred from Imhotep to NG to be the starting RB.
    What does moving them up a level do? Does it make the kids any better or worse? What is going on is wrong, I agree.
    Lets be honest though, Coach Albie hasn’t won anything without the help of Schmidt or Gordon on his staff. They might rip through the regular season. I can see West being able to take them down as well. But when it comes to state playoffs, actual football teams that are coached up and play as a TEAM have faired well against Crosby coached teams.

  24. mark d says:

    @john Roberts not only does Scranton have good speed they have tremendous size.Talking to people from Scranton. Center will be 305, right guard 245, left guard 250, right tackle 294 and left tackle 298

  25. John Robert says:

    Will Anyone challenge Scranton Prep as they strive for their third straight District Championship??

    It will have to be someone from the Wyoming Valley Conference…but I dont see anyone strong enough to do it…


    Id pick Meyers but thats a guess. Seems Hanover is getting some press…but they arent tough and neither is their schedule.

  26. John Robert says:

    Valley View has a schedule with highs and lows first the lows…..
    Out of the gate they get Lakeland, DV and Scranton…potential for three losses….

    Then two weeks “off” PA and Abington

    Then Prep, West, and North Pocono

    Then close with Western Wayne and Honesdale

    Based on craziness within that division Valley View can be 5-5 or 7-3

    Ill say 6-4 and in the playoffs!!

  27. John Robert says:


    Ill sleep on WVW..i dont think they are very good.
    I think a weak schedule benefits them and the fact is this…One offensive lineman isnt making the difference when they spend half the time taking plays off. Good Luck though …

    Cmon …Hazleton, Dallas, Abington Heights, Crestwood, Wallenpaupack,

    they play Berwick (probably a win )

    Scranton…good team speed.

    Williamsport..even without Potts Williamsport is bigger and tougher

    Delaware Valley…tough kids well coached, coached by an actual kid WHO PLAYED D1 football

    How WVW managed 5A is beyond comprehension but they are a 7-3 0r 6-4 team

  28. John Robert says:

    Ill take a shot at 3A on the eastern side of the state…

    2)Notre Dame Green Pond
    1)Scranton Prep

  29. Kevin X says:

    Got for it N-G!!! Give SoCol., SH, Dunmore (the usual suspects) something to fear and a little eastern competition…….

  30. McD65 says:

    Come on man, No one bothered IMHOTEP when they received numerous transfers when Albie was there,AND I mean NUMEROUS. The majority of the transfers I am told are the result of Del Val Charter closing so they are legitimate I would assume. T I think as many others do, that we should concentrate on our respective teams and not be concerned with the transfer stuff since it occurs everywhere now . Let the PIAA handle those issues . As of now IMO ,the only PCL teal AA that has a chance to beat NG would be West Catholic who return some very good players.

  31. Ridiculous 00 says:

    Absolutely ridiculous what NG is doing if it is true about Leddie Brown transferring to NG they’re going to be almost impossible to beat only team I can see potentially giving them a hard time is Southern Columbia but even that is far fetched… The PIAA NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING… move them up in classification or ban them from postseason contention for you shouldn’t be able to build a team like that

  32. Mike Smoll says:

    @Come on Man, until the PIAA decides to do something, this is the way it’s played. Personally I thing it’s wrong, but all the griping in the world isn’t going to change it, until the PIAA decides, complain to the PIAA if you believe it’s wrong, not on this website. It just becomes a pissing match that doesn’t matter.

  33. Come on man! says:


    Are u serious? How can the PIAA or D12 not respond to this situation with NG. They should be 4A at the least. Someone needs to do something. They are stacking a team with recruiting. 0-9 last year to being untouchable. Their coach, AD and school are proud of what they are doing?

  34. CYOBall1 says:

    Sorry this is the correct link


  35. CYOBall1 says:

    Im hearing NG brought in 4 star recruit Leddie Brown from DE for his senior year.


  36. Billy Splain says:

    Aug 25 Jon Robert

  37. Jon Robert says:


    When will the preseason rankings be released?

  38. Buddy says:

    Has to be a SJP or C’ville fan I assume. Actually, their first game last was far from sloppy. Very well played both sides . Surprised me.

    I assume whoever he follows will look like they’re playing their 10th game of the year I’m sure.

  39. McD65 says:

    Buddy,Brett Gordon did leave when his father left. He coached at Imhotep and now has returned to LaSalle.

  40. CYOBall1 says:

    @Paul That game at PW was incredible. One of the best I’ve seen in person.

  41. phillyboy says:

    Yo District1, I so hope you’re right about North Penn. It would be so cool to not only have a very good team, but a great team, one that is expected to dominate — and pretty much does. Hypothetically speaking, if that were the case I’d be following them around like the Grateful Dead, in fact I’d be a North Pennhead; get ready for the tour baby.

  42. Footballdad99 says:

    Just want to point out to the NP and LS faithful that this game essentially replaces one of your traditional scrimmages. Gonna be sloppy, and one of you is going to lose. Lots of talk going on but to an outsider this game is meaningless. NP you need to get better every week to beat Cville, and LS not sure why you are worried so much about winning because last time I checked SJP still is in your league. Both of you essentially have new qb’s who have no experience opening up the season in the starter role in a big spot. I would say this will be high scoring and a bit rag tag. I would say that if each team got better during the game it is a win.

  43. Buddy says:

    @ paul:

    Agreed. That 2010 game was un-freakin’ believable!
    The 2011 game was great also ( 21-14 NP I believe).

    LS was driving late ( under 2 minutes to go), LS on about our 20, QB throws a pick and game time.

    LS and NP is a really good series, maybe that’s why they renew every year

  44. paul from philly says:

    The 2010 game between La Salle and NP was the greatest game pro, college or high school I have ever seen. Packed house at PW. Beautiful afternoon. Back and forth like a heavyweight match. And it went down to the last possession. Also this is one of the best inter-league series out there. Every year both programs put everything they have into it. And it shows. Should be a great game

  45. Michael Smoll says:

    My point is that North Penn is replacing 10- 11 starters from last years team including their QB. 2/3rds of their backfield is new, theses are 16-17-18 yrs olds in their first varsity game at a school where expectations are sky high, playing a Catholic League team that returns 19 of 22 starters, the edge absolutely has to go to LaSalle. I think it’s going to be a great game, but if I had to put money down I’ll put it on LaSalle (and only because it’s the first game), like someone else said if this was the 4th or 5th game I may feel completely different.

  46. Buddy says:

    @ Friday:

    I was at that semi ( in philly) in 2011. Great game. I think it was 21 to 14, NP of course. lost to CD 14 -7 in state final.

    No, I don’t expect a blow out. LS seems to have it together early season much more then NP. But the same thing can happen again that happened in 2011. Never know.

  47. Frank G says:


    I expect LaSalle to be better this year, but it’s a very open question about how much better. Madden was most of their offense last year, and he’s gone. Jones may be every bit as good as some think he’ll be but he still has quite limited varsity experience from two years ago when his running abilities were far ahead of his passing skills. As for the returning starters, were they starters last year because they had a particularly strong group of juniors and sophs or because they had a particularly weak or thin senior class?

  48. Frank G says:

    @ Buddy

    Drew Gordon (the father) left LaSalle after the ’14 season. Brett Gordon (the son) is LaSalle’s OC. I might be mistaken but I think he left wheh his father did but has since returned.

  49. FridayNightLights says:


    Hopefully I am not wrong but I do not see this NP team getting “blown out.” Back in 2010 NP had a very good team that lost to LaSalle in the semis in an epic game. They graduated a number of players from that team as well. The next year in 2011 they started 1-2 and got handled, or one could call it blown out I suppose, by both St Joe’s and LaSalle They ended up beating LaSalle before losing to Central Dauphin in the championship. Assuming there won’t be a blow out I do not think the loser of this game need to panic.

  50. Bobby King says:

    @Pete, of course my boys playing, he put on 30 lbs and grew 6″ since april..shame he still has no chance of sniffing the varsity grass. He’s just too small compared to the rest of the beef around him. Manny is healthy and rearing to go. Jones looks fantastic at qb. plenty of rb’s. entire o and d lines and lb core returning. we stay healthy and play as a team all year and we have a shot @ chocolate town.
    @district1, yes, np handled us last year opening week. Our qb was very inexperienced, going from 3rd string to starter was hard for him. He progressed throughout the year. Both teams were not shining opening week, would’ve been nice to compete at the end of the season in playoffs…sjp was just plain better then us last year. Looking forward to the season!

  51. Buddy says:

    This Jones sounds scary. Don’t know if NP will have an answer.

    The way I see it, if it’s a close game, that bodes well for both teams, if it’s a blow out , losing team’s in trouble. May not go deep in playoffs.

    I thought Gordon left? straighten me out on that PCL fans.


    Yea, C’ville will be out for revenge big time. If we ( NP) makes it, that will be yet another ” game of the year”.

  52. GeorgeP says:

    @FridayNightLights @Buddy

    It is going to be a great Friday night game i know that, I have seen La Salle Practice & 7on7 so far, and i am not a La Salle Supporter or NP supporter but i was very impressed with the amount of talent they have on both sides of the ball. I honestly couldn’t tell you what there weakest link was from watching. Jones the QB who was hurt all year is back, and looks very good, not just in 7 on 7 but in live in practice, he seems to be a true leader. There Line on both sides is very very big and the LBs LaSalle has are big an fast. NP might have the Speedy athletes as they saw last year but losing the QB was a Huge hit, nobody will fill that right away, not even this Transfer from Norristown who is so so from what i have seen so far. La Salle’s WR/RB/TE’s are very very very good and deep. With Jones being back and the talent they have on Offense for Gordon they are going to cause a lot of Problems for NP and everybody in there path. Just my opinion, i cant wait for the 25th. Also i was at the NP/La Salle game last year, if Jones was playing LaSalle wins…

  53. District1 says:

    @Buddy I don’t expect them to win by 3 TDS just talking stuff. However the game last year was not that close. Yes Madden had a great game but NP did what they wanted when they wanted in that game. I know they are new to Becks system but the guys they added are veterans in HS football. I said last year they would beat LaSalle and go unbeaten. I am saying it again they will beat LaSalle and go unbeaten in the regular season. Then it will come down to Coatesville who’s loaded and returning players you need to worry about. I cant recall NP having this many Athletes and speed in back to back years. Trust me when I say they are better this year.

  54. FridayNightLights says:

    As a North Penn fan it pains me to say this but LaSalle should be the favorites. I actually don’t know much about LaSalle’s roster other than they return a lot of starters from a decent team. They have good O and D lines and they have Jones back from a serious injury who is supposed to be very talented. It will be interesting to see if he has some rust on him. On the NP side they return 6 starters on offense and 6 starters on defense. They have added some players who played significant roles on other teams last year and will play significant roles for NP this year. The biggest strength for NP this year will be the amount of athletes they have. They should have a ton of speed. I would expect them to spread the ball around a lot again. They will be hard to defend assuming the O line steps up. They do return Bevan at center, who is the leader of that unit along with RG Ryan Cody. Both were starters and played very well last year. I believe they have 3 players on the team who are currently getting D1 looks or hold offers, including Owen Thomas who just committed to Villanova. I think this will be a very good opening contest and do not expect a blowout either way. Both of these teams are legitimate contenders in the East this year.

  55. Buddy says:


    They ARE newbies to Beck’s system. I suspect all kids that play high school ball have played somewhere else before ( JV, pop warner, etc.) , that doesn’t make them “veterans” in high school ball.

    LS did lose to good teams last year. But I doubt they had 19 returning starters last year. That’s a big freakin’ deal! BTW, Np did not destroy them last year ( 33 to 24 I believe AND a their RB gaining 200 yards).

    I love your unfettered enthusiasm! But winning by 3 TD’s!?! That might come back and bite you in the ass!

  56. Michael Smoll says:

    @CYOBall1 Didn’t say that at all, not even sure where you got that………. What I said is North Penn Always gets better as the season comes to an end. Historically (last 12-15 years or so) they are always a MUCH Better team than early. It’s the reason Dick Beck plays these games early, you better get North Penn early or more than likely you aren’t going to get them.

  57. District1 says:

    @buddy NP has 5 players that transferred that will play major roles. They are not newbies they all was major players on their previous teams. NP lost Udinski,Johns and Vasgar. They are better at RB this year adding 2 backs and returning Andrews@ FB. They have 4 dynamic receivers Henley,Owens, Haynes and transfer from Ryan. The secondary was great last year Haynes and Henley and Browski returning and added Ryan kid and a Transfer from Philly Finest who played varsity as Sophomore. Linebackers Thomas returns in middle Khan will upgrade one linebacker position the other is a big lost losing Johns. Dline returns minus Vasgar, Oline returns 3 starters. Yes they lost A great QB. I was able to catch a few 7V7 and the new kid can sling it pretty well. If necessary Henley could come in a do a great job. Stop with this LaSalle stuff bringing back 17 players they was 7-5 last year all the good teams they played destroyed them. Did they bring in some athletes if they did who are they.

  58. Route54 says:

    For anyone that follows Schuylkill league football. Coaches had their Media day. Great article.


  59. Route54 says:

    I have said this a few weeks ago as the team previews started. Single A East have plenty of teams loaded with returning players. We all know things can turn quickly for any team within a matter of weeks. Otherwise, single A looks promising this year.

  60. David Mika says:

    Route54…We’re doing it different this year. Our rankings for all six classes are coming out on 8/25/17. The first Friday of football.

  61. Route54 says:

    Dave, when are the top team countdowns going to start? Top 5 for each class.

  62. LT4666 says:

    @cyoball1 yes Carl Jones is very good. He played for the Raiders because he knew he would get limited action at Imhotep. Plus Kristian Marche and Isheem Young will share the load at RB.
    @comeonman, they left the team because they felt loyalty to Albie. Plus NG is closer to their homes…I wish them good luck in the coming season.

  63. Buddy says:

    NP did not get 5 transfers from the PCL. I don’t believe they got more then 3 transfers ( could be wrong, but I don’t think so)

    LS has , I heard from LS fan on here, 19 returning starters.

    NP has too many newbies that need some game experience. That’s why LS will be, and should be favored. They were playing, say the 4th game, be a toss-up.

    Yes, LS will be much better in Nov., but NP, history shows, will be MORE improved by that point.

    My thoughts? I expect LS to win a close one. Sure as hell hope I’m wrong!

    I love all this conjecture! Can’t wait!

  64. CYOBall1 says:

    @Smoll what makes you think that LaSalle won’t be that much better in November? Looking forward to NP LaSalle in a couple of weeks!

  65. District1 says:

    @Jizza51 Let me just say NP didn’t graduate their whole team. I would say they lost 3 major players. The players they are returning played major parts in their offense and defense. Yes LaSalle maybe returning 17 players. I just hope they got athletic over the offseason couldn’t cover or run with NP. Let’s just say NP is faster and more athletic than last year. NP easily by 3 TD’S

  66. Mike Smoll says:

    @Jizza51, if North Penn beats LaSalle with all the new pieces to their program in the first game of the season, when LaSalle returns (I’ve heard 17 returning starters) it in my mind would be a HUGE UPSET, however if they play again in say November, well North Penn is just a different animal at that point of the season, and all those new pieces won’t be new anymore.

  67. Jizza51 says:

    How many transfers did North Penn get? i heard at least 5 some from PCL. Regardless they won’t beat the La Salle this year who are very very good and Deep.

  68. District1 says:

    @McD65 Steve Depaul transfer JR from Norristown. But you will see Henley in some unique packages from what I hear.

  69. McD65 says:

    District 1, Who will be North Penns QB this year??

  70. mark d says:

    @neutral thank you that some big boys !!!!

  71. McD65 says:

    pete, good luck to your boy. With Conlin coaching I’m sure he is learning quite a bit. Those Conlin brothers were a tough bunch,both for LaSalle and McDevitt years ago. He should do well with Abington.

  72. C Jacoby says:

    @mark D Not sure, but don’t go by max preps alone. I just did my son’s Height/Weight he’s 6’3 290. They have him listed at a measly 6’2 285 lol. Still off though.

  73. Neutral Observer says:

    @ mark d

    The Scranton High preview does list two 300 lb-ers (a big lunch shy of 300 anyway).


    Jr. T Grayson Lavelle 6’2” 291
    So. T/DT Karim Greene 6’2” 310

    However, Max Preps lists those two and a third:

    Sr. T/DT Joe McLaughlin 6’6″ 294


  74. mark d says:

    To all the D2 guys out their i being told that Scranton High School will have 3 300 lb offence of line man this year, and 2 that will play defense.Can any one verify this .Seem a little over the top

  75. Michael Smoll says:


    I think I am right with ya, everything I’ve seen has Palisades down a notch or two where I think they will end up.

  76. pete says:

    @Pastor Zack NP is loaded again this year and we play them the last game of the year for their SR night. So that one will be TOUGH! LOL! @SkyKng Hope Manny does great and that line holds for him. Is your boy still playing? Hope so. @Mcd65 Conlin is great! The boys love the guy! My wife runs the booster club so we have a lot of dealings with him and we like the man! We have two good backs again this year, so we shall see if the line can handle things. My son is on it so I am hoping so! This will be his 3rd year on the line so we have some good experience at least.

  77. Buddy says:

    Hi Pete:

    I might have missed it below, I assume your kid is playing for Abington? Only “ghosts” I know.

    Anyway, good luck. See you last game of regular season.

  78. Matt says:

    Add Bangor into the middle four….PA lost almost alot of seniors from last year’s team. Bottom of league should be catty, Wilson, and Salisbury.

  79. Matt says:

    @colonial fan…..
    I agree that Palisades is loaded this year….they returned almost everyone from a good team last year. NDGP, Saucon and SL will join them in top four. I could see any order of those top four teams. The middle four should be NW,Palmerton, and NL. They all have some good players but I don’t think have the guns and talent to compete week in and week out.

  80. District1 says:

    @skykng I am glad you believe Lasalle is loaded. You will see what loaded is on the 25th. When I say NP is better than last year people say no way. I told everyone from day one last year how good they were. They will be back playing for the right to play @ Hershey this year too.

  81. D12FAN says:


    Could be Abington’s year, coming off 5-1 conf record and with Neshaminy rebuilding and Pennsbury still trying to find themselves. Bensalem will be dangerous as well as they almost had Pennsbury and put 22 on Nesh last year.

  82. ColonialFan says:

    Weighing in on the Colonial League here…I’ve seen a few posts and wanted to respond. I fully expect Palisades to be the most dangerous team this year and likely finish at the top of the league. NDGP of course has a tremendous QB, but too many other unknowns at this point. Take it for what it’s worth, but Palisades destroyed them in a 7 on 7 hosted by Lehigh U. Palisades has size on the line and experience across the board with a full stable of running backs. Of course, you can’t count out Saucon and Southern Lehigh. Saucon has probably been the most dynamic colonial team the past couple of seasons, but Southern has been the most consistent for the past 5/6 years. Bangor could be a dark horse and much improved. It will be an interesting season for sure. I have Palisades at the top. NDGP could finish as high as 1st or as low as 4th. I think Southern gets by Saucon this year. 1. Palisades 2. Southern 3. ND 4. Saucon That’s how I see the top 4 unfolding.

  83. C Jacoby says:

    @Footballdad99 My apologies, I misunderstood your post. Got cha now, maybe it’s just me but I put a very high priority on my children’s education. So I assumed many went through the whole process for respective schools. Don’t get me wrong, I would deft. Try to narrow it down to a few & thankfully won’t have to go through this ever again! It’s going to be an exciting year for sure, let’s get Hell week going & these scrimmages started already!

  84. McD65 says:

    pete,You guys have a very talented RB this year that should light up the scoreboard. BTW, how do you like your new coach Conlin ?

  85. skykng says:

    Yo PETE!!! long time no see, no 2 a days this week at abington?? Best of luck to your #55 on having a great year. Im picking Lasalle to make Hershey this year, yeah, I’m biased because my boys there, but they are absolutely loaded.

  86. PastorZack says:

    @pete Do everyone else a favor in D1 and knock NPenn down a couple of pegs. Good luck to ya’ll in your district, it was fun facing in the playoffs last year. Your band was well represented and were a joy to hear.

  87. pete says:

    1 week till 2 a days! 12 days until the first scrimmage!! Best time of the year!! GO GHOSTS!! #55 kick butt and take names!

  88. Kevin X says:

    @ Ray

    I am little surprised at that as well. Also just general talk about W-Port. They’re was a lot last year, with good reason. Thought it would carry over to this year. As far as Potts, shame, I was looking forward to following his exploits this year. Read the article about his knee and status on Pennlive, and he seems to be taking it pretty good. Sounds like he should be more than good to go for his senior year. Best of luck to him.

    As far as Williamsport, they appear to have lost a lot, especially now with Potts out for the year. Not a difficult first 3 games, so maybe they’ll figure things out before the conference games. Still looks like Del Val will be ruling the roost in 6A up north.

  89. Footballdad99 says:

    @Jacoby My point was that you did not get this opportunity on the sidelines in 5 minutes after a game. 1. you are a tuition paying family. 2. your child attends catholic school. 3. you took the tests, interviewed, and submitted all your financials so they could make a decision. After those events you were given a financial package “offer” on what you would pay. Seems reasonable to me. My point was 1. you would still pay a hefty tuition, 2. you went through the process. That is a hell of a lot different than painting a picture that as your child walked off a football field you were being told site unseen what your tuitions would be. Now here is a fact. And @McD65 you have been around, you can probably back me up. The amount of families that WOULD NOT go through what you did far outnumbers the families that would go through it. Many “offers” never happen because families won’t test, interview, or give financials. So in this day and age in the PIAA, that is how these things go down. And @jacoby, you are correct. The truth is your daughters experience very well may be very different.

  90. mark d says:

    @WVW was talking about LFC not D2 as a whole.Really haven’t heard much on the WV conference,except Bewick lost it QB and now i guess Willemsport lost their running back ?

  91. Ray says:

    The big news from the WVC nobody us talking about is best running back in the state Williamsport’s Trey Potts out for year on partially torn ACL

  92. WVW Fan says:

    @Mark D…

    Don’t sleep on WvW. They return a bunch of players on defense. Have Bleich and a more experienced line than last year. Their run game will be good. If they can stay disciplined I think they will hold their own.

  93. C Jacoby says:

    @ Footballdad99 No, maybe your confused. To me what I assumed as how you put it an offer was simply like this. Prep is 22.900.00 for 17/18 school yr according to their website. His grades were excellent, as being considered by 2 HS for the Maguires. Basically, we did the shadow days/interview process & financial aid etc. The coaches would say look, all your paperworks done,& if he wants to attend our HS for 12,500 we can do it. Obviously, that’s half the tuition cut in half. They didn’t say how or what, just give you a number. They all did this, some more than others obviously but in today’s day & time to get an education like that for half the tuition price because your kid plays football is an honor & a blessing. I also have 2 younger daughters to consider as well. Idk about you, maybe u don’t like the word offer. But there offering a full price education for under 50 percent or more off to have him at football seems like that’s what it is. If he didn’t play, you think they’d knock off that much tuition? I doubt it. No disrespect to anyone, just my experience with it.

  94. McD65 says:

    Pete,Frank,footballDad99,Here is a real life experience concerning recruiting ,but first good posts by all 3 of you. My son played CYO for the Romans years ago. The team was very good and played in and won the Parade of Champions at year end. About recruiting -Many HS coaches attended games when the word got out about the quality of players on their team. The end result was the QB -Germantown Academy, FB-CB West,Wing back-St Joe Prep ,RB-LaSalle ,TE-Lansdale Catholic,WR-Archbishop Wood and one OT -CB East. All TRUE

  95. Frank G says:

    @ Pete What happened is the world changed. My cousins grew up in St. William’s parish and went to Dougherty when it had about 6,000 students. No Dougherty students paid tuition. Special collections at Sunday masses paid the bills. There were 13 children in one family. Families like that don’t exist any more; lots of the parishes and the parish schools have closed; and the parish churches that are open are relatively empty on weekends. Plus, in recent decades families that want to send their kids to Catholic high schools have been demanding choice. So the old system of boundaries had to change. You probably know all this, but lots of people who are sports-focused think it’s the recruiting of players that changed everything when the fact is that all Catholic schools have to recruit and recruit some more just to stay open.

  96. pete says:

    I am a personal believer in stay where you live as far as the schools are concerned. I was a catholic school kid, Cardinal Dougherty! So I grew up in the times before PIAA existed as far as Catholic schools are concerned. Back then there really wasn’t any transferring or recruiting at that level. It seems things have gotten out of control these days with it being all about money and state titles. Back then Catholic schools only had certain parishes they could pull from and you had to be a member in good standing of those parishes. And the public schools where kind of that way as well. The only schools that could “recruit” so to speak where the private schools like the prep or lasalle or any of the academy’s. It lended a more of a neighborhood feel to it. Guess I am just old school! LOL! 🙂

  97. McD65 says:

    pete, public school coaches also attend those sessions often wearing their team jackets . Its all ok as far as I’m concerned.

  98. Daryl says:

    @Pete every school does it.some more aggressive than others.hell most pee wee teams recruit

  99. mark d says:

    @Blakely Del Valley no the rest he has the talent they should be a 9-1 8-2 team but will under achieve again! like i said coaching will win AAAA

  100. Footballdad99 says:

    @pete If you play cyo speaking to boys on the sideline is not recruiting. If you are going to a catholic school you are free to choose which one. It is acceptable for them to ask you to look at their school. You are paying, you have a right to choose. This goes same for every kid who thinks they want to go to a catholic high school. They go to grade schools, hold open houses so you will consider them. @Jacoby you are spending 8k a year, I would expect other schools to ask you to consider spending your 8k there also. Is that recruiting? I wish people would stop with “offers”. For the IA and LS and Prep, if you are asked to take the entrance exam, go through the long interview process (for IA) and then submit your financials to be considered for financial aid, and then qualify, if you consider that an “offer” then maybe we are speaking two different languages. And @jacoby you are correct the arch. schools can offer you mcguire scholarships, as they can offer any high achieving kids these. By zero means are these full scholarships, but they can defray some of the cost of tuition, and thankfully these allow kids who want to go to these schools the opportunity to do so. Typically these kids are very deserving. People have the idea schools are throwing out tuition offers to people on the sidelines, it just doesnt’ happen. When my sons made a decision to attend their hs they were holding full scholarships from our local public hs. That was what we had to weigh our decisions against.

  101. pete says:

    I see a lot of comments about recruiting on here. My son was also “recruited” out of cyo as well. The only problem I see is that it’s not legal for them to do so is it at the HS level? Thoughts? We had many of the areas HS coaches come to the practices and talk to individual kids. Although my son was one of them, I felt very uncomfortable about it. Any thoughts on the schools doing it or against it? And I am so pshyced for this season!

  102. Blakely Bear says:

    Mark D
    6-4 wouldn’t be bad for VV considering schedule. Will they beat Del Val, Scranton, or Prep? Not to mention Abington or Lakeland. Point is to make playoffs, where they could do damage. Remember, last year NP was 7-3, finished 3rd on their LC division, and was clearly the best team in D2

  103. Run4daylight says:

    @come on man, Yes i found it puzzling why those two transfers would leave. It ironic both of those athletes live in South Philly. Johnson is a NFL tackle size right now and Wells is very explosive , a home run threat that can run inside/outside the tackles.. Maybe kids were fed up with the coaching changes. Do you have any insight?

  104. Jizza51 says:

    NGoretti will be very good, Coach Crosby has a way of getting inner city kids to come with him. NG vs Frankford the first game will be a good test for “Albie and the Transfers” the Motown Group 🙂

    I was also doing some research let me know what you think on this. Top players in the PCL for each Team this upcoming season

    Carroll- Dahmir Ruffin WR/CB
    Judge- Tim Weldon RB
    LaSalle-Garret Zobel OL/DL Isaiah Jones QB/S
    Roman- Michael Leyland OL
    Ryan- Jaye McNeil RB
    Prep- Darryle Simmons WR Marquez McCray QB
    Wood- Jack Colyar QB Kyle Pitts TE
    MBAP- Sean Morris DT
    Conwell Egan- Patrick Garwo RB
    LC- Matt Casee RB
    McDevit- Jaron Macon WR
    NG- Justin Johnson OL
    O’Hara- Justin Santilla WR
    West Catholic- Da’Vion Kidd-Kackson QB

    Is there any Transfers in D12 that are going to make an Impact?

  105. mark d says:

    @Blakely Bear West has lots of speed but i am told that the line is young and small.North Pocono lost a lot from last year, but has some real good skill kids.Valley View big line strong arm QB D2 100 meter champ in the back field 6 and 4 at best. Really dont know much about the WVC except Berwick lost their Qb which has to be a big set back.Over all the LFC is down a little this year.In A it should be Trail AA Dunmore and Lakeland will slug it out.AAA Scranton Prep just really no competition.AAAA wide open best coaching job wins it AAAAA Abington their is no one else. in AAAAAA Delaware Valley returns a lot from last year but Willensport is the team to beat

  106. Run4daylight says:

    @CyoBall1 Carl Jones practiced with Imhotep last year. He decided to played with the Raiders. He’s currently in 11th grade. What happened to the other backs on the depth chart?
    @MCD65 I keep hearing NG will be a problem, I had to scroll down to entry 50 to find out Wells and Johnson will be suiting up for NG. Two players albeit very good players. Whom else is attending NG?

  107. daryl says:

    @ c jacoby i think both ryan and judge are improving their recruiting but alot of parents are still chasing chips in highschool.i know kids that went to other schools just for that chance even though their kids wont see varsity time until maybe their senior year.not getting much exposure playing jv for 3 years.pcl red is a hell of a division and if your good you will get exposure

  108. Come on man!! says:

    Why did two players leave Imhotep for NG? They played for a state title last year and will be very good this year.

  109. CYOBall1 says:

    LT, Carl Jones is a very good player! I was curious as to see if he would stay at Imhotep or look to go somewhere else.
    I know Wood was in the mix as was Roman.

  110. WVW Fan says:

    @Blakely bear
    I saw NP scrimmage WVW in a 7 on 7 and NP looked pretty good. They have a running back #28 that looked very good. I can’t can’t speak on their line since I didn’t see them.
    It’s odd that u mentioned coaching though. I thought their coaches were excellent. They were complete polar opposites of WVW coaching. They were very vocal on good and bad things with the kids. WVW coaches only can be heard when a kid does something wrong. The seemed to be great with their kids.

  111. C Jacoby says:

    @ Sid Faranaum Never got to the point of offers like that, u know it’s alot of talk mostly but I’m a straight shooter. Many offered him Maguires off the bat (Roman McDevitt a few others) most said what’s the best you can do tuition wise I always said I have 2 younger girls to consider so I wasn’t gonna go over the 8K from judge. Most got pretty close to matching the Parrish number.

    @Daryl & McD65 Thank you very much both of you guys, good luck to your boy as well D.

    @Tom F that’s the issue, every year between cyo ball etc there’s maybe 3 “top” recruits like that. You think they ain’t gonna go to prep, Wood or LaSalle lol. Until Ryan/Judge have a really good year or 2 & prioritize recruiting then there going to continue to be a “tier” under them in my opinion. Them kids want exposure, & it’s tough I won’t lie knowing he could of played on ESPN etc. Regardless, can’t wait for the season to start.

  112. LT4666 says:

    @kevinX my point is, don’t worry about Imhotep! They are fine. 2 player left to play over at N-G…no love lost. Next man step up. Look for Carl Jones to be a featured RB this year. It’s plenty of sophs and jr’s available to step in the role. Plus Isheem Young can play there also.

  113. McD65 says:

    Runfor daylight, I don’t think anyone is worrying about TEP,but keep in mind that the two known transfers are two very good players . NG will not lose to West Catholic by anywhere near what you predicted. West should have a pretty good team this year with Kidd at QB.

  114. Blakely Bear says:

    @Kevin X
    In District 2 AAAA, why isn’t anyone talking about North Pocono or Coughlin? NP reigning District champs, and returns enough, plus coaching. And Coughlin has Vincent Todd, district sprint finalist, and tailback Cole, plus some big linemen. And West Scranton has a lot of speed, and Crestwood returns a lot. Valley View has potential, Berwick lost a lot. Marshman possibly being out will hurt them. You’re are right though, it should be a dogfight.

  115. Kevin X says:

    Revision…..I’ll take BC out of my last post, as I assume they (and D3) will be in the western half of the 4A playoff bracket again.

    I’ll toss in ACC, Saucon Val., I-Boro, P-Grove, basically the usually suspects to challenge for the 4A eastern crown. D2 looks to be wide open again, it was pretty fun up there last year. Valley View, Berwick???

  116. Cyoball1 says:

    @run4daylight I don’t know about all of that.
    Doubt they beat them that bad.
    Don’t be surprised with some of the newly added talent on the NG roster.

  117. Run4daylight says:

    Why are people worrying about Imhotep? They only lost two student athletes @McD65.. Another thing, I don’t believe the hype around Neumann Goretti, they forfeited every game last year. WC will beat them by 5Tds.

  118. Kevin X says:

    “D12 4A still belongs to the Imhotep Panthers” not exactly saying much there or going out on a limb. Question is, have they come back to the pack state wide in 4A?? Anybody in the east going to challenge them for the eastern crown?? Any D1 or D2 schools out there lurking?? Berks Cath. in D3? Bechahi in D11?? Maybe Bechahi, they gave them a real good game in the state semis last year. Still thinking a ‘Tep/ECP finals, round 3 rubber match, but think that potential match-up could be somewhat ugly for ‘Tep, something they are far from accustomed too.

  119. billtown says:

    Some new rules this year on blindside blocks and clipping in the free blocking zone along with face guarding. So you guys can help us refs make it out of the stadium in one piece here goes.
    1.Blindside blocks. If the defensive player does not have a reasonable chance of seeing the block coming and the hit is with the shoulder pad or body- penalty. If the blocker uses extended arms and hands- no penalty. Safety is the issue here.
    2.Clipping in the free blocking zone. No one sees it but us. If you see a few called this year be aware they are protecting the knees.
    3.This is the one that will get the stadium screaming for my head as I am a side judge. The defensive player can now faceguard as long as there is no contact. He does not have to turn to look for the ball. Please spread the word to your fan base about these rule changes they are significant.
    4.Sideline management. This is a major point of emphasis and will be strictly enforced this year. If anybody including coaches are in the 3 yard zone between the sideline and team box at the snap and during the play. Penalty.1st is a warning,2nd is 5yds.,3rd is 15 yds. Subsequent are 15 and head coach ejection. See you all in a few weeks!!

  120. mark d says:

    @PigSkin Man Dunmore QB was the AA gold medal state champ in javelin.Has a bunch of collage offers for track so is not playing football.

  121. LT4666 says:

    D12 4A still belongs to the Imhotep Panthers! Even though a couple players left to pursue different paths, those kids are fielding one of the best squads in the area. The HC is no stranger to the team, Coach Lincoln was the OC for the 2014 team that went to the PIAA finals vs S. Fayetteville. He recently was HC at Penn Wood where he built that program andtook that team to the playoffs. Last years HC stepped aside because the responsibility was greater than he needed. So best believe the team will be ready to play vs Harrisburg on the 26th. HOTEP!!

  122. McD65 says:

    C Jacoby, best of luck to your boy. I can remember the days of Judge football when they had 3000 boys in the school to choose from. They were a tough bunch back then. I also hope they can return to a highly competitive team.

  123. daryl says:

    @ c jacoby good to hear,my son is going to be a sophomore at ryan.played up jv/v last year as a freshman.

    @ tom f hard getting and keeping kids with wood,lasalle and st joes throwing around alot of money

  124. PastorZack says:

    Scrimmages coming up in a little over two weeks…I know Coatesville is ready to start working against somebody else. Practice has been intense.

  125. paul from philly says:

    @Bob Hines

    The video is fantastic. The Wizard of Wyndmoor did it again. I just want to know if either of these teams played defense.

  126. Bob Hines says:

    @Tom F,

    Agreed! Ryan was a powerhouse of mid-early 90’s and Judge has the North guys going there now so they’re the new squad I root for the most. NE Philly produces some solid talent but sadly they stray away from Judge/Ryan (awesome rivalry too)

    Good to hear the Jacoby kid stay at home and go to Judge. Good luck to your boy this year!

    Roman too-need to step their games up give a solid shove to the normal Red favorites.

  127. Bob Hines says:

    Know some of you guys aren’t the biggest fans- haha- but pretty cool vid showcasing Prep-LaSalle rivalry. Check it out.


  128. Tom F says:

    The Catholic league needs Judge and Ryan to step up in football, I’m tired of all the great players in the NE going to Prep, laSalle and the Inter Ac. Those 2 schools have a massive region they can draw kids from.

  129. C Jacoby says:

    @ daryl Father Judge High School. Have a very young team, going to get some much needed experience this yr. Then I’m hoping we can make things interesting at least. Division is tough now, as it should be!

  130. Sid Farunman says:

    C Jacoby: What did these “offers” say? Curious.

  131. RCFB09 says:

    Wait, I think I seen your son play before.
    Did he play for the Pennsauken Panthers in the spring of 2016?
    Mike was supposed to go to Roman wasn’t he? What happened with that? I’m assuming he’s at father judge now?

  132. daryl says:

    @c jacoby what school is your son playing for?

  133. C Jacoby says:

    @ CYOBall1 Lol, I agree hell have some growing pains. Not trying to sound cynical but just keep an eye out. Got offers from SJ Prep, LaSalle, Wood, Roman, Germantown Academy, McDevitt, Caroll, and 2 NJ team’s Camden Catholic & Pope Pius I think..Already commented earlier about this, he’s not concerned with jumping on the big name schools. Went to one little quakers practice & coach said he’d start him but respectively declined as his teammate would of been benched & honestly I didn’t have the $ for their road trip to TX. So he did the under armour camp & was picked (350+ kids only 1 per position) as the OT mammal award. Cyo team mvp(8 gd) Started the cyo all star game both ways, picked for battle of the bridge pa vs nj(where the 2 jersey offers came from) Played basketball until hs now just football, footwork & working out! He’s respectful, humble, smart(3.8 GPA honors classes) & a great kid. Don’t forget, in 6 mons when the seasons over I want to see what you think then! I’m glad he’s gonna be challenged nothing beats philly hs football pub & cath. It has its own identity. Thank you for the advice & kind words!

  134. jtrun says:


    North Schuylkill almost always has a great year,
    they’ve just fallen short in many Distruct 11 Chanpionships
    vs. top Colonial League teams. Just seem to come up just short do the Spartans, great regular seasons though in Schuylkill and old Anthracite League.

  135. Matt says:

    @Brian…..agree NS with Notre Dame GP (Defending AAA dist 11 champs) and Palisades (went 8-4 ) last year and return 19/22 starters should be top three in AAA dist 11. NDGP is my favorite in AAA dist 11 and is in my opinion top 5 in AAA in state after making state semis last year.

  136. Brian says:

    Just read the North Schuylkill preview, should have a great season. No excuses this year.

  137. CYOBall1 says:

    @C Jacoby the competition at the Freshman level and the Varsity level is night and day to say the least.

    Let’s wait and see how he performs against the DL/OL of SJP, Wood, Ryan, LaSalle etc., before we start making LeBron James analogies.

    Best of Luck to your son and his Crusader teammates this year.
    Football cant start soon enough!

  138. CYOBall1 says:

    @C Jacoby your son really sounds like an animal man.
    Who were the schools that were after him when he was in 8th grade?

  139. C Jacoby says:

    @D12FAN Thanks for your reply! He just went to the PSU camp last weekend & played lights out. He’s a soph this yr, but went up against the big boys jr/sr’s. Great learning experience, he stopped every 1 on 1 drill, and was second overall in bench press (1 kid beat him by 2 reps). He’s getting thrown in there starting LT/DT so he’ll get plenty catch up experience. Coaches rave about him, I keep his butt grounded no cocky crap. I got lucky size wise, but I made sure he’s humble & respectful. But on that field, he’s gotta be something else to get to where he wants to go. I talked him into doing wrestling, & said each suplex he does = 20 bucks. He said I better have a 100 first match, but we keep it fun like that. To me & him, it means more playing with real friends & teammates you’ve known for yrs while representing your neibour hood than to start on a star studded squad. Said no taking your talents to SJP/LaSalle lol. Nothing against them, but he single handily beat LaSalle last yr in a thriller. Prep doubled him the whole game, he still got work in. Great players have to constantly be pushed, I’m hoping all this hard work pays off.

  140. Route54 says:

    Brian. NS should do good.
    7 return on Offense ,10 returning on defense.I believe starting QB returns.

  141. Mike Smoll says:

    @Route54, they are not allowed to have any formal scrimmages in Penna yet, so no you won’t find them on anyone’s schedule, they can have voluntary walk thru’s and even 7 on 7 passing drills, but no scrimmages.

  142. Brian says:

    Still looking for any information regarding North Schuylkill this season. Thanks in advance.

  143. McD65 says:

    pete, st Johns used to be one of the better feeder Parishes for Bishop McDevitt,but with open enrollment most choose Wood if its a Catholic non private school. Ahh ! how times have changed. BTW ,I tore up my knee playing on that field behind the school [rocks].That was many many many years ago.

  144. 7osman says:

    rumor as it that jarad marshman, Berwick QB
    is out for the season.

  145. Route54 says:

    I understand there are some scrimmages tommorow in District 11 and 2. Not found on any schedules. Anyone have any info on this.

  146. Joe Myers says:

    I Saw Berwick’s Football Team The Other Night And They Better Hope There Quick Cause There Not Very Big I’m Predicting Berwick To Finish With No Wins This Year.

  147. WPRuff says:

    What are your most anticipated games that are Must See TV this season? Imhotep vs Harrisburg, North Penn vs LaSalle, Prep vs Wood, NG vs O Hara, NG vs WC?

  148. Frank G says:

    @Jk Trop

    Look at LaSalle’s games against North Penn, Wood, Malvern, and the Prep. Against NP Madden got 196 of LS’s 202 rushing yards. Against MP he got all 148 of their net rushing yards. Against Wood he got all 85 of their net rushing yards. Against the Prep in two games he got 369 rushing yards; the rest of the team got a net of 34.

    I recognize that Jones would have made a big difference and he’ll make a big difference this year, but stats above indicate that against good teams LaSalle had very little going for them last year other than Madden. As for 7 on 7 “games” call me a skeptic about their relevance.

  149. pete says:

    @WPRuff my son played varsity with him as a freshman as well. My son was on the D-LINE along with pitts. They made a good pair on that line! Glad Kyle got D1, he’s a good kid!
    @jktrop those other kids came from the St johns program as well. We had a stack team in 2014 there.

    @knowonder At that time sorber was the coach, many people left due to that. Conlin has come in and done so much better with the kids. No cussing out the boys from Conlin! Glad Kyle got to his spot! Good kid! My son and he got along well. I was introduced to him and he was extremely polite and well mannered. So well done to his parents! His mom was on the board with my wife before they left for wood!

  150. WPRuff says:

    @Pete You didn’t see much because a TE shouldn’t be playing QB. Pitts p;ayed major Varsity minutes as a Freshman then starting on Varsity as a Sophomore along with size, ability and performing in his natural position plus a real workout regiment made him a D1 prospect before his Junior year campaign. All I know is I’m ready for this season to get underway.

  151. JkTrop says:


    Just a Note on Madden had 16TDs last season all underclassmen had 21TDS….

  152. JkTrop says:

    Yes, Quiles is a great player when healthy. I believe vs Carroll last year he had 170 yards 4Tds. And you are 100% correct he would run through a wall if you told him. If he plays 80% of the games this year he will be All-Caltholic… But that’s a big if. Thing about LaSalle they have like 7-8 kids just like him

  153. KnoWonder says:

    U didn’t see much at Abington bc he was playing QB/LB, which he playing well out of position. So, after noticing that , he had to move to a better situation which would allow him to thrive at the position that HE wanted play. AbWood allowed him to do so, as u now see. Now, he’s become a much better student/athlete, as a result of his changed environment. Bottom line, know ur kid and put him in the best situation suitable for his talent both academically & athletically!!!!

  154. D12FAN says:

    I had heard Neumann Goretti picked up a lot of the players from Del-Val charter school that closed this summer, which had a solid football program for 3a that won at least one state playoff game last year, I believe. Plus NG had a few really good players before they folded, and add in the TEP transfers, and Albie buzz, and they have something to keep an eye on.

  155. pete says:

    @JkTrop Quilles played with my son at St John of the cross crusaders CYO team. He had a couple of good games last year. I think he had a 4 touchdown game as well. Only knock on him is that he is small and likes to run through walls! So his health (Head Trauma) is a concern for him. The head coach from Imhotep stepped aside, so the kids are leaving enmasse from there. I forget where the coach who made the program at Imhotep went. ALbie crosbie?

  156. pete says:

    @WPRuff He played for Abington. Didn’t really think he had D1 skills at that time. Guess he must have gone to a ton of camps and improved. I didn’t see his name much in the highlights from wood either. They have another kid as well Nasir Peoples who will go D1 as well and I wasn’t really impressed with him either. But I guess I don’t know real talent when I see it then. Guess that’s why the coaches get paid to do that job and I don’t! Wood has snagged a bunch of kids from Abington’s program over the years.

  157. WPRuff says:

    @ Pete. Hey Pete why was it surprising to you that Pitts went D1 and what team did your son and him play on together?

  158. WaiverWire1 says:

    @Come on Man!
    Ill go a little further…
    They weren’t just 0-9 last year, they folded the program half way through the season in order to duck certain teams. They then tried to play on Thanksgiving day against Southern whom they deemed a lesser opponent.
    NG ended the season last year with 12 guys on the roster. Now I am hearing that they have numbers around 70. I also have confirmation that there are kids that are working out with the team that ARE NOT enrolled in the school and are actually enrolled in other schools.
    Wells and Johnson two confirmed transfers. At least Wells lives in South Philadelphia. They have another kid Dashan Williams(not sure if he’s any good)transferring in from Perk Valley.
    How does a kid(senior) from Collegeville end up there?

  159. Come on man! says:

    So Neuman Gorreti got Wells and Johnson from Imhotep. I heard 23 kids transferred in for this season. Is this true? Nobody is complaining? PIAA needs to check this out. They were 0-9 last year now everybody wants to play for them. Sounds strange to me.

  160. JkTrop says:

    @Frank G

    I agree Madden was the Offense, but he was really there only option with Injuries so he carried the workload. A Few sophs stepped up, Malle & Quiles but both battled injuries. Everything you said was all last year an that’s over with, it is a new year with a 0-0 record. All i was saying was they return a lot of kids with Varsity experience including Jones who as one guy said has been looking great in 7 on 7’s, Trust me you will see that he can pass very well. You will see a Different team this year, all them sophs are Srs now from when they beat Prep in the PCL and they are hungry to get back, they have that wow factor with the talent. Put them 3rd that works, gotta beat the best to be the best and Prep/Wood are that.

    I believe LaSalle’s RBs will be by Committee
    Quiles, Carter, Burnham, and there is a few Soph/JR that will help out. If Quiles is healthy he will be a huge part of the offense, as for Carter he has been a surprise an from what i heard above & Beyond from what he was last year. Time will Tell, but nobody will replace Madden, it will be done by a unit

  161. Kevin X says:

    Coatesville now hosting Reading (D3) on Fri. 9/8 and not that team from Ohio???

  162. D12FAN says:

    Correct Frank-

    and loss to a good NP team for 5 losses without roman game.

    Prep and Wood were complete blowouts vs LS, 63-35 didn’t even come close to telling the whole story and 31-8 was never a game against Wood. Hopefully much more competitive this year.

  163. Frank G says:


    Yes, LaSalle returns a lot of starters, but remember that Madden was the LaSalle offense last year and he’s gone. They’re also a team that were very lucky to beat Roman by a point and lost handily to Wood, Malvern, and the Prep (twice). I know Jones runs the ball very well but we just don’t know how well he can pass. Seven starters on that Prep defense that largely shut down the LaSalle offense in last year’s championship game are back. I’d say LaSalle will come closer to the Prep and Wood than they did last year but I’d still put them at third in the Red Division.

  164. Clark31c says:

    Does anybody know if LaSalle’s football has a web page to check them out ? And what’s the team this year to watch in District 1 ? Thanks football fans…

  165. Mike A. says:

    Williamsport tailback Treyson Potts says he will miss this season with knee injury

  166. WVW Fan says:

    Any news on Potts? Significant injury?

  167. McD65 says:

    JK, who are LaSalles RBS this year ?

  168. Matt says:

    My thoughts on Colonial League (Dist 11) ranking teams from top to bottom….of course it early yet but season is only a month away.

    1) SL 9-1 2) Saucon 9-1 3) Notre Dame 8-2 4) Palisades 8-2 5) Palmerton 6-4 6) Northern Lehigh 5-5 7) NW 5-5 8) Pen Argyl 4-6 9) Bangor 3-7 10) Catty 3-7 11) Salisbury 2-8 12) Wilson 0-10

  169. Matt says:


    What teams in Sch. League in AAA will be coming contenders in dist 11 AAA come playoff time with CL Palisades and Not Dame Green Pond. JT? Lehighton? NS?

  170. Matt says:


    Forgot Sch. Haven. They definitely will contend in AA….but like you said Southern will be favorite in AA and will be for at least next few years. It’s scary to think that last year they made the finals with mostly freshman and sophomores.

  171. JkTrop says:


    I agree with you there. La Salle is stacked, they return like 18/19 starters including Special teams. I believe the entire O-Line/D-Line is returning and 3 LB’s including Middle LB Lemke. The sky is the Limit with this bunch. Coach Steinmetz will most certainly have them prepared. North Penn the 1st Game will be a great test to see where they are.
    Liam Trainer
    Dillon Trainer (soph)

  172. PigskinMan says:

    @Bob Hines

    Isaiah Jones looks great so far this summer, i had a chance to get out an take the drive down 309 to see him at 2 7 on 7’s in the last month, all i can say is wow, accurate, smooth, poise, very athletic and looks very strong. He torched Neshaminy & IMHOTEP. La Salle has a TON of talent, i was so impressed with the depth of athletes that they have, i noticed 6/7 WR’s 1 being son of NFL Hall of Famer Marvin Harrison a Freshman who looked pretty solid having a few TD catches. Also having 2/3 BIG TE’s that were all getting a ton of time with the starting unit, and they were missing 2 other WR starters from what i heard from a parent. Coach Gordon is going to be licking his chops with all the options. I know It’s only 7 on 7 but there is something special about this team i cant wait to follow.

    2A Dunmore lost their QB to the javelin team?

  173. billtown says:

    Potts apparently injured at Penn State camp.

  174. David Mika says:

    Route54….Thank you!

  175. Route54 says:

    To eastern & westerpafootball. Thank you for this website. The time and effort is greatly appreciated.

  176. David Mika says:

    footballoverafl….Schuylkill Haven should be strong again this year.

  177. footballloverafl says:

    @Matt , in District 11 AA i would throw Schuylkill Haven in that bunch also, they made it to the quarters last year and they lose 5 seniors, bring back a lot of talent if they stay healthy they will play SCA but will lose to them again

  178. Bob Hines says:


    Yup, Isaiah Jones- my bad. Don’t know how I forgot about him. Yeah LaSalle is going to have a pretty damn good squad. Can’t wait.

  179. pete says:

    McD 65, Pitts was a steal from Abington. He played with my son and then jumped to wood. I was quite surprised when I found out he was going D1.

  180. McD65 says:

    OK guys I got it !!!! lol

  181. Dave says:

    6,230 lbs.? That is one huge TE!!!

  182. J b anthony says:

    @neutral observper

    Scranton Prep will actually be about ” Defense Wins Games”
    The district is down
    The Cavs may actually look more dominant than you think

  183. Kmac says:


    The way your note posted reads “6Ft 6,230 lbs”. Its a spacing thing. Buddy knows but is adding humor to the post. The weight is Jumbo the elephant size on the 1882 Barnum Circus. Hope all is well, can’t wait for the opening kickoff.

  184. Buddy says:

    @ Friday:

    Allrighty then.


    Read your post.

  185. McD65 says:

    Buddy , What do you mean ??

  186. David Mika says:

    FridayNightLights…Thanks for sharing!

  187. FridayNightLights says:

    Phillyboy and Buddy

    They have a new website that Mr. McLarnon set up. It’s http://www.northpenn.football

    Much better site

  188. Buddy says:


    How in the world are they going to get him there?!?

  189. McD65 says:

    Archbishop Wood TE Kyle Pitts has committed to University of Florida,6ft 6,230 lbs .He had multiple offers including Penn State.

  190. Buddy says:


    No idea. I almost never go there.

    Let’s see if Friday knows.

  191. phillyboy says:

    Hey you North Penn guys out there, Friday, Buddy — any idea what’s up with the npfootball website? It redirects me to mclarnon.com, what’s that all about?

  192. McD65 says:

    Kevin X,District 1 5 A Favorites would probably include Academy Park again and Marple Newtown could be in the mix also. Neuman Gorreti has the Albie Crosby coaching factor which has already made a difference from what I hear. RB Chris Wells and OT Johnson have transferred from Imhotep to the Saints, so it appears that Harrisburg will get a break in their opener vs Tep. You can tell the season is getting closer as the board is heating up.

  193. Matt says:


    I also forgot Harrisburg in 5A…they play in West for playoffs though….I think they are keeping same brackets this year and make adjustments next year once two year cycle ends.I have NG competing because of Crosby…His teams are always competitive. Maybe it will take a year or two but they will be good soon.

  194. D11 Fan1 says:

    Any word on how Easton looks heading in to the new season with the new regime? Their social media presence certainly has picked up with offseason clips. Any word on how they’ll look?

  195. Kevin X says:

    @ Matt

    Also forgot to toss Harrisburg into the mix at 5A. They are an eastern D3 school, but I’m assuming they will be in the western half of the playoff bracket again. I see nothing out there that would throw a wrench into a H-Burg/Wood 5A finals rematch, unless there is a power out in D7 land. Actually, does anyone now if the playoff brackets will be set up the same this year as last, or of any tweaks or changes???

    The six championship finals still be contested over the course of 3 days again?? Really hated that Thursday night 4A time slot. Couldn’t they get 3 games in on Friday???

  196. FballFan56 says:


    LaSalle College HS preview from Bob Long Sports. A bit short on detail, as it does not include the names of some players who will be major contributors this coming season.

  197. McD65 says:

    D 12 fan,Those 3 games with North Jersy teams Paramus Catholic and Bergen Catholic vs Wood and St Peters Prep/St Joe are going to be brutal. St Peters has one of their best teams in awhile IMO since Branden Wimbush {Notre Dame] was their QB. I sure hope for the best for our Philly guys ,but man it will be tough. Paramus Catholic/Wood Labor day weekend Saturday evening. I’m sure many of us will be there.

  198. Neutral Observer says:

    District 2 Predictions:

    A: Old Forge. I know OF had a down year last year, but I think Schuback is going to have them rolling again.

    2A: Dunmore. They lost their QB to the javelin, but I think the O-line carries them.

    3A: Scranton Prep. They won’t be as dominant as 2016, but I don’t see anyone else in 3A to knock them off.

    4A: Who the heck knows? Last year, I said it was a two team race between Berwick and Valley View. Enter North Pocono. I don’t think it will be NP again (lost a huge senior class). At the risk of “fool me once…”, I want to say it’s a two team race between Berwick and Valley View.

    5A: Wyoming Valley West, but I could see Abington Heights playing them tough. That game is at WVW so I see the home team pulling out a close one.

    6A: Delaware Valley. I think as long as Olsommer is at DV, then 6A is DV’s to lose. I don’t see a Scranton team this year capable to upsetting DV.

  199. Kevin X says:

    @ Matt

    I hear that Roxboro in D12 may make a strong run to Hershey this year in AAAA 😉

    Interesting that you have Neumann-Goretti in there at 2A, a year removed from a season that they didn’t even finish and didn’t win a game that they did play.

    Coatesville in 6A

    Who are the potential top teams in D1 5A??

  200. Route54 says:

    Jtrun. Give it another week or 2 and they should have more information available, returning players,team weaknesses, team strength etc. Right now some teams have information and some do not. Not a solid indicator of how a team will perform but it will give some insight of their potential. I’m putting together my rankings and picks. Just not enough info out there right now. Not a Schuylkill league team, anyway, Tri valley is looking good in District 11. Schuylkill haven too.

  201. D12FAN says:

    Nice write up! Prep will be very good as Simmons will be tough to guard, even though they lost swift they were still very good when he was hurt. I think losing 5 OL will be tough early on, but their defense may have to carry them early. QB Marquez McCray will have to lead the Hawks this year on O. St Peter’s prep is supposed to be very strong this year not sure about their opener vs Jesuit FLA?

    I thought LS had the QB/S coming back from injury? They definitely should improve on the 5 loss (6 if you are a Roman fan) season and hopefully hang with Prep and Wood this year. I hear they have a lot of size returning as you mentioned. NP, Malvern, and McDonough MD should be good tests.

    I hear wood is pretty excited about their season as well with Glasgow as the third returning lineman in addition to the 2 you mentioned and both TE’s. Peoples should see more action on offense, while the JR QB Colyar should build on an impressive soph year. Their first 4 games are brutal, with Oxbridge Academy, FLA Paramus Cath, Bergen Cath, and Prep.

    Should be another fun PCL season.

  202. Matt says:

    Top teams in each class in east…

    What are your top teams in each class going into 2017?

    Here are a few of mine for each class.

    A: Williams Valley, Marian, Bishop G (since they play in east for state champ)

    AA: Southern Columbia, Nuemann Goretti, Dunmore, Camp Hill

    AAA: Notre Dame Green Pond, Middletown, Scranton Prep

    AAAA: Imhotep, Bethlehem Catholic, Allentown Central

    AAAAA: Wood, Whitehall, WVW

    AAAAAA: Parkland, Emmaus, LaSalle, North Penn, SJ Prep

    Any other teams that should be in there? I’m a dist 11 guy so not too familiar with other districts like dist 11.

  203. Matt says:

    Colonial League 2017

    Any thoughts on CL 2017….teams to watch?

    I believe top teams will be Saucon, SL, ND and Palisades….Notre Dame and Palisades in 3A should be a battle. What teams in Sch. League will contend with Palisades and Notre Dame come playoff time? NS? JT?

  204. Matt3737 says:

    Colonial league

  205. CYOBall1 says:

    @phillyboy how many kids does Roxborough have at practice on a daily basis so far this summer, 9?

  206. jtrun says:

    How do the Jim Thorpe Olympians look this fall? I know
    they return RB St. Hill and some olineman, but not much else?

  207. Bob Hines says:


    LaSalle should be quite solid this year. They lost an all timer in RB Syaire Madden and QB Tommy LaMorte but return a good bit of experience. OL Chris Maloney was a first team all Catholic selection last year, two way lineman Garrett Zobel returns as does TE/LB Liam Trainor. Danny Solecki takes over at QB with some good targets in the speedy duo of Troy Holland and Manny Quiles. They’ll need to find somebody who can run the rock effectively.

    As for Wood more of the same. TE Kyle Pitts is a big time recruit, my sources tell me he’ll pick Florida later today- but has offers from all over Alabama, Ohio State etc. Jr. QB Jack Coylar looked downright impressive last year as Devlin continues to churn out field generals. Also return linemen Tom Walsh and Connor Bishop. On defense they’ll be pretty loaded led by first team all Cath’s DB Nasir Peoples (Virginia Tech) and LB Matt Palmer.

    SJ Prep seems to be a mystery beyond the connection of QB Marquez McCray to WR Darryle Simmons (Virginia Tech also) Running the ball will be Soph. Kobe Burrell and Marques Mason. On defense they bring back DL Ryan Bryce, LBs Myles Talley and Phil O’Connor (Richmond) and DB Dawson DeIuliis.

    All three squads should be strong in the competitive Catholic Red. Also I have no clue what phillyboy is talking about with Roxborough. Best of luck to them though. Finally, go Frankford!

  208. Jelly says:

    Did i read that correctly? Roxborough?????? I would love to hear your reasoning that you think Rox will win AAAA? I did look at there schedule and is pretty weak so they will win games up until Boys Latin & IMHOTEP. Unless kids from IMHO/DEL VAL all went to Roxborough i dont see them winning AAAA

    Also, Lower Merion has not been good in a long while. I don’t see them winning 3/4 games

  209. phillyboy says:

    McD….what, you didn’t hear the scuttlebutt, Roxborough is going to be a beast this year. NO, I was just kidding man. I was trying to come up with a few teams in the Philly region that have history and name recognition with pretty much no chance to do anything. Even my alma mater Lower Cape May might have a chance against Roxborough, lol (LCM had one good year when Matt Szczur of Villanova fame was there — and then back to 7 or 8 losses a year). But I guess my greater point was that Roxborough SHOULD be a beast. Look where it’s located — smack in the middle of an upper middle class part of the city. You could say the same thing for South Philadelphia High and even Ben Franklin. Why are these schools being so ignored? I understand that these schools may have some challenges at the moment, but if everybody automatically discounts it, then it becomes a sort of self-fulfilling prophesy. IMO more people need to take a chill, it’s not so bad. To start a new trend it requires individuals at first, some trailblazers, then eventually it will gain momentum and so forth. And on top of that your kid can possibly walk to school, you can save several thousand dollars per year, and some day a few years down the road, who knows, maybe a school like Roxborough could be rocking Hershey.

  210. mgguy says:

    With only a few weeks to go before the season starts, Nativity BVM in Pottsville needs a new coach. Coach resigned for personal reasons over the weekend.

  211. McD65 says:

    phillyboy,What are you drinking? Those three teams will not come close to your expectations,regardless of how many players return. Roxborough-AAAA would have to get by the likes of Bethlehem Catholic,Imhotep and so many other teams. Lower Merion would have to get by Archbishop Wood,Academy Parkand others in AAAAA. Methacton OMG Emmaus,Parkland,St Joe Prep,North Penn,LaSalle and others. These are just off the top of my head .

  212. Spartan Proud says:

    How are the Spartans of North Schuylkill shaping up. We travel to Marian week 3. Will Marian once again trounce us with a big 4th quarter play. How much more abuse can the North Schuylkill fans take.

  213. phillyboy says:

    @ Jelly

    Watch out for Roxborough this year in the Public League — this might be their first appearance in Chocolate Town. And Lower Merion is loaded, they got a lot coming back. As a dark horse, do not underestimate Methacton, if they can avoid injuries they should be able to make a deep run.

  214. Jelly says:

    Anybody have any previews or predictions on District 12? Prep/LaSalle/Wood? I keep hearing Explorers are loaded? (any truth)?

  215. Fwgritty says:

    Imhotep 2018 Safety Isheem Young commits to Penn State!

  216. Zeke says:

    How does Old Forge look this year

  217. Neutral Observer says:

    @ WVW Fan:

    Thanks for the info on the scrimmage. I agree that it’s tough to say that anyone dominated anyone else when they’re standing there holding tackling dummies. You also make a good point about the first teamers being split between drills.

  218. Route_54 says:

    Single A football is looking strong this year. Few teams in District 11 and 4 so far.After reading team preview, Wyalusing area returns a bunch,basically entire team. District 11 Tri Valley returning a bunch too.

  219. mark d says:

    @Connor Lakeland might have a shot but after that i see nothing on the schedule that they cant handle .

  220. Connor says:

    Does anyone think any team can compete with Dunmore this year?

  221. WVW Fan says:

    @natural observer
    The inside run drills are not padded. It’s only linemen on both sides.. backers qb and rbs…all runs are to be inside. The defense holds a pad so the line blocks against a pad and the defense basically hits the running back with the pad.

    The evaluation of the WVW prep scrimmage was a little exxagerated in my opinion. It’s hard to evaluate in these types of scrimmages. You have a 7v7 going on at the same time as inside run game. So there’s a good chance the 2nd team players are doing some of the plays that 1st teamers would normally. For example WVW 2 inside backers are their tailbacks. If those 2 players are in the 7v7 portion of the scrimmage the 2nd team running backs are in on inside run game and visa versa…if they are playing backer in 7on7 the 2nd team backers are in on inside run game.

    WVW will have a very good run game this year in my opinion. They haven’t showcased the new running backs in the past because of how much Judge was used.

    Bleich was out and Tyson the top WR was out.

    WVW should hold their own this year…if they can stay disciplined which they currently are far from.

  222. J b anthony says:

    Valley View is a legit 7-3 or 8-2 team

  223. Mike Smoll says:

    Sorry Dave, jumped the gun! Awesome.

  224. David Mika says:

    Kevin….As of now. No.

  225. Kevin X says:

    @Dave (or whoever compiles the weekly rankings)

    Has there been any consideration or possibility on expanding the weekly rankings and doing (or going back to, you might say) a top 10 ranking for the 4A, 5A, and 6A schools since there are a good number more of those size schools in our coverage area???

  226. David Mika says:

    Mike, No you didn’t…Our version of two a days starts July 15th. Player Previews at 8am and Team Previews at noon.

  227. Mike Smoll says:

    Dave, did I misread (it was a while ago) but I thought team previews started today July 15th????

  228. Neutral Observer says:

    Interested in the logistics of this Wyoming Valley West / Scranton Prep “scrimmmage”.

    Was this in full pads? What was the design of the “inside run” drills?

    Apologize for my ignorance, but I just didn’t know any PA teams actually did organized scrimmages in the spring.

  229. mark d says:

    route 54 8-2 9-1 talent will go 6-4 !!!!

  230. Eric W says:

    No I did not know about Grayson,hopefully he wont give away the playbook 🙂 Word on the street LY was the Kline’s parents were pressuring Dahms,the coach, for more playing tim…he’s a talent but Uhrig was a better overall game manager…and yes, Nick Johnson played well LY.Looking for him to step up this year. Plus Hatlee is a good LB as well,his brother Hunter was a beast for 3yrs,a few years back

  231. Tom F says:

    Phillyboy, imagine what kind of teams the Downingtown, West Chester and Central Bucks School Districts would have if they didn’t break up the School Districts into several schools.

  232. Bear18 says:

    Eric W
    Wilson(D3) does reload year after year due to the strength of their overall program. There are always receivers coming through their program. One name to watch in the recieving core would be Nick Johnson (5′ 11″ 240lbs) who is a rising junior TE who gained significant playing time as a sophomore last year at TE behind Twiford, and he also saw time at LB. Wilson looks to be strong on the defensive side of the ball as usual. Interestingly their back up QB you mentioned just transferred to a division rival, and supposedly “NOT” for athletic reasons.

  233. TomF says:

    Eric W, not sure if you heard this, but Grayson Kline, Wilson’s backup QB and occasional co-starter transferred to Warwick. I didn’t think he would hang around and be content to be 2nd string in his Sr year. I think Gov Mifflin is going to give Wilson a tough time in the opener after last years schellacking.

  234. phillyboy says:

    Watched the 1994 PIAA 4A state final last night (apparently somebody uploaded it to youtube). Was fascinating; didn’t know that that Downingtown team was ranked 5th in the nation going into the final, wow. Furthermore, I can’t believe I didn’t know about Aaron Harris; perhaps had just a vague memory of his Penn State days. Are you kidding ME?! He was a great one. And McKeesport had Brandon Short on the other side. Makes me nostalgic — you could tell, the top public teams back in the day were the real deal, very powerful.

  235. John says:

    Wvw will be a run team with Bleich

  236. Route_54 says:

    Mark.D. I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t do good. Looking at what they have on paper, they return good offensive line, QB and a few on defense. Looks like they have been tested very well in 2016.

  237. Eric W says:

    Wilson(D3),yes,always reloads,but saying they “are loaded” and “bringing everyone back” is a bit of a stretch. Their QB Uhrig, had a great year LY,and played well against PCC,but his entire,pretty talented receiving core,is gone(including 2 D1 guys,Weller/Twiford)..not sure who he’s going to throw to. 3 good DB are gone and 2 college bound LB as well. Riegel(1st team all state at OL/DL is gone, as well as their K,who was excellent. Reynoso is back at RB,and is a stud with already 5 D1 offers, but teams will be stacking the box this year,due to lack of WR speed like LY. One other interesting side note is their back up QB who is 6’5″ 220,with a cannon and a FCS scholarship…not sure how he fits in. He could start for most teams. We will see early what they have. Scrimmage Parkland in a few weeks,then 2 tough non league games against Springford and Central Dauphin.

    D3 is never easy,having to get through CD and CV, but WWL has been in the 6A semi’s four times since ’08,so we will see.

  238. mark d says:

    @Route 54 how do you think Valley View will do ? i have a lot of people telling me they should be the top AAAA team in the lackawanna conference

  239. J b anthony says:

    WVW is s 7-3 team ( barely )

  240. J b anthony says:

    @bobby … bleich would have made a difference, but he wasn’t there … explains a little about the porous nature of inside run
    Otherwise it was a lot of bitching by kids from WVW getting beat in the trenches !

    @ Rick D
    First off the coach situation is a reflection of the punks he has playing for them … WVW player pull prep players helmet off during play and slaps him in front of coach Jackson and he didn’t do a thing ( classic teddy )

    11 v 11 WVW barely past 50 ( did only because teddy spotted the ball … prep had a simple full back dive that went 40 yds , the prep kid stopped and they didn’t move the ball one yard on the down …. cmon … the fact is this WVW got pushed around by a 3A school quite handly without Bleich ( not that much of a difference maker ) prep will easily win 3A

  241. Route_54 says:

    Richard. Valley View should be ok. They return 6 on offense and 5 on defense. You can find more info on them on max preps. Their info has been released.

  242. Bog says:

    Preseason co-favorites.
    Emmaus HS- returns a solid core of players. I believe something like 19 of 22 starters from last year. Won the league last year but the QB got injured. He’s graduated.

    Parkland- They return some pretty good talent including the QB and 3 OL plus a talented FB. They will definitely be in the running for a league and district title.

    Liberty returns a bunch of skill players but their line play especially under this new staff hasn’t been stellar.

    Easton has a new HC as Steve Shiffert was run out of town despite winning like an average of 8-9 wins a year. Not too sure what they bring back.

    I’d count on Emmaus or Parkland…to win the district title.

  243. TomF says:

    Wilson is reloading, they lost 7 2-way starters but Mike Keeney is correct, they still are loaded, QB and tailback are big time players, offensive line has a few big kids back. Wilson should be the favorite in District 3, they could make it to the semi’s once again but will probably have a tough time against the west champ.

  244. Richard says:

    How is Valley View looking this year?

  245. Rick D says:

    @ JB A

    You and I must have been at different scrimmages. This is why clueless clowns like you should not be able to communicate with other humans.

    Dominated every facet???!?!!? That could not be farther than the truth. 7 on 7 is a completely useless way to evavulate a football team so I won’t even discuss that. As far as inside run goes no one dominated anyone. And Prep needs to understand what “inside” run means. They ran several perimeter plays like QB keeper and toss while the defense had only their interior box lined up. What does that accomplish? WVW only ran plays strictly between the tackles.

    The 11 on 11 is what counts. WVW drove the ball on Prep without a problem but Prep did make a nice play to get a turnover. Prep scored once on a pass play that was thrown after a quick whistle was blown on the QB and the WVW defense stopped playing (might also have been a blown coverage….if so, kudos to Prep). Other than that one play Prep did not gain more than 25 or 30 yards in probably about 18 or 20 plays.

    That is a realistic summary of the scrimmage. I do agree with the fact Prep will be a very good football team. I am sure they will win the incredibly weak Class AAA title again.

    Let me also mention that WVW scrimmaged without their 2 best football players. You failed to mention that though.

    You also failed to mention how classless the fan from Prep was yelling at kids and coaches from the bleachers. I was across the field in the other bleachers but heard everything very clearly. The WVW coaches simply told the ignorant, classless fan to shut his mouth.

  246. John says:

    Any writers from Eastern PA have a story on this Scranton Prep vs WVW “scrimmage”?

  247. Bobby says:

    @J.B Anthony, WVW had a lot more to offer in the run game if tackle Chris Bleich was there today…

  248. Mike Keeney says:

    Phillyboy, Wilson should be loaded this year. Virtually everyone back. Should be in the D3 title mix again.

  249. J.B. Anthony says:


    3A Scranton Prep “scrimmaged” 5A WVW this morning and the result wasn’t even CLOSE.

    Prep dominated every facet of the scrimmage, 7 v 7, inside run , 11 v 11.

    Had Teddy and Keating yelling at fans….real class acts both of these guys!

    WVW looked “OK” , but they are a 6 or 7 win team at best.

    Could Prep have had more team speed than WVW??? Yep and plenty to spare!

    Don’t sleep on Scranton Prep Folks !

  250. phillyboy says:

    Anybody out there in D11 have any insight, any thoughts on how Parkland, Liberty, Easton, etc. are looking? And what about Wilson-West Lawn over in D3, they usually bring it, some years better than others. West Lawn with a little luck could have won the state title back in 2008.

  251. Ndgp1982 says:

    How will Notre Dame Green Pond in District 11 do this year?

  252. Route_54 says:

    @ Coal_Region & footballalloverafl.
    Interesting read. Coal Region Football. Coal_Region, I will be back to answer about teams in Schuylkill league


  253. Route54 says:

    Coal_Region. No rankings available yet. Schuylkill haven will lead Division II. Otherwise, I’ve said the same thing in years past. A certain team would dominate and unfortunately, they fell apart throughout the season. Marian, new coach, new QB, new running game. Minersville and Mahanoy much improved. Won’t be long, rankings, picks will be released.

  254. McD 65 says:

    Hey guys,Im a PCL person and have no issue with North Penn ,Harrisburg or others recruiting if that’s what they do. I believe the people that have the issues generally are the other public schools that are directly impacted by the transfers. I live by Central Bucks West and when Udinski transferred the CBWest folks that I spoke with were upset, not the Archbishop Wood and other PCL fans. At least that was my take. I don’t really care about the transfers. Attend school wherever you want .

  255. Bob Hines says:

    Buddy you don’t know what you’re talking about. The PCL school I rooted for is closed. I have no ties to any PCL school. I went to a public. The rules ARE entirely different there is no question. All I’m saying is transferring to play football somewhere, which I’m assuming is the case don’t know for sure, is wrong no matter where it’s done but the reactions are completely different when a pub school does it. Criticize everybody the same. Catholics get such a bad wrap and it isn’t fair to the kids who put in the hard work on the field. I am officially done with this topic and further comments will be strictly football.

  256. FridayNightLights says:


    Thank you for the compliment.


    You are so right. There is a major difference between transfers and active recruiting. I happen to know, positively, that some of the top private schools very actively recruit kids in at least middle school. I have a friend that coached a lot of football and he told me he got multiple calls about a kid he coached who was excelling in middle school ball in 7th grade! He doesn’t even know how they got his number.

  257. Mike Smoll says:

    @Bob Hines, whoa, Norristown academically is a bad school, and North Penn is rated far higher, so now you are assuming it’s totally for sports, it very easily could be going to a far better school for both.

  258. Buddy says:

    We’re not talking about transfers. We’re talking about actively recruiting. One can’t help transfers. Are they sometimes encouraged by publics? Maybe, don’t know.

    But privates actively recruit. They are allowed. Does that make us babies if we point that out?
    No. We’re just pointing out the rules aren’t the same. Playing field is not level.

    Having said that, I welcomed the PCL ( including the privates) to the PIAA. If they weren’t here, the team I follow would probably dominant. And that would be a drag.

    But don’t say we’re babies if we point out there’s a BIG difference on how they obtain their players. There is.

    It’s fans like you with your pompous attitude that cause us to disparage SOME of the PCL rules.

    I’ll just assume the PCL teams, coaches & fans don’t have the same outlook you do. This “better than thou” attitude. Sure as hell hope not.

  259. Brian says:

    Can anyone provide any information as to how North Schuylkill will do this season. Thanks!

  260. Champ says:

    Bob Hines…. the comparison you made is a lot closer than you think. Norristown is a bad school

  261. phillyboy says:

    @ FridayNightLights

    What you said…that was great stuff man, eloquently stated.

  262. Bob Hines says:

    @ Smoll,

    No-not of it makes sense, transferring from one school to another for athletics is always wrong and ridiculous. Nobody’s getting my point, you can’t condemn the Catholics then encourage the pubs. Most of you don’t understand the landscape of the city of Philadelphia itself and the levels the public schools have dropped to. At this point just take the PCL out of the PIAA because the majority of you are a bunch of babies plain and simple.

  263. Buddy says:


    OK. I haven’t seen their roster and I don’t twitter. Good to know.

  264. phillyboy says:

    Hines….my handle ‘phillyboy’ has more to do with where I live than anything else. Lansdale is certainly part of the Philadelphia region, an outer suburb. The more traditional Philadelphia public high schools (George Washington, Frankford, Northeast, Central, Southern) aren’t getting it done — it is what it is. If one of those traditional Philly high schools were legit and had a real chance to win a state title at the 6A or 5A level I’d be out in the stands doing the Arsenio Hall arm whip. I don’t have any great affinity with Lansdale per se, it’s just that they’re the one big time public in the Philly region that consistently steps up to the plate with tradition, support, and desire to win — and I respect that.

  265. Coal_Region says:


    It’s a pretty good bet that Pottsville and Schuylkill Haven would be front runners in their respective divisions, any thoughts on early rankings of the rest? In D2 I think it’ll be a toss up with Marian, Mahanoy and Minersville. Barring what we see out of Panther Valley and Shenandoah with the new coaching staffs.

  266. Bob Hines says:

    Buddy I’ll go along with your argument if you can tell me the difference between Norristown and North Penn then give me the difference between Kensington high school and St. Joe Prep…I’ll wait.

  267. FridayNightLights says:


    Most or all of the mentioned names have either shown up on NP rosters on various sites or changed their twitter information to NPHS.

  268. Rick D says:

    Can anyone provide any info about the injury to Williamsport RB Potts??

  269. TomF says:

    TEP”S Justin Johnson transferring to Neumann Goretti. I doubt he will be the only one moving to NG from TEP…..and some other schools now that Albie Crosby is back in the Catholic League


  270. Michael Smoll says:


    So it only makes sense in your mind if they transfer to a Catholic school? I don’t get that

  271. Michael Smoll says:

    Suburban One American, had a recent conversation with two coaches from SOL American schools as to what to expect, both named Plymouth Whitemarsh as the favorite, both listed Hatboro Horsham as the primary contender, both felt the both Quakertown and Upper Dublin both lost a ton and will both be you, the rest of the division Cheltenhem, Upper Moreland and Wissahickon all in the fight for 3-4 -5-6-7 spots.

  272. FridayNightLights says:

    Let me start by saying this…

    I have been a North Penn fan since the early to mid 90’s. I grew up and graduated in the school district. I have a lot of pride in my school and its athletic programs. When the PCL joined the PIAA I hated it. I felt, and still feel, there is/was a distinct advantage for some of those schools. I was completely opposed to “transfers” or in the case of the private schools “children seeking a better education.” If you want to go get a better education that is absolutely fantastic. However, the fact that these top catholic schools recruit the kids looking for better educations who just happen to also be superior athletes when they are in 7th grade is a little bit of a reach. Unfortunately, this is the landscape that has been created. So I ask, is it wrong that North Penn has decided to play the game that was created by powers other than themselves? Are they just supposed to not try and compete with the likes of LaSalle and St Joe’s, who’s starting QB is from the NP school district? Contrary to popular belief the North Penn School District has come a long way and vastly improved over the years. Are they St Joe’s or LaSalle? No they are not. But they provide a number of good opportunities for their students. I can tell you that NPSD is considered very desirable to people looking to buy houses. I do not advocate for the allowance of transfers, recruiting, or districts without borders competing for the PIAA title but nobody at PIAA asked me for my opinion. So I say, this is the landscape that was created for us, not chosen by us. To demand that a public school or schools just sit quietly in the corner while private programs attempt to poach their top young talent is simply not fair. North Penn has a terrific educational and athletic program the players want to be a part of.

  273. CableGuy says:

    Anybody have any information on Lehigh University 7on7 that happened over the weekend? I did see on Twitter that LaSalle won the tournament. Was curious who the stand outs were.

  274. Buddy says:


    Kettle calling the pot black, that’s for damn sure! …….. ” doesn’t make it right”! Goes for PCL too!

    Anyway, does anyone really know these transfers are happening? It was mentioned on this blog and everybody is running with it!

  275. Bob Hines says:


    A few transfers? What a joke. You’re even advocating for more transfers from seemingly arbitrary players from anywhere they can land them. Transferring to a public school in Landsdale makes absolutely no sense whatsoever other than for strictly football reasons. Don’t care what anybody says. Just because you want them to win doesn’t make it right. Also, maybe you should change your name to “landsdaleboy” since you do a lot of hating on your “hometown” squads.

  276. mark d says:

    I am being told that Lakeland in D2 is going to be a very explosive team.Lots of team speed and a big solid line,defense will be young ,but told they should be able to score a lot of points.We will find out early as they open with Valley View and them Dunmore.

  277. McD 65 says:

    Kevin X, Harrisburg/ Tep will be a monster game. Glad to see these two teams come to an Agreement to play. Both teams loaded with talent. football overall,,I think you are wrong with your comment about fans not thinking some of the teams like Haven and SCA are not well regarded, I believe most fans think that those squads are great competitors.I saw the Marian Catholic /Bishop McDevitt game two years ago and was impressed with Marian even though they lost to McDevitt in Philly. They were very well coached and hit !!!

  278. Route54 says:

    Hey, footballoverafl. I agree, Schuylkill haven should have another great season. If they run into SCA, it’s another roadblock. Williams Valley and Marian will probably duke it out again in district 11. Last year Marian gave up 23 unanswered in the 4th quarter knocking them out of finals. I think stuff like that will change under new coaching.

  279. Kevin X says:

    @ Mike A.

    Also in regards to your North Penn post, I’m hearing that North Penn is changing its name to North Penn Catholic just to keep up with the Jones…………

  280. Kevin X says:

    @ Mike A

    Thanks for the post on the potential Imhotep/Harrisburg tilt. Just saw on the same PennLive website it appears that the game is a go. 1p Saturday the 26th in Harrisburg. Would of liked to see the game at Hershey (or in the Philly area), but guess the amusement park will be quite busy that day and costly to host. The ESPN broadcast appears still TBD.

  281. Footballloverafl says:

    for this upcoming season in the schuylkill league where most of you guys could careless about since there’s supposedly “no good talent” that comes out of that area. my picks for the league are Haven and pottsville will win division 2 and 1, in districts i would say Williams Valley will win A, Haven 2A and i don’t believe there’s gonna be any other champions, keep an eye out for North Schuylkill also. what other teams in d11 from A through AAA are there that are suppose to have good seasons this year?

  282. phillyboy says:

    Thanks for that FBallFan56, darn too bad, would have been nice if McDevitt kid joined NP. Need as much talent as possible to keep up with and have a fighting chance against schools like LaSalle and Prep who acquire new stud players on a yearly basis.

    Bob Hines….NP seemingly benefits a little from a few transfers — and you come apart. The private schools are masters of the craft. Are you kidding yourself? The PCL is basically an all-you-can-recruit buffet, enough to make Golden Corral jealous.

  283. Buddy says:

    @ phillyboy

    Agree to disagree. The variables are not the same. When you have 19 starters returning ( LaSalle), with game experience, that matters a lot, even if it is the first game for both.

    If NP played LS, say the 6th game of the year, I would call it a toss-up. But LS will be, and should be, favored in this game.

  284. Mike A. says:

    Harrisburg, Imhotep Charter nearing deal to face off in football opener

  285. Mike A. says:

    North Penn sounds like a transfer haven for football All Stars from what I’m reading.

  286. FBallFan56 says:

    @phillyboy, I hear that the McDevitt kid you refer to remains at McDevitt: he’s been showing up for summer training activities there.

  287. phillyboy says:

    Just wanted to say, I don’t buy this notion that NP has a better chance against LaSalle or whoever later in the year. It’s basically the same variables for all teams, the rosters for all teams change every year, and if there’s enough talent it will most likely offset any lack of chemistry, all teams tend to more or less gel as the year progresses. Bottom line: if a team dominates then they’re better.

  288. FridayNightLights says:

    @ Mike Smoll

    I agree. North Penn will need to bring a lot together for that first game. I would feel better about it if they were playing LaSalle week 3. That being said, I do take solice in the fact LaSalle will not have Madden. I wouldn’t say there is NO WAY NP beats LaSalle in that first game though. Especially since it is at Crawford Stadium. My guess is they will have to rely on defense and the run game early but with the players they have they should be able to. They return the entire secondary and added a few more starter quality players.

  289. Mr215_Sam says:


    Yes i don’t see La Salle losing to NP this year just because of that reason, NP all new players getting used to playing with each other for the first time should be interesting. LaSalle doesn’t have that problem having 90% of there starting team back, alot of them are the big guys upfront and LBs. I believe Isaiah Jones is back and 100%, if he is there all year at QB/S they will be a huge problem for anybody they play including Prep/Wood.

  290. Michael Smoll says:

    @King Cobra, personally do I expect a re-loaded North Penn who has a whole bunch of new ballplayers playing in their first game together to beat LaSalle, NO WAY in August, September, but come November after they have played together for a year, North Penn is a whole Different animal.

  291. phillyboy says:

    I hope the kid from McDevitt transfers to North Penn, young man’s got some game. The beauty of it is that these additions will really help their defense as well. Can’t wait to see how North Penn comes together, man, I might have to check out a scrimmage beforehand; haven’t done that since they scrimmaged Bosco back in 2010.

  292. Bob Hines says:

    Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!!!!

    GA and Ryan I’ll give you guys the benefit of the doubt that you’ll say they live in NP school district. What exactly is the excuse for Norristown and PW?!? This is EXACTLY the thing you public school drum beaters rag on the Catholics for. The hypocrisy of NP fans is astounding. Can’t beat em, join em mentality??? You’re now PROMOTING a major knock on today’s high school football!!! Hate transfers anywhere, anytime but that’s a total joke.

    Will any NP fans disavow?

  293. King Cobra says:


    Nothing like reloading, Henley is a really good player. I just watched QB DePaul’s HUDL from a recent 7 on 7, he’s really accurate has a decent arm but that’s all with no pressure, he doesn’t have the legs that Udinski had that’s for sure. I will be excited to see them Vs LaSalle week 1 because what i hear they are loaded with returning starters on O & D, i even heard Marvin Harrison Jr is a incoming Freshman and getting reps with the 1’s. August cant come soon enough

  294. FridayNightLights says:

    King Cobra,

    You are very right. Udinski and Johns are almost impossible to replace. From what I can tell the new players are Steve DePaul-QB Norristown, KJ Cartwright-RB Germantown Academy, Kahn Jamal-RB Plymouth Whitemarsh, and Shamar Edwards-WR Archbishop Ryan. DePaul will be a junior and based solely on his hudl tape looks like he has good pocket mobility and a solid arm…something Beck can work with. He was Norristown’s starter his sophomore year. KJ Cartwright is a speed back that is dangerous catching the ball out of the backfield. Lots of speed there. Kahn Jamal is a bigger, power back. I would expect him to be the workhorse. Shamar Edwards was second team All-Catholic league Red division as a sophomore last year. Combine these players with returners such as Justis Henley (1,000 yds receiving), Owen Thomas at TE, Jon Haynes, and Anthony Andrews at FB. I have also heard talk of Jaron Macon as well but I do not know about that. It is not out of the realm of possibility they could be as good or better. It is also very possible they aren’t. They have a lot of good football players and athletes, it’s up to Beck to pull it all together.

  295. PastorZack says:

    Coatesville finally has an opponent scheduled for week 3, Trotwood-Madison from Ohio on Saturday, September 9.

  296. King Cobra says:

    Who are all these Transfers that North Penn got for this season? No way they are as good as last year. Losing Johns/Udinski will be very hard to replace.

  297. McD 65 says:

    Kevin and Phillyboy, fyi Oxbridge Academy Woods first game was 10-2 last year with one of their losses being to IMG Academy. They are a solid program and expect to be very good again this season.

  298. Coal_Region says:


    For division 2 I would imagine Schuylkill Haven is going to be front runner coming into the season. Mahanoy, Marian and Minersville all seem to be around the same and should be competitive. I don’t know what to say about Shenandoah and Panther Valley, both have new coaches as well as Marian does and only time will tell what will come of that.

  299. phillyboy says:

    Yeah, Wood has a tough schedule. Their opener in FL isn’t necessarily so tough but surely the others. Teams need to be careful, remember a few years ago Bergen Catholic had what was probably the toughest schedule in the country — and it showed; they ended up being something like 2-8 or 3-7 on the year.

  300. Kevin X says:

    @ Armand

    Can’t answer your Springfield Montco question, but it does appear they jumped ship from the SOL (at least for football) and hooked up with the Bicentennial League. Looks like a much easier schedule overall ahead of them. Makes sense for a school of that size.

    @ McD

    Agreed on both counts. Those first four games, ouch!!! Don’t know anything about that Oxbridge school in FLA, but I’m sure they are no slouch. Too bad Wood couldn’t move the Prep game to that now open date in late October just to break things up some.

  301. PaFootballFan2006 says:

    Who will be the best teams in A & AA?

  302. PaFootballFan2006 says:

    Who will be the best teams coming out of A & AA this year?

  303. McD 65 says:

    Kevin,I don’t blame Upper Darby for bailing out from Wood after last years game. Speaking of Wood ,they have one of if not the toughest schedule of any team this year . Their first 4 games are unbelievably brutal.

  304. jtrun says:

    What’s the outlook for the Schuylkill League this year?

  305. Route 191 says:

    When does full contact practice start. Is it late July?

  306. Armand says:

    Looking at North Penn’s schedule I noticed that they are the visiting team the first five weeks of the season. If that is true it appears that Beck really plans to make a statement this year. I heard they have some new names that should make an immediate impact.

    While driving by Springfield (Montco) I see that they have dug the playing surface up and aparently will replace it with turf which that field so desperately needed. Can anyone shed light on what kind of numbers (players) that program will hold in light of their dropping the program last year?

  307. Kevin X says:

    Thanks Dave!!!

    So, did Upper Darby bail on Wood on 10/20?? Thought they were scheduled. UD now playing Middletown, DE?? Wood then with an open date??

    Also, SJPrep only 8 regular season games??

  308. Lance says:

    @Tom. F. In Class 3A look for Central Valley and Aliquippa to be the 2 Powers in the WPIAL. Sharon could unseed Hickory in D-10. Martinsburg Central,Huntingdon,Tyrone and Bellefonte should lead a Competitive Dist. 6. In the East I like Scranton Prep..Danville..Loyalsock..Montoursville. District 4 will be Strong!

  309. David Mika says:

    Kevin, Catholic schools are up on the site.

  310. Kevin X says:

    Does anyone know when the D12 schedules will be updated/revealed and complete on this site?? Just scrolling thru them, they are mostly void or incomplete.

    So is C’Ville and Bensalem going to hook up in week 3? They both have an open date that weekend it still appears. As far as I can see, that is the only viable option for those guys at this point, unless they are going to take a bye week. I do see that they both only have 4 home games scheduled, and I’m sure both would much rather have a 5th home game. Granted they are somewhat of a distance from each other, but still, c’mon guys, work something out. It would be a shame to forego a nice weather (assuming so) early season Friday night.

  311. phillyboy says:

    McD65, I was also at the Wood/BC game last year at Tennent. We might have passed each other unknowingly. Btw, there was nobody collecting admission at the gate. I wonder if that is normal there, pretty sweet deal. Now that I have a car again, just might drive up to Oradell. As a high school football geek it’s fun to educate oneself and check out some games at prominent programs, see the campus, stadium and town. You ever get to a Don Bosco game? I went to that Cardinal O’hara game several years back at Ramsey. O’hara’s QB plays for the Houston Texans now — but was injured that game. They also had an excellent receiver that I believe went to Ohio State. Nevertheless O’hara had their hands full on that one. That reminds me, sheesh, what on earth has happened to Delco ball? There’s been a famine in Delco for quite some time. O’hara, Strath Haven, and Ridley are now part of PIAA lore. Garnet Valley has been above average — and that’s about it.

  312. McD 65 says:

    phillyboy,fyi,Bergan Catholic /Wood again this year at BG. BG has a very good returning QB committed to Boston College. I saw last years game and BG is for real. The best matchup IMO will be st Joe Prep /St Peters Prep which is loaded. I believe the game is at Widener.

  313. phillyboy says:

    Thanks for that McD65. I had just reached out to an old friend about getting together for that game, invitation was accepted, then dog gone it, saw what looked like an away game on maxpreps. Maxpreps must be mistaken then.

    Anyway, that’s a big time game there. Wood holds their own in these out of state matchups, they pounded DeMatha a few years ago, but came up short against Bergen Catholic last year. These games are intriguing; in a sense it’s not just Wood vs. Paramus but Philadelphia vs. New York.

  314. D12FAN says:


    Wood’s last opponent featured 2 defensive ends committed to PSU and Wood was very successful..:)
    That being said Paramus Catholic is a different beast, I believe they won the North Jersey Super Conference last year and return a lot. Should be an interesting labor day weekend match-up….

  315. Billy Splain says:

    great info on the success factor Indiana uses and PIAA is considering: https://soundcloud.com/bobbyg16148/seymour-indiana-sports-editor-jordan-morey-discusses-indiana-success-factor

  316. McD 65 says:

    Wood/Paramus Catholic is at Tennant. Paramus Catholic has a defensive end who just committed to Penn State. They have a very formidable lineup as in past years. It could be a tough night for the Vikings.

  317. FridayNightLights says:

    McD 65

    The poster might be right. NP will have a VERY talented roster again. They lost some very good players but also returned some and added some. Time will tell if they can come together the way they did last year. Coatesville looms large if they can get there though.

  318. FridayNightLights says:


    That will be the key early. I have said since they lost last year that if they can find a QB for this year they will be a force again. I hope this DePaul kid can play. I think he has been playing with their 7v7 team.

  319. Buddy says:

    @ Friday

    I like it. Hope it all jells.

  320. Kevin X says:

    So other than C’Ville and North Penn, who rounds out the top 5 in 6A D1 ???

    Also, how about the top 5 (in no particular order) contenders in 5A D1??

  321. McD 65 says:

    Buddy,your probably right. I listened to a poster who stated that the Defense would be better and the passing game would not have much drop off. I should screen those kind of statements for realism. Udinski and Johns were just super players and would be hard to replace their contributions.

  322. phillyboy says:

    Hey, does anybody out there know if the Wood/Paramus Catholic game is going to be at Tennent HS or Paramus? According to maxpreps.com it’s going to be an away game. Anybody have any insight on this?

  323. FridayNightLights says:

    Buddy and McD 65

    Here’s what I think I know. They lost Udinski, Johns, Hubler, Vasger, and Dillon who were all key or major contributors. They return Henley, Haynes, Thomas, and Andrews. From what I understand and see on twitter they added Khan Jamal, Steve DePaul, KJ Cartwright, and possibly Jaron Macon and some receiver from A. Ryan. Kahn Jamal is a bigger back and should carry the load while Cartwright is a speedster and can catch the ball out of the backfield. These two could combine to make the RB position better than last year. Steve DePaul was Norristown’s starting QB last year and will be a junior. I have heard he can chuck it a little bit. Jaron Macon, if he is on the team, has been getting some D1 looks. They return more than people would think. On defense they return the entire secondary along with their best LB in Owen Thomas. They also return two starting D linemen.

  324. Michael Smoll says:

    For what it’s worth, I’m hearing even though there are a lot of new pieces, North Penn will have one of their better teams, although I agree with Buddy, better than last year?

  325. Buddy says:

    @McD 65

    Where you hear that from?

    If you didn’t hear from the NP coaching staff or sports journalists in the know, then it’s merely a rumor.

    Don’t see how that is possible.

  326. McD 65 says:

    From what I have been hearing ,North Penn will be better this year than last. I find that hard to believe with the loss of Udinski and Johns among others. They were a powerhouse last year. What makes them better this year ???? I do think that they will be there in the end with Coatsville for the District 1 title.

  327. Buddy says:

    @ Friday:

    Yea, I saw that. Thanks

    @ Smoll:

    You’re right. NP doesn’t have it together 1st or 2nd games. But they have another gear during playoffs.

    @ Kevin:

    Agree. I got Coatesville top dog in D1. Most likely NP 2nd. That should be settled later in the year.

  328. mark d says:

    i am being told that Dunmore QB will not return for his senior year. He going to focus on the javelin where he was the AA state champ.

  329. Andy says:

    Jahon Dotson WR, has returned to Nazareth , he has been granted immediately eligible.?? D1 prospect. I am surprised by the automatic eligibility.. Good Luck

  330. Kevin X says:

    @ McD65, I think Coatesville will be your sleeper lurking in 6A……, P-R out west.

    Any one else is 5A, east or west, going to challenge Wood and H-Burg, or everyone already eyeing a Hershey re-match?

    Same with 4A, ‘Tep v ECP in the grudge match??

  331. Michael Smoll says:

    @McD65, I got the feeling it will be the old North Penn teams of the past, meaning, they play a tough beginning and may take some knocks as all their new pieces come together, but come November, watchout.

  332. Tom F says:

    Interesting tidbits about Mike Williams testimony on “Non-Boundry” Schools and separate classifications. Williams wants 2 separate classifications, 1 Public-(6 classifications), 1 Private-(3 Classifications). The Catholic League brought in their lawyer and stated that it’s unconstitutional due to the 1972 statute. Separate classifications won’t happen. Recruiting, donors, scholarships were brought up but Williams had little proof and gave only 1 recruiting example without naming anyone/school. Transfers are again being looked at by the PIAA, it looks like mid season transfers, ie Parsons to Harrisburg, will probably be abolished or only under special circumstances. Fairness in classifications is being looked at, same schools winning every year has to change. The Indiana rule was brought up several times-a team’s record in season, playoffs will be looked at. If a team wins a championship, they automatically move up in class, some State reps liked it, others didn’t. Charters didn’t fare so well, one State Rep asked why the State is even paying for sports for these schools as they have to pay for the athletic programs at a Public and Charter school for the same kids. One remedy was to have the athletes play sports at the local public school where they live. 77% of the athletes attending Catholic school are from Catholic elementary schools and played CYO ball. The numbers are trending up for Privates/Charters regarding State Championships, in the past it was predominately the Public Schools winning, CB West, Berwick, S. Columbia etc. Population loss in many areas are causing rural Pubs to lose athletes, many small schools have problems even fielding teams, many co-opps are popping up. One big fact that was brought up is that a Public school athlete can attend another Public school if they pay tuition, which negated the complaint about the Catholic/Charter school boundry rules. In addition, it was brought up that every Pub athlete is on scholarship since they don’t pay tuition while a private school athlete pays property tax and tuition. Athlete Move in’s to Pubs/Privates was also brought up but tough to police and the Piaa doesn’t have the manpower to investigate unless a complaint is lodged. One big note was the PIAA stated that HS Principals are not doing enough to sign off on transfers for athletic reasons. Rep Maloney from berks/Mont blasted the process stating kids should be allowed to transfer wherever they want without penalty……Maloney’s nephew wrestles for BECA. I believe the PIAA will tweak some things but nothing major.

  333. David Mika says:

    FridayNightLights….You are correct. But LaSalle is the home team per AD. But its at Crawford Stadium

  334. FridayNightLights says:


    NP has a new website and they posted the schedule. They have it as 8/25 vs. LaSalle 7pm @ Crawford Stadium.

  335. McD 65 says:

    Harrisburg should be one of the top rated teams in the state this year with a good number of D-1 athletes on their squad. Their passing game will be a huge strength and with Parsons at RB they will be monsters. Bishop McDevitt /Harrisburg may be a good early test to validate or not ,the quality of team they will put out this year.

  336. Neutral Observer says:

    Chris Bleich (OT, Wyoming Valley West) committed to UCLA. Decommitted from Penn State in April.


  337. McD 65 says:

    Tom F, on paper Harrisburg would be the hands down favorite in 5 A, but as Phillyboy says Wood is the pick for me in a much closer game . I don’t believe Wood will hold Hsbg. under 28 points so I expect a shootout. LaSalle /North Penn at the beginning of the year should give us some direction as to the 6 A rep.Of course you never know if there is a sleeper lurking. Cant wait !!!

  338. phillyboy says:

    @ Tom F

    Lol — Nice try with the reverse psychology. You know darn right well that until proven otherwise Prep or LaSalle and Wood are the favorites in 6A and 5A statewide.

  339. Tom F says:

    Could the privates be shut out this year regarding the PIAA football Championships? Except for 4A and 1A I don’t see the private schools having any favorites.

    6A Could be a N.Penn/Pine Richland final this year

    5A hburgh looks to have enough to overcome Wood this year

    4A TEP/ECP doesn’t look like anything changes here

    3A Beaver Falls/Middletown/Central has a good team returning

    2A Southern Columbia probably wont be challenged

    1A Bishop Guilfoyle/??? BG has the numbers and size to repeat, its time they move up in class

  340. McD 65 says:

    Kmac, Yes I would like to meet you at the Wood Paramus Catholic game .We can firm up as the date approaches. I have just about given up on going to McDevitt games . They just keep losing Good potential players that are local to the school ,but are choosing to attend either Wood Imhotep or Roman. This has been a trend for the last 7 years or so and the one chance for a comeback was if they were to have had Drew Gordan take over as head coach. Anyway, look forward to watching several D-1 players on both sides at the game . See you there.

  341. Buddy says:

    So it begs to question: Why didn’t PCN cover the baseball championships?

    It shouldn’t be finances. They have pledge drives 24 hours a day anymore.

    Maybe the 6 classes drove them from covering these games. Hope not.

  342. Mike A. says:

    McD65…I watched the Big 33 game on a Harrisburg Channel 21 digital channel.

  343. Mike A. says:

    Penn State 7-on-7 camp: Harrisburg wins

  344. Mike A. says:

    Another D1 player transfers to Harrisburg.

  345. Kmac says:

    McD 65

    We have spoken in the past on various opportunities to meet at games. I see three on my early season schedule for 2017 that may serve the purpose. Sat 9/2 Paramus Catholic at Wood at tennent. Sat 9/16 O’Hara at McDevitt at Bensalem. And Sat 10/7 McDevitt at Conwell-Egan at Truman. All are 7:00 PM night games, and if all goes well, I hope to get to.

  346. McD 65 says:

    Surprised that PCN did not have the baseball state championships on this year. They stopped the big 33 ,now this . I’m guessing the football championships are next. Very disappointing.

  347. Kevin X says:

    Anybody know if Saturday’s Big 33 game will be televised or live streamed??

  348. D12FAN says:

    C Jacoby

    Very happy your son has found the right fit at Father Judge. I look forward to watching him play. I believe most, not all, families follow the same process, trying to identify the best fit for their children academically, athletically and socially. There have been plenty of very good students and athletes that have had opportunities to attend IA, PCL (Private Ind. or Archdiocese) and strong public schools. Many have been coveted and contacted by all these schools within the PIAA rules and ultimately have found the right fit for them whether at a private or public school. The funniest thing to me about all this talk from contemporary parents is that it is something new. Just because it is new to them. Lasalle has been playing football over 100 years, where did all those players come from over the years? Or the great Bedesem teams of the 60’s at Egan, and the list could go on….The bottom line to me is, that as football unfortunately declines at the youth and HS level across the country, we are very fortunate in SE-PA to have passionate, quality coaches/programs (both public and private), and a lot of players, both great talents and great role players, because football needs both to be successful. Looking forward to another great season……

  349. Michael Smoll says:

    To Tom F.

    Please read C Jacoby’s response. Also although I said it’s my interpretation of the PIAA rules, I feel pretty good about my interpretation after reading the rules several times, perhaps, just perhaps you need to re-read those rules.

  350. C Jacoby says:

    @Michael Smoll They already did, or I wouldn’t openly comment on a forum about it. But it almost cost him his freshman yr playing ball which was pretty devastating to him. Luckily the piaa & archdiocese gave out warnings or so I was told, it started as an anonymous complaint from one of the hs. Then became a he said she said thing. A word to the wise, if your a parent make sure you yourself download & familiarize yourself with the rules & regulations because at the end of the day, through no fault of your own you could end up opening alot of doors you don’t want to. Take advice & input from coaches etc. But make sure your in the clear regardless. It was pretty scary not knowing how things would go for a while, and trust me the headache & stuff involved was something else.

  351. Buddy says:

    @ Friday

    No big deal. We’ll find out soon enough.

    Their 1st five games are listed away. Lot of traveling. Nice to have the 1st one at home.

  352. TomF says:

    Mike Smoll, your interpretation of the rules for recruiting are incorrect, if a student attends a Catholic elementary school, and Jacoby did, any regional catholic high school can contact him. In addition,a Mcguire Scholarship winner is entitles to $$$ to attend those fantastic schools. The Piaa should be looking into where all of these NP transfers are living. if I am a taxpayer in the N.Penn SD, I’m pissed, all of these transfers are costing the taxpayers 16K per student. And their AD had the stones to punish Ryan Vulakh for transferring out of NP, what a joke!

  353. Michael Smoll says:

    Two comments, First don’t worry about North Penn, they may experience some bumps early, but by the end of the season they will be a Juggernaut, it’s just how they roll. All their kids get better playing those tough games early.

    Secondly as I interpret the PIAA rules against recruiting C Jacoby mentioned, several that are clearly being broken by some of the schools mentioned. His written admission of the recruiting of his son should be enough for the PIAA and the State to investigate.

  354. FridayNightLights says:


    I can’t confirm I am just offering speculation as to what could be the reason for the confusion. I am just pretty sure at least once in the past North Penn has opened the season with an “Away” game against LaSalle at Crawford Stadium. Also, a quick MaxPreps search shows PW as having a home game on the 25th. Would make sense. Either way we are already starting to close in on another exciting season and me thinks North Penn might be pretty good again!

  355. Buddy says:

    @ Friday

    So you’re confirming the LaSalle game is at North Penn?

  356. C Jacoby says:

    Here’s my experience as a dad with a highly recruited athlete in PA. My son’s entering his sophomore year this yr, last yr I had every major high school coach all over him. Did the shadow day thing. For the Parrish fee, he could of went to Germantown Academy. Same for St Joe’s Prep. LaSalle, Roman Catholic, Wood, Chestnut Hill Academy etc. Even 3 Jersey teams. He’s 6’4 1/2, 275.Plays LT/DT. Played in the city all star games, even won this Under Armour camp which puts you on some watch list. As a parent,I did things differently. No offense, but I didn’t jump when prep lasalle or wood called everyday. He did his visits, & I told him you make your decision based on what you feel is right for you. Accolades are all people are after. He needed to be around good kids & consider the impact his decision would have on his family. Because at the end of the day, if your meant to play D1 football at the next level you’ll get there. Now will it be easy, no. But everyone just wants to say “my kid played on this team or won that”. He won the Maguire scholarship too so he’s not a big meat head lol. I worked real hard with him. PA needs to adjust some things to keep it interesting now what that is idk. But as a parent, I seen the fellow recruits mostly from parents just pick 1 of the big 3 in philly. There will always be a clear difference in public/catholic League competition but the recruitment process should be explained better to parents or coaches. At least give some schools a shot at getting a great kid. Also the transfers do need something done imo. He stayed home with his neibourhood school & enjoyed being the underdog. The school is Father Judge believe it or not. To me, it’s an experience. I know what doors can be opened attending what schools, & I didn’t want him dealing with all the politics. Get a good education, play ball, and see what happens. So yes, there are some kids / parents out there that prioritize things differently. Will he win a championship, hard to say I hope but will be tough. But he’s happier than he’s ever been. Has good grades, and enjoys being the “top dog” at his school where most his friends/former players attend. I honestly can say that I never want to go through that process again because it was an everyday thing. Most kids would be happy riding the bench but getting a ring at a prestigious school but not my kid. I want him to keep working hard & just do what he’s gotta do. People thought I was nuts not just sending him to 1 of them, but I know of he’s in a good place he’ll excell better. Just my opinion!

  357. FridayNightLights says:

    Buddy and Kevin

    I believe in the past NP and LaSalle have played a “home” game for LaSalle at Crawford Stadium. The NP fans still sat on the home side and NP bench was on the home side but LaSalle wore their home uniforms while NP wore their away uniforms. My guess is it’s at Crawford but LaSalle is the home team.

  358. King Cobra says:

    @bob Hines

    LaSalle will be very good, better then last year. They return i believe 19 or so starters, they really only lose LaMorte who will be replaced by Isaiah Jones who missed the whole season last year and they lose RB Madden who was the Horse, he will be the biggest person to fill. The entire OLINE is returning including Garrett Zobel 6’4 280. At WR they return Troy Holland, Brett Malle, TE Liam Trainer 6’3 240, FB Joey Burnham who was a big party of the O last year catching 6-7 TDs in the Flat. At RB it seems to be by committee, Manny Quiles who had a very good soph season when he wasn’t injured will be a big player for them, possibly Octavious Carter will get some carries, my opinion could be there only question mark. On Defense they return a lot, with LB 6’2 215 MLB Austin Lemke back as the man in the middle, Jones back at Safety, Wroten, Daly, Whitehead, Hirschman, Maloney, Zobel, Forsyth, Caponi, Kutznetsov & Qulies, Smith all played big parts on D and were young last season i think the Defense this year is better, also watch for Dillon Trainer a Soph LB who will play a lot hes 6’1 210. Overall if Jones is healthy he could take them to Hershey….That’s a IF, because it still goes through Prep. Should be a fun season

  359. Buddy says:

    @ kevin

    Your right. I know that LS played at NP last year. So it should be NP at LS ( PW field ) this year. They must have moved the game to NP.

    @ MIKA

    Can you verify the above and change your schedule here if need be.

  360. Kevin X says:

    Answered my own question, LaSalle is playing @ North Penn Fri. 8/25 per the LaSalle web site…..

  361. Kevin X says:

    Ok guys, I’m a little confused about the site/location of the North Penn/LaSalle game. Per the schedules found on this web site, both D-Town East is @ Plymouth-Whitemarsh and NP is @ LaSalle @ P-W that first game of the year on Friday August 25th. Can’t have two games the same night at P-W, right? (would be a cool double header tho). Maybe NP @ LaSalle @ P-W Saturday the 26th, or is it @ NP on the 25th??

  362. Buddy says:

    It’s North Penn AT LaSalle. PW field. This site has KO at 7:30.

    LaSalle RB Sy Madden I believe has graduated. Gained 200 yds against NP last year. Unstoppable.

    LaSalle doesn’t rebuild, they reload.

    1st game of the year, NP at LS. This game will tell a lot for both teams.

  363. Bob Hines says:

    PCL schedule has been released. Here’s a few games of note:

    8/25: Wood at Oxbridge Academy (FL) 8pm ESPN
    8/25: LaSalle at North Penn 7pm
    9/1: SJ Prep at Tampa (FL) Jesuit 7pm ESPN
    9/2: Paramus Catholic (NJ) at Wood 7pm
    9/9: Wood at Bergen Catholic (NJ) 2:30
    9/9: St. Peter’s Prep (NJ) at SJ Prep 7pm
    9/9: Malvern Prep at LaSalle 7pm
    9/15: Wood at SJ Prep 7:30pm
    10/20: LaSalle at SJ Prep 7:30pm
    10/27: LaSalle at Wood 7pm

    Home fields are as follows: SJ Prep- Widener, Wood- William Tennent, LaSalle-Plymouth Whitemarsh.

    Wood has a monster schedule ahead of them. 3 games there vs Jersey powerhouses there let’s see how they handle it. SJP and Wood both have rebuilding to do. Not sure how LaSalle supposed to be this year. Anybody know?

  364. McD 65 says:

    Tom F , FYI, Wood does play with the big boys during the regular season in the large school PCL division. This year IMP, if Wood makes the finals again, they will have their hands full with Harrisburg who as many fans know are loaded. They have D-1 prospects at WR,DE/RB and a QB that I think will be a very good college prospect. Wood graduated their 2 All State RBs and their replacements are TBD. Cant wait for the year to begin.

  365. Tom F says:

    Kevin, the goal is to put teams where they would be competitive regardless of class, you see the same schools every single year in the Playoffs competing for a championship….Prep. Wood, TEP, ECP, S. Columbia etc, very few schools have a chance against these powerhouses. Does anyone think that TEP and ECP will not meet yet again for the 4A Championship? Or S. Columbia in the finals for the 10th time? TEP is 3A by enrollment but how many 3A teams average 280 lbs on the line and have several hs all-americans in the lineup? The other teams shouldn’t even show up in 4A in the playoffs, they will get mercy ruled by ECP and Tep again. 4a Public schools in Erie actually MOVED UP in class to avoid ECP in the playoffs. I would rather see Wood against Prep in 6A, having them yet run roughshod through 5A again on to win yet another championship makes no sense.

  366. Route 54 says:

    Who will win districts for A,AA,AAA in D4, D2,D11? Elaborate, discuss

  367. Route 54 says:

    Who is willing to take a crack at District winners? District 4, 2, 11. Any thoughts

  368. jj D2 says:


    Dunmore has a large junior class and after next year the enrollment will drop back down to 170 to 180. Dunmore’s population is starting to decrease and I dont think they will fair as well in the future, hopefully I’m wrong

  369. jj D2 says:

    @ jj

    When did I ever say Dunmore DID NOT have a winning postseason record?

    Dunmore’s schedule just does not prepare them for the postseason anymore. Why would you even want to play that schedule? Its embarrassing. Just my opinion…..maybe I am missing something.

    I dont know how else to take that statement

  370. Kevin X says:

    @ Tom F

    I could jump on board that moving up requirement. Some midwest state I believe ode that now. Indiana maybe?? Two minor point tho, Imhotep by enrollment standards is a 3A school that has voluntarily moved up to 4A. Still move them up to 5A?? What about ht elites of SJP and PCC, 6A schools that would, well, have to move up to play in a phantom 7A classification.

    @ Jacob, don’t see an issue there, Dunmore’s population is on the decline, they’ll probably be a somewhat slightly higher than mid pack (enrollment wise) 2A school by the time things shake out. Always tho volunteer to play up, get away from SoCol down the playoff road, but have to deal with Scr. Prep in D2.

  371. Jacob says:

    Lots of Talk about Dunmore playing in the 2A classification. That all could change for the 2018 season. They were at 199 and the cutoff was 200 for 2A enrollment with the last cycle. The LFC I think would make a change is they move up to the 3A classification.

  372. Billy Splain says:

    Update: From what I gathered, this is just an informal discussion about the current recruiting/boundary issues brought on by a couple people. The PIAA nor PSFCA is involved at this time though those involved have invited those groups to the discussion. So basically, not much is known at this point what the discussions will entail. The PSFCA is having a meeting next week to discuss. FYI, here is the bill that put the PCIAA into the Piaa picture in 1972: http://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/legis/PN/Public/btCheck.cfm?txtType=HTM&sessYr=1971&sessInd=0&billBody=H&billTyp=B&billNbr=2104&pn=3263

    TomF is on the right track. The PIAA is looking in to several avenues such as the success factor/moving teams up based on earned points. Also the % is again being looked at. Another idea they will look at is making the school building itself the boundary, not the entire district. Ex: in Philly, a player can move all over without consequence. Making the building itself the “boundary” brings in the transfer rules which basically don’t exist when a district covers 40 schools as opposed to say Harrisburg school district which basically has one HS.

  373. Phil says:


    I agree 100%. Also, it’s better for those kids competition-wise especially if you are going to play at the next level. Who really wants to play a half and beat someone by 50 every game. The kids want to prove themselves and those teams you mentioned (and those in basketball too) would welcome the stepped up competition.

    Pennsylvania is too large and has too many schools to not have 6 classes in football (and basketball). I wish people would quit saying it’s watered down. It’s not. You went from .7% of total teams in football winning championships to 1%, a whole .3% increase. (It’s even more miniscule in basketball.) Tell that to Beaver Falls or Steel Valley in football, because with 4 classes, only one would have won a state championship, and both were quality teams. How about Middletown? Never would have made it with 4 classes and look at the enthusiasm the student body and school district had. Ditto for basketball.

    No, we are where we should be. We just need to somehow cut down on transfers and we need to incorporate the success factor to make a fairer playing field.

  374. Kevin X says:

    @ Matt

    Guess I’ll disagree with you and many others who are not in favor of the 6 classifications. I think its one of the better moves by the PIAA, long over due, and also with basketball and other sports. As far as football goes, I do not think it waters down the championships one iota. What does is this moronic system of allowing every 4-6, 3-7, or worse team into the playoffs. I said this some time ago, scrap the district playoff system, figure out the best 32 teams across the state in each classification, bracket and seed them in a common sense regional format (with attempting to avoid regular season re-matches in the first and second rounds, if feasibly possible), and let them go at it over the course of 5 weeks.

  375. TomF says:

    I’m all for the proposal for moving up a State champ 1 level for 2 years,let’s face it, Wood belongs in 6A, Tep 5A, Bishop Guilfoyle also should have been in a higher classification. Southern Columbia has won more football championships than any private school has in Pa. Hoops the same thing, the Philly schools dominate hoops due to transfers and having a mega pool to draw from. Neumann Goretti, a 3A school probably would have won at 6A I am not against kids transferring schools, but the PIAA should put schools where they belong to make the field more competitive.

  376. Coal Region FB says:

    Still going with the recruiting I see. I find it hard to believe separation between catholic and private schools will ever happen. Sounds like discrimination if you ask me. Everyone wants a trophy, wants to be a winner. What’s worse is that this makes the cry baby bigger. If that’s the case, then create a different league and playoff system for the successful teams year in and year out,  example SCA. Don’t believe everything here that certain people post. They’re just stirring the pot because most likely, they don’t like winning programs or their teams are getting beat.

  377. mark d says:

    @kevin x yes the Lack conference is set up to match same size schools for playoff points.Playing down does you no good.No team want to go down 2 and 3 classifications on their schedule.As you said Dunmore is kind of stuck playing the AA and A schools

  378. Kevin X says:

    @ Pastor Z

    What is their (coaches) frustration with the classification??

  379. Matt says:


    I understand the issues presented about private school transferring and such. I am not going to stand on a soap box one or another. Seperating champiosnhips is the WRONG thing to do. I am speaking from football perspective. The last thing we need to do in PA is water down our championships which we did by going to 6 classes. If you seperate the private schools now, it will become complete anarchy with regard to recruiting. We are basing a state decision on 2 districts in Pennsylvania 12 and 1. I agree there is a transfer issue. Not saying this is the perfect solution but I have a little more practical solution then seperating.
    1. Go Back to 4 classifications
    2. Private schools 3A and higher must play 4A
    3. Private schools 2A and higher must play 3A
    4. Charter schools – students must play for there home district school.
    5. Boundaries on Private schools.
    example: ACC can only have have student athletes participate from Lehigh County. If you want the catholic education from say Berks that fine but if you are not from Lehigh County you must play for your home district.
    Wood – Bucks; BECA – Northamton etc

    – Yes Catholic schools would still have a broad area to pull kids from but there would at least be a boundary.

  380. Rick D says:

    @ mark d

    Sure it makes sense. Bonus points! If a team like VV can beat Dunmore then they get all those bonus points for games Dunmore wins. For example….if they played Dunmore instead of Del Val. They aren’t going to beat Del Val. Better chance of beating Dunmore. They get less points for beating a AA school but with the bonus points it probably evens out.

    If you a AAA or AAAA school scheduling a smaller school that wins 7,8 or 9 games every year……it makes perfect sense. Certainly VV, Prep, WS, NP, etc shouldnt schedule the bad small schools in the Lack League. But Dunmore is a different story. Dunmore is a dominant program and should be playing a better schedule. I think there are benefits if its done the right way. Again, only my opinion.

  381. Rick D says:

    @ jj

    When did I ever say Dunmore DID NOT have a winning postseason record? They are clearly one of the top programs in D2.

    You actually reinforce my point by showing me how successful they have been against larger schools. Although I would not read too much into going 17-0 against Lehman, WW and Honesdale.

    I am simply saying they would be better off playing a more difficult schedule. Why waste time with Holy Cross, Montrose, Susq, etc, etc.

    And jj….no reason for a sarcastic tone my man. Just our opinions being tossed around here.

  382. PastorZack says:

    @Billy after talking to coaches in the area, many are frustrated at the PIAA, especially in D1 about the classification/recruiting issues. This is VERY welcome news, in my opinion.

  383. Billy Splain says:

    Didn’t see this so: PA Athletic Oversight Committee to hold public hearing on separate championships/classification of high school sports June 20. Not sure what this will entail. This is apparently a preliminary fact finding hearing brought on by a legislator urged on by former Manheim Central coach Mike Williams. The PIAA wasn’t involved initially. They are having a meeting tomorrow to discuss and will be involved in the hearing. I will know more Friday morning.

  384. McD 65 says:

    It is obvious a certain person here has a real dislike for the PCL and several Western Pa. Catholic schools. Many of his comments are so ridiculous and exaggerated that they are laughable. Those who don’t know facts about the PCL should pass on the subject.

  385. Kevin X says:

    @ Rick D

    It is because Dunmore is stuck(?) in a LFC 3 Division with 10 teams. These teams, I’m assuming, need/are required to play each other, so thats 9 division games (against fairly weak A and AA opponents), which leaves you one non division game to schedule. LFC 1 and LFC 2 only have 4 and 6 teams respectively, which gives them the ability (and requirement) to schedule more out of division/conference games. I made a suggestion in a post back on May 23rd to do some tweaking and realigning of the LFC to even up the divisions, part of which would of been moving Dunmore and Lakeland up to LFC 2, which would give Dunmore more wiggle room to schedule better opponents, and have better division opponents. Just thought I tossed out there. Not sure of the rationalization of how the LFC is set up now, guess straight enrollment numbers.

  386. jj d2 says:

    @rick d

    You are missing something, Dunmore has a winning postseason record. In the last 9 yrs. dunmore’s record against bigger schools
    W L
    west scranton 9 1
    Western Wayne 9 0
    Vally View 1 0 North Pocono 3 1
    Honesdale 6 0 Lake lehman 2 0
    Scranton Prep 3 2
    total 33 4

    Smaller schools
    W L
    Riverside 7 4
    Old Forge 5 3
    total 12 7

    so much for you theory huh

  387. mark d says:

    @Rick d why would VV,NP, West and Prep play down their no up side for them ? Valley View alreasy has 3 schools below AAAA what would they do take a 5 or 6 a team off the schedule to play a AA make no sence for those schools

  388. Rick D says:

    @ mark d

    I obviously don’t mean for this season. I mean for the next schedule cycle. I would like to see them play up with the 3A’s and 4A’s like VV, NP, West Scr and Prep. Throw in Honesdale and WWayne and thats 6 games right there. Maybe keep Lakeland and Riverside or Old Forge. Crossover with a team or 2 from the WVC. Seems pretty simple to me. Honesdale and WWayne play in the same league as 3A and 4A schools but do not play up against the 5A and 6A schools. If they can get away with it, why can’t Dunmore? Dunmore’s schedule just does not prepare them for the postseason anymore. Why would you even want to play that schedule? Its embarrassing. Just my opinion…..maybe I am missing something.

  389. Bob Hines says:

    Buddy, nice try, but I went to Frankford. Kept my family in the neighborhood. By the time my kids were ready for high school Frankford students were going through medal detectors and the school was violent and dangerous. So my kids “transferred” to North Catholic which is now closed. Would have loved to send them to SJP LaSalle Penn Charter or Chestnut Hill. Wasn’t in the cards. When LaSalle was absolutely pounding my boy at North Catholic I didn’t complain. Knew why that school drew the great players. Pretty simple understanding of life that I learned growing up where I did. Seemed to escape you…

  390. mark d says:

    @Neutral the only other teams were Del Valley strong line and lot of skill kids little young with the skill kid but a lot of experience up front.West Scranton talking about a lot of speed but didn’t know what they had as far as a line.

  391. mark d says:

    @Rick d as far as Dunmore playing up who are they going play most of the 4 5 and 6 teams in the conference all ready have a small school on the schedule and their no advantage for them to play down so where does Dunmore find teams to play

  392. Neutral Observer says:

    @ mark d
    I agree with you that Valley View is going to be a team to watch in 4A for D2. North Pocono lost one heck of a senior class. Berwick lost a bunch too. We’ll find out a lot about Valley View in Week 2 when they host Delaware Valley. Any news from those coaches on any other D2 teams?

    @ J B Anthony
    I’m a week late from your 5/22 comment, but who is Scranton Prep returning from last year’s team? I thought they had/lost a massive senior class. They’ve had some great linemen recently; who is next man up?

  393. Buddy says:

    As much as I think Hines is pompous, afraid he’s right with the private schools ( especially Inter-ac).

    They should be considering the tuition costs.

    Of course some parents outside ” the world of Hines’ simply can’t afford those schools.

  394. Bob Hines says:

    Phillyboy, you’re totally wrong. You’re trying to say the education you can receive at Father Judge is equivalent to SJP or LaSalle? Not even close. Then, moreover, trying to pass off public education is greater to equal to those two private schools or the 6 in the Inter-Ac? Not a chance. Also Catholic high school students aren’t “transfers” because they don’t attend their local public high schools. With so many options nowadays parents try to choose what’s best for their kid, simple as that.

  395. mark d says:

    DON’t SHOOT THE MESSENGER ! Was at a fund raiser and a few coaches from the area Lackawanna conference, were saying the team to beat in at least AAAA is Valley View. They return their Qb and have the D2 100 meter champ at tail back pulse some real size up front.I know thay lost a lot of speed from last year but was told it all been replaced time will tell!

  396. WVW Fan says:

    @Dylan…Mikovitch D1? Zach Davies has led that team in tackles as a sophomore and junior. You may be confusing players.

  397. Buddy says:

    I’m really not sure that you can just pay tuition and go to another public school out of your district.

    I know quite a few years ago a girl in Methacton (sp) wasn’t allowed to go to NP, tuition or no. Might have changed.

    Why would a parent set up housing ( say an apt.) in another district, satisfying the residency rule, so his kid could go there? Wouldn’t the apt cost more then tuition?

  398. Dylan says:

    WVW with 3 LBs as running backs, they will have to use Tyson in the backfield to conserve energy

  399. Rick D says:

    @ Ray

    Do not worry about WVW scoring points. Their OC is the best in the area. They will score plenty of points.

    The Tyson (spelling?) kid is a returning 2-way starter. Plus 3 RBs are back that played mostly FB but will now carry the ball probably “by committee”. So they certainly did not lose all their skill kids.

    Defensively WVW has a chance to be very very good.

    They have to fix some focus & penalty problems on both sides of the ball…..no doubt about that.

    Just please don’t make any Parkland or Wood comments this season. Just let the kids play.

  400. McD 65 says:

    Kevin X, Catholic schools used to have Parish boundaries ,but they no longer do. My understanding for all Public schools in the state is that a student can attend any school they want ,but they would have to pay a tuition , so if that’s true, there is little difference from what the Catholic schools do. I also believe the student would have to provide their own transportation. If I’m off base I apologize and would like to know what the deal is.

  401. phillyboy says:

    Exactly Buddy. I totally understood what you meant in regards to transfers to the big time Catholic schools — even if a Catholic school doesn’t have a lot of transfers by the letter of the law (of which I’m dubious), without a doubt just about their entire roster is comprised of “transfers” based on the spirit of the law. How many kids from SJP do you think live, say, within a two mile radius of 18th and Girard? Even if they say it’s in order to receive a Catholic education (eye roll)* there are several big Catholic high schools around the city and suburbs: Bonner, O’hara, Carroll, Father Judge, Ryan, Roman, even Camden Catholic and St. Augustiine — for those Jersey boys.

    *IMO, in comparison with quality suburbs think the advantages of the elite private schools are overrated. The privates may give a little more personal attention which is nice but in richer areas the public schools bring it. Schools like Lower Merion, Conestoga, Radnor, Strath Haven, Sprigfield (Delco), Central Bucks (E,W, and S) could go toe to toe with any of those private Catholic schools that charge thousands of dollars in tuition.

  402. Dylan says:

    Ray, I think Sean Mikovitch will go D1 at linebacker, he’s good!

  403. Kevin X says:

    *recoup , sorry

    Guessing you are eluding to the Philadelphia Pub League part of D12??? Thinking the PCL is holding their own or even doing fairly well.

  404. Kevin X says:

    @ Ted E. “PIAA coup the money they lost allowing d12 in the playoffs” Huh??

    @ Buddy (or anyone in the know) don’t the diocesan catholic schools, including high schools, have parish boundaries?? Granted, they are larger then public school boundaries, but boundaries nonetheless. I get SJP, LaSalle, Malvern Prep, etc., the private and private catholic schools can have kids from anywhere if they want.

  405. Buddy says:

    Missed the point.

    Catholic schools have no district boundaries. Say if a kid lives in Souderton, but decides to go to Lansdale Catholic, no one calls that a transfer.

    But if it’s Souderton to NP, then it’s a transfer. Difference between boundaries & no boundaries.

  406. Ted E. says:

    I just can’t wait for the season to begin. It seems like the perennial public school powers need to bring in some transfers to make the playoffs a little more competitive. Rarely does a school have so many big offensive and defensive lineman to compete with Joe’s/PCC.
    I know this looks like complaining but I yearn for the days of D11-D-3 playing tough fun games. Winner met with D1 and usually went down. But the games were hyped and had big crowds. Now they needed to add classifications to help the PIAA recoup the money they lost allowing d12 in the playoffs.

  407. McD 65 says:

    District 1, That transfer from McDevitt may surprise some people. He had a very good sophomore year , but a terrible Junior year due to the QB couldn’t throw the ball very well. I wish him and NP the best this year until they play a PCL team. Beck is a great coach.

  408. TomF says:

    Buddy, most of the time when kids transfer from Public to Private:

    A-They are getting a better education at the Private Institution and

    B-They are saving the Pa taxpayers 16k per year

    With the astronomical property tax many of us are paying for the Public schools and teacher unions, they can all transfer to a private school for all I care.

  409. FridayNightLights says:

    Bob Hines

    Nobody is saying he is or will. He lives in the Lansdale area and played middle school ball in the NP district. One poster just pointed out that he thought it would be neat if he came back for his senior year, especially since NP is looking for a new QB. Obviously this is a pipe dream but we can dream right?

  410. Ray says:

    WVW loses skill players but they do have 6 starters returning on offence and 7 on defense,so that’s not too bad defence will be good scoring points I think will be the problem which that was never the case for valley West the past 5 years

  411. McD 65 says:

    Buddy,just be happy that NP did well with transfers and leave it at that. Your ridiculous statement about the PCL only dilutes your credibility. Yes they have transfers and recruit,but not near what you put out there for some reason. Tell me the players that have transferred this year in the PCL. McDevitt lost a receiver to NP, but for sure there aren’t players lined up to transfer tp them .I’m referring to District 12 McD.

  412. Bob Hines says:

    No, no they aren’t. Tell me the last time a Catholic League team brought in five players before the season?!?!? You’re telling me Judge, Carroll and Conwell-Egan get transfers?

  413. Greyhound for life says:

    Nice match up on September 28th (Thursday). River Dell (NJ) a historically strong public school travels to Shippensburg to play the Greyhounds at 6 pm.

  414. Ray says:

    WVW has Rob Dwyer at qb 6’3 is a senior but no experience,and at rb Sean Mickovitch played last year and Zack Davies and Quid Brady at fb all had a couple hundred yards last year but out skill guys are gone but all of our line and 7 starters on Defense return

  415. Buddy says:

    PCL recruits and lobbies for transfer all the time. Their entire team are transfers ( recruits)!

    Yet my head didn’t explode!

    If McCray’s parents have the $, sure he’ll stay at Prep! But for people with not so deep pockets, NP is not a bad choice.

  416. Bob Hines says:

    Why in his right mind would Marquez McCray leave the Prep for North Penn? What am I missing?

  417. Bob Hines says:

    Could you imagine if a Catholic League school had FIVE transfers coming in? Buddy’s head would explode. Team he roots for: oh boy, now we’ll be good!

  418. Dylan says:

    D2 guys who will take over Austin and Judges spot for Valley West? Big shoes to fill

  419. phillyboy says:

    Dude, I am totally stoked about North Penn ….are you kidding ME? Yeah, RIGHT! Somehow the gears are turning in a positive way and boy is it about time. I’m glad to see that these parents are savvy enough to do what’s necessary so that their kids play at the premier public program in SE Pa., they get it. All you have to do is rent an apartment there, live in an upper middle class area and pay NO tuition for a classic suburban high school experience, not a bad deal. Takes a little gumption but totally doable.

    If this becomes a new trend, that’s not only good for elite public programs but the PIAA as well. The playoffs become much more intriguing. That 6A eastern final last December at Northeast High was awesome, scintillating, sensational.

  420. District1 says:

    NP has 5 transfers enrolled in school already I am including Cartwright. They have 2 more that will enroll after the year ends that are significant I won’t reveal their names until it’s official.

  421. Tom F says:

    The North Penn recruiting machine is in full force! Tough to root for North Penn when their Athletic Director fought Ryan Vulakh’s transfer to Pope John Paul for wrestling.

  422. District1 says:

    @FridayNightLights They have a Kid from Norristown that can throw the ball that transferred over. I think Beck can turn him into at least 1/2 or 3/4 of Udinsky. But you will probably also see a package for Henley as a dual threat he can throw the rock too. He was a QB but was moved to receiver cause of Udinski and that worked out well for him. The kid from Mcdevit is not in their plans right now if ever. They have a kid that transferred in from Ryan that is pretty damn good to go along with an already great crop with Haynes, Henley and Thomas. The featured RB will be Jamil Kahn transfer from
    PW who put up great #s. Him in this offense along with the change of pace backs of Gorski and Cartwright the speed of this kid is ridiculous in the open field. My inside connects tell me the coaching staff think they will be a better team than they was last year and that’s scary.

  423. FridayNightLights says:


    Who will be throwing the ball? I agree that Cartwright, Gorski, and Andrews should give them a very nice run game. Also, Henley, Haynes, Thomas, and the transfer from McDevitt (no not Harrisburg) should give them a very nice receiving corps. I have maintained since the end of last season that if they can find a viable QB they will be a big threat again. Who are the other transfers or what positions do they play?

  424. Kevin X says:

    Maybe its time for a little tweaking of the LFC. Move West Scranton and North Pocono (the 2 largest AAAA schools) up to the LFC 1, move Dunmore and Lakeland (the two most consistently competitive AA schools) up to LFC 2. This also adds more balance with the number of teams in each division (LFC 1-6, LFC 2-6, and LFC 3-8). That would also enable LFC 3 teams to schedule 3 non conference games to start the season instead of one.

  425. Buddy says:


    So they got a good QB coming up?

    Hope so. They would be good then.

  426. McD 65 says:

    District 1, Could you let us know where the transfers at NP came from? That amount of transfers are more than Imhotep had a few years ago.

  427. jj D2 says:

    @Rick D

    Dunmore has to play its 9 divisional teams, they have no choice. They only have one game a year to play outside the division (league). they have been playing West Scranton for at least 50 yrs. They are big on this tradition.

  428. dan says:

    What about southern columbia’s quaterback?

  429. Rick D says:

    @ jj D2

    I understand how scheduling works. But why not choose to play up? It does Dunmore absolutely no good to play Holy Cross, Montrose, Carbondale, Susquehanna and Mid Valley every year. Even if they lose a couple games, its better for them.

    Look at Scr Prep. They are only AAA but they play in a AAAA league.

  430. Franklin says:

    I myself think Valley West will be good as well

  431. phillyboy says:

    District1 ….dude, I hope you’re right about North Penn, fills me with some excitement man. I knew about the Haynes kid that came over from the Inter-Ac school last year and I noticed that two of their better receivers are returning along with a power back that looked impressive. Other than that, look forward to what NP brings to the table, I’m optimistic. What time is it? ….Knight time, BABY!

  432. jj D2 says:


    Dunmore has to play its 9 conference members and that only leaves 1 game that could be scheduled. That team is West Scranton (AAAA).

  433. District1 says:

    @Buddy NP has 5 Big transfers this year. They are loaded this year. I can tell you the running game will be terrific and the passing game won’t be a big drop off. The defense will be much better than last year.

  434. J B Anthony says:

    Scranton Prep will be the pride of the Lack Conference AGAIN … dunmore had them scheduled for two years but didn’t score a point on them in two tries !
    They way the district plays out Prep will be D2 champ again ! And I think they will go deep in state playoffs
    Abington … lots lost to graduation
    Np …. lots lost to graduation
    VV … lots lost to graduation


  435. Rick D says:

    @Franklin @mark d

    I am more of a WVC guy but DV has huge numbers and a couple really good football players returning. Dunmore will continue to be consistent. I just wish they would choose to play a tougher regular season schedule. I think they could be better prepared to advance further by playing a tougher schedule.

    As far as the WVC goes….it is bad. The small school WVC football has become awful. Who knows (and who cares) what teams might win 6 or 7 games. They all stink for the most part.

    Big school WVC is a little better but not much. Everyone seems to think Valley West will have a down year because they lose Judge but they return 14 or 15 starters. I think WVW will be very good. Williamsport has Potts back who can dominate any game. Berwick loses a ton of seniors but have their QB back. Coughlin has 3 very good players returning to their backfield. This could be the year Hazleton wins some games based on what they have returning.

    Can anyone more familiar with the Lack League respond with info on AH, NP, SP, Scranton and West Scranton??

  436. sausmann9 says:

    @ mark d – Dunmore always tough but if people are saying this could be their best line ever and an athletic quarterback, damn they will be fun to watch. Love Dunmore Bucks football, epitome of PA football.

  437. mark d says:

    @Franklin D2 it been real quiet i think the only 2 team that have anything is Delaware Valley and of course Dunmore. People are quietly saying this could be the best line Dunmore ever had. of course they have top replace a lot of skill players. qb will probably win the states in the javelin throw (AA) so you have a kid with a strong arm

  438. D4 ball says:

    Very true Brian. Southern made leaps and bounds from where they started last year. And for people questioning southerns schedule they did play a very good mountousville team controlled that game and also played a very good selinsgrove team who was on a roll at that time. No matter who they played in the regular season they played pretty much lights out

  439. Kevin X says:

    @ Pastor Z

    Thanks for the info. Hard to believe a HS school and school district the size of C’Ville, and with their athletics history don’t have an AD.

    Looks like Bensalem would be the perfect fit for that 9/8-9 open date week. It appears that they still have an open date that week too. Saw that CRN and Pennwood decided to hook up that weekend. With C’Ville already having 5 away games, might be even harder trying to get a home game that weekend. Still hoping for an Imhotep/C’Ville match-up 🙂

  440. Brian says:

    Yes D-4 SCA was tied with Mt. Carmel at half last year. But you have to remember it was week 3 and the team was still pretty inexperienced with all the freshmen playing. Southern was also losing to Shamokin 14-13 at halftime in week 1 before taking over in the 2nd half. I think had both those games been played late regular season it wouldn’t have been close in the first half. But it’s high school football and anything can happen.

  441. D4 ball says:

    Mount Carmel returns a very good line but loses their TE. interested to see them play Southern again was tied at halftime last year before southern took over.

  442. PastorZack says:

    @Kevin X- No, Coatesville still has an open slot for week 2 since Council Rock North backed out. They have had numerous schools (Bensalem, Penn Wood, Glen Mills) say “No” to scheduling. Simon Gratz wanted to back out of their agreement this year as well. Heck, they even have all three open dates for next year. That most likely falls on the fact that they do not have an AD at the present time.

  443. 2016KTM says:

    @ Mike from Mount Carmel. What does MCA have returning this season. My understanding is that MCA have quite a few returning.

  444. McD 65 says:

    phillyboy, I followed Swift since his Freshman year and yes,he was a special player. Hope all goes well for him at Georgia. I was hoping for a PSU commitment ,but Oh well.

  445. McD 65 says:

    D 12 FAN, Thanks for the info on Wood and St Joe Prep. You appear to know about D 12 and its schools and players. Don’t be a stranger here.

  446. mike from Mount Carmel says:

    ktm, they faced a talented selinsgrove team in the regular. Plus Montoursville gave them a little trouble. Also the schuylkill haven game was sloppy on both sides. Tigers had alot of penalties.

  447. Kevin X says:

    Hey guys, anybody know if Coatesville scheduled a game for the third week (guess officially that is week 2?), Sept. 8/9?

    Any idea when the District 12 schedules will be released/updated? I saw some PCL schedules on MaxPreps, but don’t know how accurate they are, I take some items from their website with a grain of salt.

    Wishful thinking I know, but would love to see Imhotep take a little ride out to western Chester County for Friday night tilt against C’Ville that open weekend.

  448. 2016KTM says:

    Correction below, meant to say Schuylkill haven in playoffs..

  449. 2016KTM says:

    In reference to D4 post below. Yes, SCA is loaded. No team will touch them in regular season. They will Mercy rule many of their regular season. SCA, great tradition , great coaching, probably the best in state. One thing though, their schedule is weak. There was only one team that gave them a good run and that was Schuylkill Haven. Yes, a Schuylkill league team. The other team was in playoffs. Dont remember the name. Last year season is long gone. Take away the costly turnovers, miscues by Schuylkill haven….upset.

  450. Franklin says:

    How do you think district 2 will turn out?

  451. phillyboy says:

    McD 65 ….that’s a good question, no idea who the feature back will be at Prep, but one thing I do know is that there will be a drop off. Are you kidding me, that Swift kid was arguably the best high school RB in the country last year. I watched his hudl highlights the other day for the first time; it was like 20 straight minutes of 50 yard TD runs. You never know how things will go but I’d be very surprised if we don’t see him in the NFL in a few years. If he gets into a good groove at Georgia could even see him vying for the Heisman. It’s going to be fun this fall on some Saturday afternoon coming back from the gym, grab a snack and watch my fellow Philly boy go to town.

  452. D12FAN says:


    Prep used so Marques Mason and Fr Kolbe Burrell, both should compete in 17 and can be exciting, plus will be interesting if so LB Talley plays O this year…Wood has a few in addition to Peoples (Va Tech) who will should see significant more touches from RB and Slot. Add so’s Blackstone and Pendleton both powerful runners with speed and similar styled Jr Bauer, plus others to compete….Both have a lot to replace but should back fill with solid guys, no voids. I see fewer 80 yard break away’s thru traffic like swift, blackshear, waller and thompson. Prep has options and Wood should have another 1-2 punch with serious depth….Also, both will have state championship experienced QB’s returning with very scary targets in Simmons (prep) Va Tech and Pitts (Wood), many offers including Bama, to start with….Should be another fun season, with both playing florida teams and North jersey powerhouses…

  453. D4 Fan says:

    @ mike from MC

    Nobody in District 4 can compete with them. And probably no team in the Eastern half of the state. Maybe in the State semis or finals they will meet up with someone that’ll give’em a game.

  454. mike from Mount Carmel says:

    what do we think of southern columbia this year anyone going to compete with them?

  455. McD 65 says:

    Can anyone provide information on who the Rbs will be for Archbishop Wood and St Joe Prep this year ? Those teo teams face a difficult beginning of the year schedules and they both lost very good RBs from last year. Thanks

  456. FridayNightLights says:


    Marquez McCray is from the Lansdale area and playes middle school ball for Penndale in the NP district. Based on what I have heard about the kid I would say it’s highly unlikely he transfers back. Would be amazing if he did though.

  457. phillyboy says:

    Yeah I think North Penn would have won the state title last year had they gotten by Saint Joe’s Prep. Pittsburgh Central Catholic was a powerful team despite their big loss to Prep. Best case scenario see them winning by 17 points if their offense was clicking. Oh well. Btw, speakiing of QBs overheard some folks at the North Penn/Prep game last year saying that Prep’s QB was or is from the North Penn catchment. If that’s true would be awesome if he transferred back to the home team for his senior year. That’s scenario is not unprecedented; a LaSalle kid a couple years ago transferred back to his home team, Upper Dublin.

  458. FridayNightLights says:


    That would be a heckuva rematch. I also think there is a pretty good possibility of it too! Like I said, NP looks strong but needs to get that small little issue of a QB locked down. If they can do that they should be in good shape. Coatesville will scare a lot of people this year…very good team.

  459. Buddy says:

    @ Pastor

    I’m saying C’ville will be the D1 favorite. Absolutely loaded. Only a team like LAST years NP could beat them. Don’t think NP has the team this year to match C’ville. Of course………I hope I’m wrong.

    @ Friday

    Agree, that was the best team since “03. Even though the ’11 team went to states.

  460. PastorZack says:

    @Buddy– D1 playoffs will be interesting if North Penn has to travel to Coatesville for a rematch this year. If Coatesville beats Cumberland Valley in Mechanicsburg and Downingtown West in Downingtown, we may have ourselves a game with D1 on the line. So far, teams have been reluctant to schedule the Red Raiders for their open date. They have had multiple schools say “No, Thank you” for a game.

  461. FridayNightLights says:


    That was a really fun team last year. Only St Joe’s could beat them. I would go so far as to say they might have been the best NP team I have seen since ’03. Was a great game in the East final last year. If they could find some semblance of a QB this year I expect them to be better than expected again. This is knowing some of the underclassmen in the program.

  462. sausmann9 says:

    @Yotch – don’t count out Liberty. they bring back Ernie and a bunch of young talent, if they don’t lose anyone to Becahi or Freedom over the summer they will be good.

  463. Buddy says:


    Yes, it was the backup junior I was thinking about.

    Other then that, I got nothing.

    That was a really good team last year. The only team in the state that could have beat them……………..did.

  464. Yotch says:

    It appears that Emmaus & Parkland are the two best D11 AAAAAA teams next year. Emmaus returns pretty much their entire O outside of QB. They return a lot of their D too. Kicker was good and he’s gone too.
    Parkland returns key cogs and has a good feeder program with a large enrollment. It’ll be very interesting this year.

  465. FridayNightLights says:


    They did have a Junior QB who was their backup but I believe there were two other kids, a sophomore and a freshman that were looking to potentially in the mix. I swear I also saw or heard somewhere that a QB from Norristown has been working out and playing 7v7 with the NP kids but I know nothing about him. You can’t just replace a Udinski unfortunately.

  466. Buddy says:

    @ Friday

    I heard they have a kid, soph I believe, that was in the ranks last year. Can’t recall his name.
    Nothing like Udinski though. I’ll see if I can catch his name sometime.

  467. FridayNightLights says:

    Does anybody have any intel on who North Penn’s starting QB is expected to be this year? I am a NP fan but haven’t heard too much other than potentially someone who played at Norristown last year. They have a very talented roster and similar to last year will return a lot more than people think.

  468. Tyler says:

    Class of 2018 receiver Jason Najunas out of Shenandoah Valley reportedly garnering interest from multiple D2 schools.

  469. dave says:

    Mr. Green its funny as soon as Soco put their starters back in, south managed to put 11 completely new players on the field so i pretty sure you had enough players. They were just trying to make a complete blow out look closer than it really was

  470. Mike says:

    @ Larry The Redskins will start senior Mike Creszenzo at RB and it looks like sophomore Brody McAndrews will start at QB. I don’t think Abington has enough to finish at the top and it doesn’t look like Pennsbury has enough on their roster to compete. I think Bensalem could be competitive and finish towards the top.

  471. agreen says:

    I agree. SCA has a great coaching staff

  472. TomF says:

    I will say this about SCA, watched them play Berks Catholic 2 years ago and I only saw 2 other teams that were on par with their coaching staff-Cb West under Mike Pettine and Berwick under George Curry. I can see why they won all of those State Championships and why families move to that SD to play football for Roth.

  473. agreen says:

    As far as leaving starters in too long in a district championship game, I’m thinking roster size would have a lot to do with that. If i had to guess towards the end of a season most small schools have little to no position depth unless you sub in kids that aren’t ready for the varsity level.

  474. agreen says:

    SCA4ever, I’m not taking jabs at SCA in particular especially about recruiting but explain to me why those rumors have been flying around for years and why are SCA fans so sensitive about that? If it’s not true then dont worry about the “haters”.

  475. Kmac says:

    Mike Smoll

    Thank you, Mike. I forgot the Hatters were coming back somewhat under NP alum Kapusta and staff. Chung, also NP alum at P-W has also always been near the top. Stover approaching legend status at UD, and Banas doing a fine job at Q-town. I rarely get to see any of them.

  476. Route54 says:


  477. Mike Smoll says:

    Kmac, well I was looking forward to it, but…. I kept no notes from last year and couldn’t begin to do it either. From what I know/heard, I’ve got to believe PW will be the favorite, HH, Upper Dublin and Quakertown to follow in no particular order. Both Upper Dublin and Quakertown’s JV teams were very good last year, but it’s a big jump from JV to Varsity.

  478. Billy Splain says:

    not til mid July

  479. Route54 says:

    Speaking of only 3 months away, when are the team previews starting.

  480. Dave says:

    What’s WVW(2) got going for them this year?

  481. SCA4Ever says:

    Aaron Green. If you were merely stating that South and their coach are doing a great job then why the jab at SCA regarding Vo Tech and recruiting? You knew exactly what you were doing. Thank you for the locker room material. SCA hopes they play South next year. South ruffled some feathers by keeping starters in against second group during D4 game. Two late scores made the game look close.

  482. Kmac says:

    Michael Smoll

    I do not feel I am familiar enough with the SOL American to give a proper “way too early”. My local newspaper does not cover that conference, and I see few games with teams in that conference. For instance, while I have seen pennsbury 207 times; Neshaminy 159; Council Rock (North) 139; I have seen Cheltenham, Wissahickon, Upper Dublin twice each, and Upper Moreland, but once; in 1953. Just from a distance it looks like the Quakertown-PW-Upper Dublin trio holds the conference strength.

  483. Michael Smoll says:

    Looking forward to the SOL American “Way too Early”, Just knowing the conference as I do, it could be a real interesting year, Upper Dublin, lost a ton, Quakertown lost a lot.

  484. D3fan says:

    What’s coming out of District 3 this year? I’m hearing that Fairfield have a decent squad returning with plenty of returning players. Any truth to this.

  485. Michael Smoll says:

    Hey Kmac, loved the first two articles of “Way too early” is the American Conference coming soon?

  486. Kmac says:

    Mike Smoll

    Thank you for your interest and comment regarding my way too early thinking on Sub One Continental. You may certainly be right-on with the Rams; Tarburton may well be conference MVP and that means a lot. The clock is ever ticking, soon Dave will be in his 100 players in 100 days; and before the summer heat dissapates we will have high school football again!

  487. aaron green says:

    First of all I never mentioned SCA so obviously there must be others that have come to your assumptions. Not to mention why would I think they should be AAA? I don’t hate anyone and am not trying to start something. Seems like some of you are a little sensitive. My comments were about giving credit to South Williamsport and their coaching staff.

  488. Fupesheks says:

    ????? ????????? naizmene.cc

  489. SCA4Ever says:

    Aaron Green come on. Are u serious? Do some homework. SCA has 153 boys. SW has 157. The cutoff for AA/AAA is 200 boys. Do u really believe SCA sends 47 boys to Vo-Tech? Ridiculous theory. Next, recruiting. SCA has played in 15 state title games. Who in their right mind would not want to have their son play for that football team. No need to recruit.

  490. Brian says:

    Lol. Love the idiotic little jab at sca with the hiding numbers at vo-tech and recruiting comment. Again another hater. There’s no hiding students at vo-tech. Any student who goes there plays sports there because vo-tech had their own sports program. The other silly thing is sca is AA and the amount of students attending vo-tech wouldn’t make them AAA. Kids do move in but it’s not recruiting. For most it’s relocating because they live in shamokin or mt.carmel and those areas are declining. For the others it’s called they want to go to a winning program that is successful year in and year out. its not recruiting it’s called parents relocating so their child has a better experience. All schools have that happen. It’s just people complain about southern because they’re so good every year.

  491. D4 Fan says:

    South Williamsport is a solid team and they appear to do a lot with a small roster. But D4 AA belongs to Southern Columbia and everyone else is fighting to be the sacrificial lamb in the D4 title game.

    And it should be a good battle for second as Mt. Carmel returns everyone, Central Columbia returns a lot and might have the best young QB in the district, Bloomsburg made great strides last year and the Northern Tier entries, Wellsboro and North Penn have improved significantly over the past few years. Wish it were August!

  492. billtown says:

    Aaron You are correct. Coach Eiswerth has done a great job. Did you know he commutes over 100 miles every day plus coaches? Unbelievable. Unfortunately they are in the same district and class as Southern and I just don t see them ever getting over that very large hump. I hear SCA is loaded again this year so I hope I am wrong but history tells me when SCA is not crying about lost stars they usually dominate. Should be a good game though!

  493. aaron green says:

    I am biased in my opinion but anyone who lists top five 2A schools in the East and doesn’t include South Williamsport needs to realize what head coach Chris Eiswerth has built there. One of the smallest 2A schools in the state and it doesn’t have the luxury of hiding numbers in a Vo-tech school and can’t recruit. Seems like every year under Eiswerth they have a shot at making a run.

  494. billtown says:

    D4 fan if number 1 is back you are correct he is a wrecking ball.

  495. Tom F says:

    Albie Crosby could be returning to Coaching, an article in Sunday’s Philly Inquirer stated that he is a finalist for the Neumann Goretti job. That should be a no brainer for NG. Albie will turn NG into a power in a very short time.

  496. Coalrgnftballfan says:

    Southern Columbia’s freshman receiver Julian Fleming has received an offer from Michigan. Invited for a visit to PSU. Rumor is West Virginia and Pitt will be making offers in the near future. He also averaged approx. 17 ppg this season in basketball.

  497. PastorZack says:

    2017 Projected Ches-Mont standings

    National Division

    Coatesville 7-0
    Downingtown East 6-1
    WC Henderson 5-2
    Downingtown West 5-2
    Bishop Shanahan 4-3
    WC East 2-5
    Avon Grove 1-6

    American Division

    Unionville 5-1
    Great Valley 4-2
    WC Rustin 3-3
    Sun Valley 2-4
    Oxford 1-5
    Kennett 0-6

  498. Kmac says:


    My “possible” 2017 standings for the Suburban One National and Continental Conferences.

    National – 1. Neshaminy 2. Abington 3. Council Rock South 4. Bensalem 5. Truman 6. Pennsbury 7. Council Rock North

    Continental – 1. North Penn 2. CB East 3. CB West 4. Pennridge 5. CB South 6. Tennent 7. Souderton

    For the logic for the choices see my articles on each conference under Extras – Archives – Kmac

  499. Kmac says:


    For Kmac’s take on both Suburban One National and Continental see my “Way Too Early” articles – click on “extras’ top right, then “archives” and Kmac. They are my last two articles written.

  500. Dave says:

    Lance, of the 2, I believe Montoursville takes the bigger graduation hit, losing 4 all-staters and a few other quality players. They do however, return almost all of their linemen and some other good players. It will be interesting to see how the new kids step up to the challenge.

  501. Larry says:

    6A Suburban One predictions? Redskins receiving core looks stacked, but who will be the starting QB and RB for the Redskins? Does Abington have a chance at finishing at the top? Does Pennsbury improve enough to compete this year?

  502. D4 Fan says:

    Danville will be the class of D4 AAA. They return just about everyone from the team that smoked Loyalsock and came up short against Montoursville in last year’s D4 playoffs.

  503. Lance says:

    Interested to see how Good Loyalsock and Montoursville can be this season coming up in District 4-AAA. Both look to have a Nice Group of Players returning.

  504. Gregory Wacik says:

    The newly formed FASST Lehigh Valley Elite 7 on 7 team made some noise this weekend in the Maryland Team Flex tournament. In their first ever tournament they nearly defeated the number one seed in the preliminary seeding round. Time expired with them driving at the 5 yard line down by a TD. Seeded 18 out of 40 for the tournament bracket, they followed up by defeating the number 2 seed team and made it to the quarter finals before losing. Turned some heads in the region and 7 on 7 circuit. The team has players from Bethlehem Catholic, Northampton, Easton, Stroudsburg, Phillipsburg and I believe some others. Some talented players in the EPC. They compete in the Spooky Nook competition next week.

  505. sausmann9 says:

    Big 33 game moved from Hershey and now being played June 17 at Central Dauphin MS.

  506. Neutral Observer says:

    There is an interesting conversation going on on the WesternPAFootball forum about new transfer rules that are being discussed.


    Billy Splain says:
    March 22nd, 2017 at 2:16 pm

    It’s actually a proposal being worked on right now. Instead of defining a transfer by school district, the transfer will be defined by the school building itself. So, if a player from Abraham Lincoln wanted to transfer to Overbrook, he would face the same scrutiny as a player from Abington school district transferring to North Penn school district. Or to use a recent case, a player from Bishop McDevitt who transfers to Harrisburg (both in Harrisburg). It’s designed to protect charters, catholic and public schools by encompassing all players and making it more difficult to just transfer. Right now, transfer rules only apply to changing school districts, which in the case of Philadelphia, there are many high schools in one district.

  507. billtown says:

    Neutral observer.
    I wish I had the answer for this. Football officiating is not a money maker. With the equipment costs, meeting time commitment and limited number of games nobody is getting rich believe me.I saw a big drop off when the replacement refs got blasted 10 or so years ago and I truly believe kids today with all of the negative media attention the refs got and still get kids today just say I want no parts of that!!I don t have answers but requiring coaches to ref would be a good start.

  508. Michael Smoll says:

    Donald Young, former football and Basketball coach at Quakertown HS for approx. 30 years has recently died. You’ll be missed coach

  509. Neutral Observer says:

    @ billtown
    RE: need for younger officials

    I know and work with plenty of “Millennials” who are former players and would LOVE to be involved in either coaching or officating. The lack of participation is not from lack of interest.

    Unfortunately, many of these guys aren’t at a point in their careers where they can regularly take off Monday afternoons to officate freshman and JV games. Either they are piecing together 2 or 3 part-time jobs to earn a living wage, or they just have not built up enough good will at work to get that kind of flexibility.

    Friday nights or Saturday afternoons would be MUCH better schedule-wise for these guys, but then you’re throwing rookie refs out to the wolves. Not to mention the COMPLETELY JUSTIFIED resentment from the experienced refs who have paid their dues and EARNED the varsity games.

    I don’t know what the solution is. Moving JV/freshman games to Saturdays?

  510. Brian says:

    Numbers are not the problem at North Schuylkill and NS has a fantastic feeder program with two
    midget football programs that consistently win and provide NS with young talent. I firmly believe that the current coaching staff is not capable of taking NS back to being a dominant team and until parents and fans voice their displeasure with the direction of the football program NS will continue to be an average football program.

  511. billtown says:

    Bobby D I agree 100%.I cannot believe the decline in numbers in the coal region. Maybe the Trump coal revival will revive these great programs!!!

  512. Bobby d says:

    @ Route 54, if you think NS is down, how many times has North Schuylkill beaten Mount Carmel soundly in the last four years? MC has been 6 & 5 the last two years in a row. That’s with 28 players in 2015 and 30 in 2016 and that’s with players from the co-op with Lourdes, with 2017 not looking any brighter. So NS isn’t the only regional school with problems, Shamokin is in the same boat too recently, besides Mount Carmel. It’s no wonder these MC fans aren’t trying to throw the couch under the school bus already. He better do something before they put his head on the proverbial chopping block. He just can’t seem to win the big games, such as NS & SCA. I say give him a chance but time and patience are running out.

  513. billtown says:

    Guys we need referees statewide. Period!!Please consider getting involved or encouraging younger former players to get involved. I coached first then became a referee. In 1 year I realized that if I had been a ref first I would have been 1000% better coach. I am not kidding. In my opinion anyone who would even be considered for a coaching position in the future should have to referee on some level of the sport first. I cannot believe this idea has not been pushed by the PIAA.
    I hope everyone is healthy and happy and I look forward to seeing you all in the fall!!

  514. Brian says:

    Sorry Route 54 but not buying graduation as the reason that North Schuylkill has become an average football program. This was once a dominant program that would consider 2 loses a bad season and now losing 4 games a year is acceptable. The fan base has become complaisant
    and satisfied with being average. That is just one fans opinion.

  515. Route 54 says:

    @Brian. You have to take into consideration the amount of players and talent the lost last year. They won games they should have lost and lost games they should have won. Sometimes the better team dose not always win. North Schuylkill was not the only team in league that had an odd season. Example, North Schuylkill lost to Marian in week 2. North Schuylkill beat JT but Marian lost to JT. There are some decent teams in the Schuylkill league. It’s a tough league. Quite a few unexplained losses and wins for all teams in league.

  516. Brian says:

    Will North Schuylkill ever return to being a powerhouse football program under the current coaching staff? How did this once dominant program become average at best and why is their fan base tolerating the demise of the football program. Just curious.

  517. Tom F says:

    I believe if Pa gets a new Governor next term, we could see the start of Mass consolidations of school districts. Unfunded Pension Liabilities are now over 56 Billion! Thanks to teachers unions, Pensions and the dreaded property tax, The Pa Public school system cost is just destroying Pa. Our population continues to grow older and decline at the same time. 501 school districts! Trim that to 350 and save billions.

  518. Neutral Observer says:

    @ chs1996
    Thanks for the correction as to the current plans. I’m going to miss the rivalries, but I think all 3 W-B schools will eventually be merged.

    @ PastorZack
    I think the Single A schools will be the first to disappear. There are just too many expenses and administrative hoops to jump through to run an entire school for 200 students (without even considering athletics).

  519. Kmac says:


    I left a comment to your post on my “Our Sport is in Trouble” article. Thank you.

  520. chs1996 says:

    The WB Area School District is planning to merge Meyers and Coughlin. GAR isn’t isn’t involved in the current consolidation plan.

  521. PastorZack says:

    @Neutral, for public schools to compete with charter/privates in PIAA they have to consolidate just to have a pool of athletes to compete with other schools. In some cases and sports, it is difficult to support a program. Public schools are forced into only participating in certain sports all the while having to stay Title IX compliant. It is a difficult road for AD’s in public education, especially when you don’t have paid full-time staffs for sports and teaching.

  522. Neutral Observer says:

    I’m seeing a lot of discussion on the Western PA Football forum about the merging of several Erie public schools into a “super school”.

    Unfortunately, I think this is the future of high schools in PA; it’s more cost efficient to have a few larger schools than many small schools.

    I know the EVENTUAL plan in Wilkes-Barre (D2) is to merge Coughlin (4A) and GAR (3A), but I haven’t heard about any other schools merging in any other districts.

    Anyone hear any other rumblings about mergers?

  523. TomF says:

    I would put the manheim/Pine Richland either #2 or 3 behind the ECP/CB West games. Just an amazing game to watch, 2 teams that just executed in the clutch perfectly. A game where you just hated to see 1 team lose

  524. eastpafanboy says:

    2A Predictions

    1.) Southern Columbia
    2.) Camp Hill
    3.) South Williamsport
    4.) Schukylkill Haven
    5.) West Catholic

    SCA-returns a ton of talent with all state selections on both sides of the ball.with the whole offense line returning and a great coaching staff, tough to pick against them.

    Camp Hill- like everyone says 5* tight end with a solid group around him could make a nice run

    South- returns running back and always has a good running game i see them losing to SCA in districts again.

    Haven- good coaching and solid young talent could make a deep playoff push.

    West Catholic- fast team with a lot of ball skills but can’t play [physical football

  525. sausmann9 says:

    @ Phillyboy – yes, no, yes. I have some of the older PA state title games but not all. I lost a few to a Middle GA flood in 94′ to water damage that were still on vcr tapes but I do have some and now all PA games are on dvd. I think there’s somewhere around 300 PA games to check out. Send me an email to sausmann9@hotmail.com and I will reply with a games list for you to check out. If you see games you like, let me know and I’ll get with you on those games. My email explains everything regarding no charges, mailing, extra games, extra dvds, etc…

  526. mark d says:

    @skook Not sure what you’re hearing about Lakeland.I am being told that Dunmore might have one of the strongest lines they ever had and that’s saying a lot ! All 5 starters back from last year and living in the weight room

  527. Skookfootball says:

    2a top 5

    1. Schuylkill Haven
    2. Southern Columbia
    3. Camp Hill
    4. West catholic
    5. Lakeland

    SH- great returning running back (only gonna be a sophomore) may be the year the rushing record held by zach Barket may be broken, Returns Oline/Dline except 1. Loses 4 standout athletes.
    SC- loses stud running back and dback, returns a good amount of young players, SH and SC will battle it again in state playoffs, winner will go to state ship
    Camp- 5 star tight end 6’7 will be a big threat, returns a good amount.
    West- great athletes but can’t hang with anthracite smash mouth football.
    Lakeland- will be a sleeper this year.

  528. Mike Keeney says:

    Wilson West Lawn versus Upper St Clair 12 to 7. Kerry Collins QB. Great game down to the wire. USC won but had to hold off Collins at end.

  529. phillyboy says:

    Yo sausmann9, dude, do you have videos of past state title games. I bought several of the DVDs from PCN, problem is they only go back to 1998. I would love to check out the 1991 CB West/ECP final, the ’93 final with CB West vs. LeVar Arrington’s team that was ranked #1 in nation, I believe, where West lost by a point in the snow. And the ’97 West/Upper Saint Clair game which featured Armstrong. Even the ’96 Downingtown and ’92 CV (with former Eagles FB) would be intriguing to see. Have never seen any of those games.

  530. McD 65 says:

    sausman, I would add st Joe Prep/ Pine Richland

  531. sausmann9 says:

    Alright, how about something a bit different than looking into the 2017 season’s future and take a stroll through the past. Top 10 PA state title games since it started;

    1. 1999 CB West v Erie Prep

    2. 2000 CB West v Erie Prep

    3. 2002 Parkland v Woodland Hills

    4. 2006 Wilson Area v Jeannette

    5. 2003 Northern Lehigh v Aliquippa

    6. 2008 Wilmington Area v West Catholic

    7. 2010 Allentown CC v Bishop McDevitt

    8. 2003 Manheim Central v Pine Richland

    9. 1991 CB West v Erie Prep

    10. 2000 Strath Haven v West Allegheny

    what you all think and what would you all add/change???


  532. FootballloverAFL says:

    1. Southern Columbia
    2.Schuylkill Haven
    3. Camp Hill
    4. Dunmore
    5. West Catholic
    Haven returns Oline, loses 4 studs, but has a great runningback returning.

    SC- returns almost every player should go to Hershey.

    Camp Hill- 5* recruit 17 starters return

  533. TomF says:

    The 2 CB West/Erie Cathedral Prep battles were 2 of the all time great games in PIAA History. The talent on the field in those 2 games was incredible! CB West pulled out game 1 with a punt block in the last minute, ECP came back the next year to take round 2 in a back and forth slugfest.

  534. sausmann9 says:

    Prayers and condolences to the Pettine and Bucks family for sure!!! Huge loss for all but thank God we had someone like Mike Pettine Sr come through PA football. We are all better and more knowledgable for it.

    For anyone interested, I will do a four-pack of Pettine’s best games to include the ESPN special for anyone that has never seen his teams in action. get in touch; sausmann9@hotmail.com

  535. Neutral Observer says:

    Nick Lincoln is Imhotep Charter’s new head coach.


  536. phillyboy says:

    I moved to Philadelphia in 1995 when CB West and Coach Pettine were still going strong. As a young adult I wasn’t so into high school ball at that time, but I still paid some attention to what was happening. Having a much better perspective now, if I could go back, I would have been at all of those big games. That was an awesome run. In fact I would rank Mike Pettine’s last CB West game (where they 3-peated on a blocked punt in the closing minutes) as the second best Philadelphia sports moment of all time, second only the the Flyers victory over the Soviet Red Army team. Still have the memories though.

  537. Kmac says:

    So very sorry to hear of the death of Mike Pettine Senior at his Florida home this morning. Deepest sympathy to the family and a great loss to the history of high school football.

  538. PastorZack says:

    What kind of carousel do you think starts with the Imhotep job? With the number of head coaching jobs open, I assume these programs may have a more difficult time getting their programs running. Where have the “program builders” gone? Or are school districts running away good coaches too fast?

  539. Neutral Observer says:

    Mark Schmidt has stepped down as Imhotep Charter’s head football coach.


  540. David Mika says:

    sausmann9….I agree with you on this. It is surprising.

  541. sausmann9 says:

    Not like this will change anything but Easton Area High School just announced their new coach.


    Now what I don’t get is the fact that Easton “shoved out” Coach Shiffert for a few different reasons but then they hire a guy that was on the staff for 24 years and is cut from the same cloth. Not sure on this one for Easton but I highly doubt we see any difference in the Red Rovers – yes that means sweep right, sweep left, quarterback sneak, 2 kids to D2 colleges, and a Turkey Day game.

  542. JoePA says:

    Hey Phillyboy stop the nonsense about recruiting. It may occur in your area but just don’t promote it.

  543. phillyboy says:

    Hopefully Pine-Richland can pick up some key transfers too. To any Pittsburgh area parents of talented high school football players: you should seriously consider moving into the catchment of P-R so your kid can play for a highly regarded program. Your child will be seen by many big time college scouts and have a great chance to be part of a state champion as well.

  544. Pcc64 says:

    Pasted Zack, I believe Pine Richland will be a top team this year.

  545. Buddy says:

    @Pastor Zack

    Avery & Aaron aren’t seniors correct?

  546. PastorZack says:

    Dave, as of right now, the answer is no. There are others looking though. I’m sure since their brother is at ODU, they will be one to offer soon.

  547. JeffM says:

    Class 2A

    1. Southern Columbia
    2. Camp Hill
    3. Dunmore
    4. Lakeland
    5. South Williamsport

    *Camp Hill returning 17 starters. Barely missed District 3 playoffs. Lost to 3A state runner up, 5A Palmyra, and 4A Milton Hershey*

  548. David Mika says:

    PastorZack, I added Avery and Aaron to my list. Do they have any other offers?

  549. PastorZack says:

    Dave, Coatesville’s Avery Young (2018) and Aaron Young (2019) picked up offers from Rutgers and Army over the last couple of days.

  550. TomF says:

    Class 4A
    1)Erie Cathedral Prep
    3)Bethlehem Catholic
    4)Thomas Jefferson
    5)Berks Catholic

  551. Ngab6 says:

    Dave, I’ll give 2A a try:

    1. Southern Columbia
    2. Dunmore
    3. South Williamsport
    4. Lakeland
    5. York Catholic

  552. PastorZack says:

    @Dave, I’ll put a best guess in for 6A

    1. Wilson West Lawn
    2. Cumberland Valley
    3. St. Joseph’s Prep
    4. Coatesville
    5. Pittsburg Central Catholic

    This sets up for a BIG game in Week 1/2 for CV and Coatesville in Mechanicsburg.

  553. Route 54 says:

    Dave,I will take a crack at top 5 eastern for Single A. I would have to look at who returns the most talent. Anyway, these are my picks. I will hold off on AA for the time being.
    1. Williams Valley
    2. Marian
    3. Tri-Valley
    4. Lakawana Trail
    5. Halifax

  554. David Mika says:

    I know its early. Pick a class and post your top 5 teams in each class.

    Class 6A

    Class 5A

    Class 4A

    Class 3A

    Class 2A

    Class 1A

  555. phillyboy says:

    Brian, very good point about football being an Olympic event — if they only allowed 8 teams in the tournament it could be done; play the quarterfinals right away, the semifinals in the middle weekend, and the final on the last weekend. Like you indicated, it would be challenging because of the need to rest several days between games so obviously they couldn’t have round robin games like the do in basketball the first week. They would have to dive right into the tournament – and qualifying tournaments beforehand would determine that.

  556. Mike A says:

    @PastorZack He had hurt the shoulder against Chambersburg on 9/23 and without him they would have lost to CD the next week as he had punt and KO returns for TD’s in CV’s 25-24 win. He was the lone D1 player on the CV team. Quigley was also very good in HS but not in the same class (he’s going to Ship). He re-injured the shoulder within first several plays of the second half in the D3 playoff game against Wilson after CV had taken a 14-0 halftime lead. He already had one interception in the first half of that game. He played the third and into the fourth quarter basically with one arm as he could’t use the other at all. He was finally removed from the game early in the fourth quarter after Wilson took the lead as the third quarter ended. His loss allowed Wilson to crowd the line of scrimmage and stop CV’s running game. Without Katshir as the go to receiver and defense specialist it seemed that the whole teams morale collapsed and Wilson went on to win the game. Here’s a short clip from the Wilson game. Let it run for more highlights. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/4050828/583ca768c124d8185c288aa6

  557. Brian says:

    football can’t be an olympic event because olympics last only 2 weeks and you can only play 1 game a week in football because of the physical demands.

  558. billtown says:

    Sausmann9. Good ideas except I don t quite understand the vet ref one. Unfortunately the lack of bodies in a lot of areas including ours eliminates the 5 and 10 rule you described. I take no sub varsity games as I don t need the money and I am 60 and cannot do 2 games at the jr. high level. I did 6 JV games last year as we did not have enough refs to cover the games. Several junior high games were done with 4 which is tough especially with our older chapter. Bottom line we are approaching critical mass and the game will suffer if we don t replenish the herd!

  559. PastorZack says:

    @ Mike A I read somewhere, maybe from here, that Katshir had offseason shoulder surgery due to an injury sustained during the season. It noted that he would be back for summer workouts. Don’t know how this will affect his season though. I know that he and Quigley were tough to contain for Coatesville early last season.

  560. phillyboy says:

    Yo, did anybody catch that US vs Canada u-19 North American championship last Saturday? Not a lot has been said about it. At this point it’s pretty obscure but very interesting. It’s a junior national team championship for American football. The US team won 33-11, D’Andre Swift won the MVP, believe there was another player from western PA on the team as well. Would have loved to see the game, don’t have cable TV, but was hoping somebody might have uploaded it to youtube. Not yet anyway. But yeah, pretty compelling, could you imagine if some day American football became an Olympic event and they created a senior national team, talk about a Dream Team, goodness.

  561. Mike A says:

    Cumberland Valley’s Katshir verbally commits to Penn State

    Penn State lands Class of 2018 commitment No. 8 as Charlie Katshir picks the Lions

  562. sausmann9 says:

    @ Billtown – Dark Knight said it best, I hear the same gripe around the EPC in D11. A younger/newer ref mentioned something along those lines last season. PIAA needs to implement a rule that no veteran ref (over 10 years) can do any JV games and no veteran ref (over 5 years) can do any freshman games or something like that. Another rule could be that every varsity game needs a mandatory new ref on the field w/ the vet refs. I agree though, that issue will cause people to stay out of the profession.

  563. billtown says:

    Dark Knight we had the same problem and still have guys doing it strictly for the paycheck but they are retiring at a fast clip due to age and physical problems thus we have a huge void on the horizon. I know D2 very well and the assignor for varsity is getting much better in using younger and diversified officials in the last 2-3 years so I think the whole old boys network is finally winding down as the old boys are finally leaving and opportunity is looking much better for no other reason than attrition. Keep on plugging if you are good you will get all of the games you can handle.

  564. Dark Knight says:


    The problem we have in my area (D2) is that all the veteran guys take every game possible, and they younger guys get no work and get discouraged and leave. We have veteran guys working varsity Friday night, freshman sat morn, varsity sat afternoon or evening, minis sun, jv Monday, 7-8 tues. And it’s more than one. Very hard for a new guy to get a chance. How do you fix this??? Only way younger guys are going to develop is experience at the lower levels, and they can’t because a lot of guys are in it for the $$$$$ only.

  565. PastorZack says:

    How’s everyone’s 7 on 7 circuit going? With the clamp down of hitting and the pervasiveness of spread concepts and formations, this time of year is vital for offenses and defenses alike to study hard and react quickly.

  566. billtown says:

    Fellow forum followers I have a favor to ask.
    We need new blood in the football official chapters throughout the state. My chapter in Dist. 4 has 35 members with our average age around 60.In the last 5 years we have lost 10 and gained 3.You do the math. In the next 5 years if we don t see a drastic uptick in new officials we won t be able to fully staff games. By fully staffed I mean 6 man in varsity and 5 man JV jr. high. With the increase in size speed and passing in High school 6 man is a must in most varsity games today if you want sufficient coverage. If these numbers keep going we will see 4 and 5 at most varsity games which will diminish quality and lead to a lot of things we have worked very hard to improve. The most glaring being increased injuries to players.
    We need to keep this great game moving in the right direction and not having enough refs will definitely hurt the continued progress of this game we love.
    If you know anyone who played, coached or just loves football mention this fact to them. The younger the better but we will take anyone who is dedicated and capable including women. For recent grads who will never play again it is a way to stay in the game. All you need to do is get on the PIAA website and schedule a test. I hope everyone is well and I look forward to reading your great discussions this year!!

  567. Buddy says:

    @McD 65

    OK. I’m behind the times, as usual:)

    Yea, I did hear he is one of the best coaches in the entire area. CB West product I do believe.

  568. Mill says:

    Shiffert deserved a better exit than what happened. It’s sad that some people are all about the stats these days. Keith Groller wrote a great article about what happened.


  569. McD 65 says:

    Buddy, Mike Carey has not been at Wood for a few years now. He left to concentrate on his business. I spoke with one of his brothers recently and he said Mike is unsure about returning to coaching this year. He is frankly the best line coach around.

  570. rovers64 says:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been on here. In response to the Easton change, I agree some changes were necessary to the program but the way this was handled is disgraceful.

    As far as the program goes, losing Shiffert is tough but losing the assistants will have much more of an effect. Easton had, hands down, the best DC in the area and probably best line coach too.

  571. sausmann9 says:


    Shiffert out at Easton. Not surprised one bit, heard this at the start of the season. Easton starting to get stale, new blood, new offense, new energy!!! Easton will dominate once again. Now who to fill his spot???

  572. roverred says:

    on shiffert sad day in easton

  573. Buddy says:

    Why would Carey leave Wood ( I’m assuming he’s still there)? I’m sure he gets carried around in a gilded chair by now.

    Speaking of Coatesville, that’s the team in D1 next year! Talk about speed!

    Not sure if they can beat the recruiters, but we’ll see.

  574. PastorZack says:

    From watching Easton in their scrimmage last year against Coatesville, they looked as if they had talent and a decent scheme. What became apparent was the lack of total team speed though. Obviously, when matched up against Parkland, they were exposed a bit.

  575. phillyboy says:

    @ Mill
    Interesting news up in Easton. A while back I was positing that it would be awesome if Mike Carey took over at Easton. I could envision him turning that program into a big time power. I know, I know, they’re already pretty good. I’m talking taking it to another level. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t, Easton has a lot going for it: big school, lots of talent, tremendous community support and tradition. They could be a beast program if everything lined up.

  576. Mill says:

    Possibly a new head coach at Easton Area HS….school board vote tonight

  577. InterAcOne says:

    Any info on the finalists for the Malvern HC job?
    Sources say six coaches to interview on Monday Jan 23rd & the announcement on Feb. 10th.

  578. sausmann9 says:

    @ keepinitreal – good call on that stat w/ the teams not doing so well last season, might be the very reason some other schools opt out of a game with them.

    @ PastorZak – nice football area you are coming from and probably in top 5 for talent and SPEED from high school athletes in our country. funny thing, everyone knows Katy, Katy, Katy but nobody speaks of Ozen or WO Stark. WOS still has one of the nastiest defenses I’ve ever seen for a high school football team. Love the way they play ball down there and still miss it, heck its probably the top public school football state in the country. I spent time w/ Judson in early 90’s. Stationed in SA area (brooks) for some time and loved that little “Rocket” school inside Loop 35.

  579. Keepinitreal says:

    Pastor and Saus your comments made me check the open dates page on the website. The dynamic is interesting in that it seems the schools coming off not great years are gonna have a tough time finding non-league opponents. They are gonna have to prob play non-pubs which kills their points, which puts them like a hamster on the wheel never getting anywhere. And the non-pubs are gonna have to head out of town it looks like since they are not gonna help the pub point systems. Makes the divide between the have and have nots kind of bigger.

  580. PastorZack says:

    @sausmann9, Golden Triangle area of SE Texas. Have coaching ties all over the state.

    You are right in the reclassification aspect of scheduling. Seems that 6A teams only want to play 6A teams for non-league games so that they dont lose points toward the playoffs. But, also about scheduling the right school in that you get some points for each game that they eventually win. Better to beat a 9 win 5A team than a 0 win 6A team.

  581. sausmann9 says:

    @PastorZack – not very routine at all, these last two seasons seemed to have more than usual. The realignment may have had something to do with it/finding different teams that were not normally scheduled but not sure.

    what part of TX are you from??? tx.

  582. PastorZack says:

    How normal is it for teams to back out of games? Seems to be a rash of this. There are multiple schools looking for games, and would think AD’s/Head coaches would have written agreements with their opponents hashed out by their individual conferences…

    Being new to PA football, is this the norm? Having come up through high school football in TX, this seemingly never happened.

  583. Mill says:

    Rob Melosky now HC and AD at Pocono Mountain East High School.

  584. Billy Splain says:

    Big changes for the BIG33 http://highschoolsports.pennlive.com/news/article/185154783006736064/pennsylvania-football-coaches-not-big-33-foundation-to-control-all-star-showcase/

  585. David Mika says:

    Buddy, Yes…http://www.easternpafootball.com/news/epawpa-state-super-25-class-6a-team/

  586. Buddy says:


    Did you post the super 25 class 6A team?

    Maybe I missed it.

  587. Mike A says:

    Happy New Year to all! Can’t wait (just a little over 7 months until first practices begin) for another great HS football season!

  588. David Mika says:

    We could use some one in certain areas.

  589. PastorZack says:

    Dave, who covers the Ches-Mont and western areas of District 1 and Eastern areas of District 3 for you? Beyond the Downingtown Schools, information is scarce on these local teams.

  590. JoePA says:

    Happy, healthy and prosperous NEW YEAR ….2017

    Maybe this will be the year that all of the discussions and squabbling about the so called recruiting non-sense can be put to bed. Most of the School District’s within the State have defined boundaries. The exceptions I believe are the Charter, Religious and top Private Schools. Mostly addressed in or around the boundaries of the State and Metro Areas. It’s about time for the top echelons in the PIAA to get their heads out of the sand and actively get involved in supporting their BRAND. To me it appears that in most all issues the PIAA reflects problems to it’s District counterparts to resolve between each other.

    Just another manner in which complete control is strangling any growth. It may be time for the State Legislature to take a snap shot of the PIAA Policies, Procedures and affiliations affecting the PIAA Brand. I would take close investigation of the top 5 High School State Athletic Associations as examples to follow.

    We need to have more definition on issue’s that require the arm of the PIAA and if necessary change the area’s that restricts, through By laws and the State Legislature.

    We’ll have too wait for any or no reaction from the PIAA

  591. David Mika says:

    McD 65…..Thank you! Looking forward to 2017!

  592. McD 65 says:

    Dave,thanks for another great year of HS football information and coverage.

  593. David Mika says:

    Happy New Year!

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